Aishwarya is willing to work again with Salman only on one condition!

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Salman Khan's Bigg Boss goes on air from October 16 and the audience went crazy wondering if Aishwarya Rai Bachchan along with Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma would go on the show to promote Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which releases this Diwali.

While the rumour mill suggests that she might go, according to a popular magazine she isn't going on the show for the promotions. However, there was no pressure on the actress to visit the show for the same since she and her costar Ranbir Kapoor, both don't share good relations with Salman.

But what caught our attention in the article is the fact that Aishwarya has expressed her willingness to collaborate with Salman on a film, only if the script and director are extraordinary. The gorgeous actress isn't averse from working with Salman and she has conveyed the same to her inner circle.

Well, now this is indeed some good news and we can barely wait for it to happen. However, the word also has it that Khan isn't interested in working with the lady again!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali are you listening?!
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Bhansali had conceived the idea of Bajirao Mastani with Salman and Ash in mind. Although Ranveer and Deepika did exceedingly well, with Sallu and Ash the movie would have been all time box-office blockbuster. After all Bhai is the king of box office and people would have loved to see them together again and again.

I repeat, when pigs fly!!!!! Dream on Bhai PR, Aishwarya would much rather star in ten back to back average earners than sit through a blockbuster with him. #Facts

Also, on a side note for trolls: I can also confirm that Priyanka Chopra IS NOT replacing Aishwarya at L'Oreal.

Adhm is ash comeback to Bollywood , she lost her poupulartiy in the last 9years ,

Salman PR never rests!

She's too dignified to take such decision


I think she is trying hard to get a divorce if she really decided to do movies with her ex. Jaya will eat her raw.

Wishful thinking,Grandpa Sultan!

Dream on,

Salman is a bigger star and before aish refuses,he would refuse her first..aish ruined her career by herself.there's no hope for her now.

Aishwarya will choose to ruin her career than work with a criminal like Bhai..

Don't you know that he is trying to stay in news in the hopes of getting a film by taking her name? Don't you know that his career is in doldrums? You have to believe it. Otherwise you are troll.

Obviously,u r a

Ash doesn't care about Bachchans' approval! I'm pretty sure they don't approve of her stint in ADHM but she still did it. She's a much bigger star than Abhishek, Big B and Jaya, they dare not say anything against her in fact they are proud and cashing in on such a superstar bahu.

In 2012 Rajeev Masand wrote Aishwarya is trying for another baby and she will never make a come back. We Ash fans believed that.

Dear Aishwarya, you might want to check with Salman if he ever wants to work with you ever again! Such a loser this one

Kjo and his flip heroin will do anything to bring salman's fans to watch their flop.

Lol...forgot the string of flops of Salman between 2002 and 2009?

If GOD WANTS anything can happen!!!! Then WHY NOT a movie together????

She three timed with Salman Vivek and Abhishek she is no angel as her fans claim

Salman is now saint like his fans claim... Learn the meaning of three timed..

what a hypocrite.

Yes, Salman is a hypocrite.

As if Iulia knows whom Salman used to date 15 years ago.

Don't know whether this news is true or not but Salman Khan will never work with her again.. I don't think Iulia will allow him to work with her nor there is any director who will cast them together....

Keepin Ms. Iluia out of picture, Salman has a strong personality, and bit of stubborn based on these facts I don't think he will ever work with Ms. Gorgeous Ash. However, Never say never.

see how jobless haters are here.... Guys live your own life

How aish fans are supported her..she is not a saint okay? She has played with both salman and vivek feelings,But now look at her,she can't even move a pen without bachans consent.

They would make a hot couple..and of course cute babies lol...too bad they didn't get married,but i think the only woman salman has truly loved is aish.

Haha no this will never happened,ab and jaya won't spare if she did so!But look at the coincidence aish don't like to obey orders_(one of the reason she broke up with salman) but in the bachan family,she has no choice and has to accept all their decisions.

Aish will NEVER work with Salman . i would never want that to happen either because God knows how badly he treated her. She deserves her peace and sanity. And I feel like if she didn't marry into the Big B family God knows where she would have been. They are wealthy and influential people thats why Salman can't even touch them. Aish is safe forever thank god

Ha ha!! Salman Khan is more Wealthier then the Big B stupid! Salman himself has no desire to work with her. She is out of his system! He is too respectable and decent to even suggest of such a thought, even though if they did work in the future, all theaters will go on FIRE!!

So decent that he joked about rape,huh?

