Sushant on Kriti being blamed for his breakup with Ankita - There was a point when it got nasty!

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With a successful debut in Kai Po Che, Sushant Singh Rajput has come a long way. The versatile actor is all set to personify the spirit and temperament of India's celebrated skipper, MS Dhoni in his next release, M.S. Dhoni: An Untold Story. In a candid chat with a popular daily, Sushant opened up on his much-speculated love life and linkup rumours!

SSR's breakup with GF Ankita Lokhande grabbed many eyeballs. Various conspiracy theories surfaced after his separation with the Pavitra Rishta actress. Apparently, many pointed fingers at his Raabta co-star Kriti Sanon. On being asked if the rumours affect Sushant's rapport with Kriti, he said, "Nothing has changed between Kriti and me, but there was a point when it got nasty. Other than saying that Kriti was the reason (for my break-up), it was also alleged that we had manufactured this entire thing (link-up) for our film's promotion. That is when I decided to set the record straight. The day I use anything other than my acting skills to get me going in the industry, I shall quit. This will be the last thing I will ever do. If people think good things about me, I'll make them smile. If they think bad things about me, it's their problem."

Ankita and Sushant were together for a long time. Their breakup became the-talk-of-town as the duo was reported to get married by this year's end. However, the couple headed for splitsville. When asked if Ankita will be an integral part of his life, the actor revealed, "Of course, there are few things that have actually shaped the way I am today. One of those things was my mother. I stayed with Ankita for seven years. There are very few things I am sure I would be reminded of just before dying and this would definitely be one of them, in a good way."

But will SSR be open to reviving his friendship with her in the future? "I don't think about the future, so I don't know that," said the actor, before signing off. 

M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story releases on September 30, 2016.

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good actor also good liar




Ankita seemed really overly posessive, and it didn't seem like they were getting along. No need to blame Kriti or anyone else, people break up all the time, especially when one starts getting a lot of attention all of a sudden

I dont know why everyone keeps blaming SSR for the split. Granted he was not happy and he split but it would have been worse if they were together and unhappy or if he was cheating with so many ladies behind her back

what he did to Ankita is unforgivable . He dumped her the minute he knew that he has enough big films . Karma will bite back, when he is least expecting it , look at Brad Pitt .

I'm surprised people ACTUALLY care to comment

I agree with all of your comments, couldn't have expressed my opinion better against SSR's EGO!! If SSR

What is wrong with women these days. Seriously you don't find anything wrong it in sitting on a mans lap or kissing his face knowing well that he has a gf at home. Deepika Is one of the biggest culprits. Kriti even. Alia somewhat but for some reason from her it's like a child doing it. I have to say for all that's said about them Katrina and Sonam in these matters are very very mature. Sid and Katrina were so close in the promotions but not once did they hold hands or kiss even for a minute.

You know how bad it is these days. Anything in name of being modern, open-minded and free-women. Empowering weak is good but going to bullying, arrognat, inflexible and dominating in name of empowerment is sick. Women taking up bad from men like smoking and drinking and feeling cool about it under feminisim and equality disgusts me. Even men have always been condemned for being a smoker and an alcoholic. Wearing itsy bitsy two piece and showing it off to world is new idea of being free women. lol. I would rather call this narrow mindedness. There is more to women than become drool object for men.

He was the nasty part.

There is no doubt that Kriti and SSR make for a hot couple. They should have done Befikre instead of Ranveer and Vanni lol. Their chemistry is super crackling.

He has similar photos with Parineeti and etc. It is his lack of boundaries that even gives me anxiety. Yes, other actors also do all 'friendly' photos, DP often kissing her co-stars, and Alia being very personal with SOTY boys, but there are boundaries like Sid and Kat, Aditya and Kat, EVEN RANVEER has boundaries and he is known to be the most friendliest of the men in B-town but with dignity!! SSR claims on anupama's show to be an introvert and a bore until he drinks, and on the other hand you see him in such no boundary photos. So contradictory.

Most of t stars do that n he was the same,Ankita is beautiful,

Rumor or not, I would be annoyed if girls were kissing my boyfriend and posting pictures on social media like Kriti and Sushant's. I feel for Ankita. Poor girl gave him 7 years of her life and a place to stay. Bollywood always gets to the everyone.


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