Guess who wants to see Ranbir and Ranveer together on Koffee with Karan?

4 years ago  |  5.3M

With the fifth season of Koffee with Karan around the corner, it is but obvious that we are wishing hard for our favourite celebs sharing the couch at the talk show.

And just like us there is somebody from the Bollywood who wants to see his fav stars together at the talk show too.

Kunal Kapoor today revealed at the GQ Men of the Year awards that he wants to see Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer Singh together on Koffee with Karan.

Quite an interesting combo!

The GQ Awards tonight are high on star power. Celebs like Kangana Ranaut, Saif Ali Khan, Tiger Shroff, Diana Penty and Pooja Hedge among others have been spotted enjoying the awards night.


Anonymous : The real bomb would be Kat and DP...
REPLY 0 4 years ago
Anonymous : They're gonna expose the depression queen...she will finally realize what it feels like to be an ACTUAL victim
REPLY 6 4 years ago
Anonymous : Love ranbir RS can be annoying at times
REPLY 5 4 years ago
Anonymous : BORING!!! Ranveer don't accept. Those two will plot to bring you down.
REPLY 16 4 years ago
Anonymous : I would seriously queue up to watch that!! OMG KJo, do it!
REPLY 26 4 years ago
Anonymous : They're pretty chummy so i think it would be interesting. When Ranveer is around, Ranbir seems to let loose more. It'd be interesting to see. Although tbh, i still don't think they can top the episode with Ranveer and Arjun. That was freaking HYSTERICAL.
REPLY 27 4 years ago
Anonymous : I wish they do come together! Oh, and majorly bond by bitching about the fake woman Deepika Padukone is. Her career is as it is over with Dumpurary HW release XXX.
REPLY 21 4 years ago
Anonymous : Ranveer would slay Ranbir with his eloquence in masterful public speaking and also evoke unprecedented wit and charm, well because that's his style. And kjo would shamelessly feign flattery towards the member of his own camp bc well he is the biggest promotor, advocator, and culprit in the rise of nepotism and it's bredth within an industry that these star kids have time and time again failed. So really, why watch a game when the outcome is already pre planned? Also, all questions would regard the same topic: how does it feel to have been used/ currently used by the same woman?
REPLY 42 4 years ago
Anonymous : "unprecedented wit and charm" - LOL. Also, everyone knows by now that Ranveer's whole outsider tag is a put-up. He is a half-insider.
REPLY 35 4 years ago
Anonymous : For all the supposed wit and charm that Ranveer has, Ranbir's knowledge and depth of Indian cinema right from its beginning would leave the hyper-active Ranveer in the dust in a game of movie wits ;)
REPLY 35 4 years ago
Anonymous : No way RK will never go with this chichora ranveer..
REPLY 30 4 years ago
Anonymous : You mean just like he'd never do a drunken dance off in a bar with him?
REPLY 31 4 years ago
Anonymous : Ranveer is his own star, stop grouping him with that lame RK please.
REPLY 40 4 years ago
Anonymous : No, it would be boring. Ranbir-Deepika or Ranveer-Sonam would be a great idea.
REPLY 36 4 years ago
Anonymous : That would be BOMB .. Karan's questionsss
REPLY 32 4 years ago