Ash will not work with exes salman and vivek!She is an immature lady..i mean look at kareena and shahid,rk and dp..despite breaking up they had work together..but aish is full of ego and arrogance,and maybe forced to follow the bachan traditions...

Not interested in their pairing!come on he can work with better heroines..


I wanted to see her as his wife. It's now impossible. I have no interest in onscreen pairing of Salman and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. I have accepted her as Mrs. Bachchan though it took long time to accept that truth. We should not even discuss about this. After going back home she has to face Bachchan Family.

what after ADHM? Nothing. Anything to have something.

She messed with a wrong guy and her career became a Flop. The only achievement of her life is Amitabh Bachchan's daughter in law

Lol...he messed with the wrong girl and that's how he was exposed in the entire world...he survives because of his father or else he would be nowhere.

She lied to the entire world cuz her ego was hurt when he cheated on her. No wonder she wants to work with him.

His father was unemployed during salman's school days. He left school to earn for the family.

Lol...he messed with the wrong girl and that's how he was exposed in front of the entire world...his career is because of his father or else he would be nowhere...

Career because of her father ? I thought its fans who makes you a big star not fathers . What about Aishwarya's husband ?

Without his father, he won't be in the industry, same goes for Abhishek..

Being Abhishek 'fool's Bachchan's wife she must know this already.

Being Abhishek's wife is better than to do anything with a criminal like Bhai.

I thought her career and stardom is because of his fans .. Lol

Salman's only achievement is he is Salim Khan's son. He doesn't have the acting chops to survive in the industry.

IS tat why Abhishek is among top 5 stars?

A bit befuddled that people are questioning the veracity of this blind. It's by Rajeev Masand. Literally all his friday Open Mag columns are spot on. Blinds and gossip pieces get corroborated soon after. It's not some mirror, mid-day blind!

I'm not saying Ash is actively lobbying for roles. Maybe she had some "no-salman" clause in her contract that she redacted? IDK, but I don't think this is a flukie.

Last I checked, Rajeev Masand was a human, not a God.

Is Rajeev Masand a messiah??? Is every word of his gospel truth???

People have weak comprehension. What is written confirms that she will
NEVER NEVER work with him. Think about this there is no extraordinary director or extraordinary script. Description is subjective.

Salman wants to work with aish...not aish wants to work with him...correct your words...

Hello Aish , everyone knows who has a Flop career and who needs a Hit

Hello Sallu, everyone knows ur string of flops between 2002 and 2009.

Hello Sallu, everyone knows ur string of flops between 2002 and 2009.

I really doubt this! it was hardly a few months ago when during sarabjit promotions she stopped an interview when salman's question was asked. she cant have taken a 180 degree change in her opinion.

hypocrisy و

Aish would never work with him,because of her strict parent in law.also salman might not accept,it would be add as aish ia double salman size.

Salman is not size zero.

Why Salman would work with aish?He loved her truly and she chose her career,and after this she used vivek to make him mad..I hate her since i recognised her true face and now pretending to be an ideal daughter in law!pv post this if you are not biased.

Aish would never work with Salman too.. Her true face is much better than Salman's true face.

Don't believe this at all. Aishwarya won't do it and she is right not to do so.

Vivek in an interview said Aish has a plastic heart , i felt bad for him . He supported and fought for Aish against Salman but in the end she left him , she is very fake

Truth is hurting , all are disliking but it will not change

Vivek didn't say such a thing..Fake comment.

I request you to watch Farah Khan's show , he gave this comment with Ritesih Deshmukh , google it . I saw this on television

I watched it and Vivek didn't even take her name.

I watched it and Vivek didn't even take her name.

Didn't you watch Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,taal and devdas..better watch those and comment.

Can't act but wants an extraordinary script and director. The irony.

Why don't you try your career in acting....jackass

Filmmakers like SLB, Mani Ratnam, Ashutosh Gowariker, Rituparno Ghosh, Subhash Ghai, Shyam Benegal know about filmmaking and they have praised Ash's acting talent.

Ash can act 100 times better than Salman..She has delivered acclaimed performances in HHDDCS, Devdas, Jodha Akbar, Guru, Guzaarish, Taal, Choker Bali, Raincoat..

I really think this is treu, or else Aish would never want to make such news leak to the Media. There is some truth to it. In a way i agree with working with a ex because if your over it you should have any problem facing each other.On the other hand it proves he is Fame hungry because at this phase in her really she doenst have to try hard anymore. Pv Please Post!

Anushka is having more space on posters of ADHM and in trailer also her presence is more than Aish .

It says Rajeev Masand on the credits. He is a well known good friend of Ash so this is definitely true!

Rajeev Masand is friends with Salman too.

Rajeev Masand is friends with almost everyone in Bollywood.. Since when Rajeev Masand and Ash become " well known good" friends???

October's Fool! #1 Post but this story is baseless. Aishwarya will work with Salman only when pigs are flying outside. Take that to the bank, honey buns.

Aishwarya Rai-Bacchan. With a kid. Who is ALIVE. Demand some respect for her future. See this entire topic as a way to drag an innocent child's self esteem through the mud. Stop disrespecting her MOTHER. Bollywood journalists, meditate and live in PRESENT TENSE-

They look really good even though the pic is not together. They would've made really cute babies lol


Made up story

And where is the proof she had said any of this? She has too much self respect to even consider working with Salman. She doesn't even talk about him and refuses to answer any questions about him. Why would she work with him? This is just figment of imagination from a crappy journalist.

ash would never say it... PV you made this up, and this time its too obvious.

Kjo should stop trying to get salman fans on board 4 his movie. Failed try

Bhai is not interested in working with Aishwarya Rai? What a Liar :)

SLB, Aishwarya and Salman together in a movie sounds amazing but in real life i wouldnt support it simply because of what aishwarya said all those years ago.
I found part of her statement on salman:
"For the sake of my well-being, my sanity, my dignity and the dignity and self-respect of my family — ENOUGH! I will not work with Mr Salman Khan.
The Salman chapter was a nightmare in my life and I am thankful to God that it is over!
While I have maintained a dignified silence about him and his wrong-doings, he (his family and friends) has repeatedly attacked the respect, dignity and pride of me and my family (with irresponsible rumour mongering. I stood by him enduring acholism, misbehavior in worse phases and in turn, I was at the receiving end of his abuse (verbal, physical, emotional), infidelity and indignity. That is why like any other self-respecting woman and God is witness, I said enough and ended it almost two years ago but because of a dignified silence, all have misrepresented my stand and spread rumours about my character and baselessly alleged affairs and tried to spoil healthy working relations with costars. I do not want to get into the gory details and obnocuious experiences, which incite washing dirty linen and other ugly untruths.
I have just to clarify this! For a very long time now, they have time and time again, tried to wreck my peace and sanity both personally and professionally. But they all forget-no one can play god; because there is a God! That is the only truth. My belief in God and my family has stood by me in solidarity, giving me the strength to rise above it all. And I must add, that it has been very easy for some members of the film industry, media or social circles to flog opinions, when they have not been at the receiving end. And when so many of them God knows, have been witnesses and in knowledge of the truth. This is truly sad.
Contrary to the rumours, I do not call him. On the contrary, he has tried calling me and texting me on the pretext of his film Bajirao Mastani even using Mr Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s identity. I have been compelled to make this otherwise trivial validation in print because of the continuous lies and false stories being circulated [by a strong clique].
Honestly, I do not have the time, energy and man power [in media or social circuits] to keep reiterating validations against every [and seemingly constant] false stories or allegations."

Saw this coming after desperate promotion did not result in more films. Nothing wrong with working with ex though. Why give bhashan about dignity, standing up for self, don't take abuse etc.

Bhai aap to sab ka bhala karte ho , Aish ka bhi kar do

It will be just Anushka on Big Boss for promotions.

Salman never had PR and doesn't need any. Who needs it we all know! Ash saw how Katrina got back in Sallu's good books so now she's getting in line to try her luck. She just wants a film. Nothing less, nothing more!

Never heard of Reshma Shetty??? Ash doesn't want anything from Salman.

Karishma should marry Abhishek and Salman to Ash !! All goes wrong few years back . Sad but true.

Two of my favorites. It would be awesome to see them together again!

There were rumors of her separation with Abhishek , she is still in love with Salman . I hope in future he cast her in a movie

Salman's PR team turned him into a saint, which nobody this

Now we have to believe a news leaked by inner circles?

Ash is still in love with Salman and unless she wants to wreck her marriage, she should avoid him like plague. One never forgets their love.'s the other way around

She wants to leave Abhi and marry Sallu

Wake up.. Iulia is running away to Romania

Bhai PR roxxx.

They both had amazing chemistry, but this is crap news.

Why the sudden change of heart? Because his movies are making some serious $$$?

No offense but she ain't SRK to make peace(more than once) with Salman for serious $$$.

Actually, SRK didn't. Salman was the one who came up to him at Baba Siddiqui's iftar party. And I don't think one of the highest tax paying actor in the country needs anyone help with $$$.

SRK repeatedly apologized to Salman over TV. “Salman Khan is angry with me, it is 100% my fault.” Salman even mocked him by saying "if wants to apologize, he should do it in person instead of doing it on TV". If money isn't important to SRK, why does he still dance at weddings? Uber rich doesn't mean they don't want more. Aishwarya is rich too. I'm not saying there isn't enough money in the world that'd make Aishwarya work with Salman. I'm just calling this article a piece of crap and also a bit surprised people are already sharpening their claws!!

No one said money isn't important to SRK. He is pretty shameless about making money, and he admits it. But I don't think he became friends with Salman again for the money. I mean, if that was the case, he wouldn't have made a big deal in the first place.

I think there is a difference between Salman SRK's fight vs. what Salman put Ash through. Salman-SRK had a stupid ego clash. It was petty; like seriously about SRK not wanting to be on Salman's show. It was juvenile. Salman abused Ash in the worst way and tried to ostracize from the entire idustry. That's just a different level of conflict. I think someone like Ash, who's in such a position of power (and wealth) doesn't need to go back to this. Eff that, abuse is unforgivable. No $$$ can condone such behavior. And Ash suddenly saying she's okay to work with Salman just sends that message.

While I sure hope she doesn't work with him, I think Rajeev Masand's blinds and gossip columns have been pretty credible in the recent past. IDK.

If we were to believe all rumors, they fought because SRK said something about Ash which made Salman grab his collar. In fact there was another rumor Jaya B wanted to slap SRK for that. I really dunno why they fought or why SRK wanted to make it up with Salman. It could be because his movies weren't making as much money and he wanted to appease Bhai's fan base or it could be something else. Aishwarya said she wouldn't work with Salman at her prime despite knowing it could very well tank her career. This was at the time SRK dropped her from movies to not mess with Bhai. If she wasn't insecure then, why would she now when she is married into a prominent family? Every time there is a movie of Ash or Salman, the media makes it a habit of dragging the other one.

Not a fan of Ash per say, but there's no way she would have said this!! She is too dignified to stir up such toxic levels of media madness

trouble in the marriage, perhaps?

ughhh, nooo..fake story!!

Salman PR never rests!

Everybody knows who's PR is most active in BW sorry but Salman doesn't need PR to stay in news this is a fake story.

lol you blame salman for everything as if he will die to work with ash we all know that his PR aren't active this not kat or deepika pr dear

Hmmm exciting news but it's totally fake

LOOOOOL! Sallu keep winning and shining brother, all those that used you cane running now that you're miles ahead of everyone they thought would be better for them.

No way in hell. It will never happen.

Aish said NO when SLB wanted to cast them in Bajirao Mastani. No way she will say YES now. Who wrote this?

I never expected this from Aishwarya , ok you have two Flops but you should not work with him . Don't loose your self respect just for a Hit movie

Two flops ? She has only two hits. Every other movie of her's is a dud on the first day

It was a hit not bcoz of her anyways!

We have seen how Bhai was launched and relaunched gazillion times between 2002 and 2009..

Go check BOI to know the facts.. Don't forget the string of flops of Salman between 2002 and 2009.

She is indirectly hinting Salman to take her in next project . Aish knows very well Salman always forgives women so who knows she is taking a chance

Today I lost what little regard I had for Aishwarya Rai. She claims to be abused and never wanted to work with him again. When her career has nosedived and she needs a hit desperately and since Salman is the most bankable star so she wants to work with him...what a hypocrite.

Did she tell this to u?...Calm down

Looks like you are the one who's getting worked up.

PV pls post.


High time salman shown the dor

How the mighty fall.... LOOL

Neither salman nor Aish will work again for sure but they work then it will amazing their chemistry was so good.

lloks like after reading Brad and jolie's news ..she is coming out ;)

Nice try ash but Salman isn't interested!

Excuse me .. Deepika and Ranveer are already good couple and they were best in BM , no need to say ( Salman & Aish ) they would have set the screen on fire !

Wish slb cast them soon so tired of dp and rs

She has a special appearance in ADHM , Anushka has a lead role . Third Flop is coming soon

Special appearance? What are you smoking? She is top billed on all the posters. And has been given equal treatment in all the promos. Infact Ash is all everyone is talking about right now. Keep dreaming!

Not a big fan of either, but let's be honest, they set the screen on fire in HDDS and they look the best with each other. So would be awesome to see them together on screen again.

But they are so old now.

Old though can give anyone run for the money.

Indirectly begging Salman for a movie

Big Boss ki publicity ke liye kuch bhi karega.

Salman Khan dosn't need any publicity... people needs salman khan for free publicity.....

Her fans desperately wants her to work with Salman because she needs a Hit after 2 big FLOPS

No, Aishwarya's fans don't want it, nor does she want it. Jazbaa and Sarbjit are not 'big flops' because they are plus at box office. This article came out of someone's imagination to promote Big Boss.

How Desperate , say SORRY to Salman . Why did you leave him ?

Because after 2 back to back Flops you have no other option

How desperate can someone be ? She is a Big Flop actress and wants Salman to make her career again ? I didn't expect this from you Aish .

Aish first you say sorry to Salman and Vivek then he will think . So clever she didn't take Vivek's name because he is Flop like her . She needs Salman for a Hit

She didn't even take Salman's name. Salman needs to use her name to promote Big Boss, like he did here. I thought Salman fans were clever enough to understand this. Alas! I was wrong.


They would have set the screen on fire in bajirao mastani..such a good looking couple they were..too bad that they broke up

Aishwarya is over , her last 2 movies were Big Flops on Box office and now she is begging Salman for work , so desperate

He can play her father's role now .

AS IF SHE IS 20 YEARS OLD she doesnt even look young both looks old

I don't believe this . Firstly when at the peak of her career she said no to Salman , why would she now . She lost big movies like Bajirao Mastani and others like Veer Zara , Chalte Chalte with Srk due to Salman . Why would she be eager now ?

Because she needs a hit!

It would be interesting if this were true and they actually did make a movie with both of them. It would be a rekindling of their relationship and the end of her marriage!

i hope is truth.. what happen in the past is over now.. let them start all over again

The day sun rise in the West I wud believe this news

Yeah...NO. Will never happen.

Her family very Narrow Minded , they will not allow her to work with him but she badly needs a Hit

Salman is not even dying to work with her . She is giving an indirect indication that she wants to work because her comeback movies Jazba & Sarabjeet were Flop . She needs Mega star to make a movie Hit . In ADHM also she has a side role

Salman never hoovers over his exes when they move on. This is the only decent thing about him. also I am highly skeptical she said this. She is in Bachchan hypocrite khaandan. Even if AB is progressive minded, Ash herself is a traditionalist. Also after Rekha-Big B fiasco, there is no way they being 'khaandani' want this kind of publicity. BUT if this happens, it will break and crash allllll box-office records!!

Agree with u.

I highly doubt it unless Salman makes a big apology to her.

Nice try did make my heart skip a beat


They will never work together. They cant stand to be in the same room together. I think aish believes in forgive and dont forget and theres nothing wrong. She doesnt have to work with him if she doesnt want to.

when i see pictures of these two side by side...i can only speculate what their children might have looked like...too bad shes married and he might have potentially not let her work in movies....oh well

I hope she never works with him. She is too dignified to.

Sorry but this is all BS ASH does not need salman and will never work with him..

good, bury everything move forward. Forget and forgive.

Who cares about Aishwarya...she is over!!

U care, that's why u r here.

I don't know about others, but you do care..... haha

i love you aishwarya

She needs him more than Salman needs her professionally.

Yeah now since he's the biggest name in the industry.

Move on Mrs. Rai Bachchan, find your sure shot hit movie with someone else. Shahrukh maybe? ;)

It's my lifelong dream that it happens! Please some one make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heights of imaginative writing!

Aish your family is so narrow minded , will they allow you to work with Salman ? I think they should support you in bad times , your Flop career needs a boost and only Salman can do that

Indirectly she is begging for work with Salman because he last 2 comeback movies were big Flop

Salman is a mega star and he is not dying to work with her . And what condition ? He comeback movies Legendary Jazbaa and Sarabjit were Flop so its better not to put any any conditions . Anushka has a lead role in ADHM and Aishwarya has a side role

Even Aishwarya fans don't want to see her with him. She has no change of heart either.

If such a film ever happens, it will cross 500 crores at the box office

We Salman fans do not want her with him any more...sorry your change of heart is too late!

Ash will never work with him i bet everyone

SK will not work with her so you are right

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