Casting coup! Deepika to star opposite Harshvardhan in Sriram Raghavan's next?

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Sonam Kapoor's younger brother, Harshvardhan Kapoor is all set for his big Bollywood debut with Mirzya. Even before the release of his first film, the Kapoor lad is busy shooting for Vikramaditya Motwane’s vigilante film Bhavesh Joshi. Now rumour has it that Badlapurdirector Sriram Raghavan is keen to cast the newbie in his next.

But hey, that's not all! Raghavan is aiming to pull off a casting coup of sorts. As per a popular entertainment magazine, Deepika Padukone may be deep in conversation with the Agent Vinod director about a ‘quickie’ project that they might wrap up in three months flat. And, reportedly Raghavan has been in talks with the 25-year-old son of Anil Kapoor, Harsh, to star opposite DP!

Those who’ve been privy to discussions between the filmmaker and the actress say this could be some sort of a female protagonist version of Badlapur. Some are also suggesting that Harshvardhan's role will be similar to what Nawazuddin Siddiqui played in the film (Badlapur).

Lately, Deepika and Harsh have been the participants of mutual admiration club on the social media. The newbie has managed to grab the actress’ attention. A few days back, Harsh was interviewed by senior journalist Rajeev Masand and the journo was so impressed with the Kapoor boy that he tweeted his interview and wrote, “VIDEO: Meet @HarshKapoor_. If this 25-year-old can act as well as he speaks, he’s going to be around for a while!”. DP retweeted the post and captioned as, “Couldn’t agree more”. An ecstatic Harshvardhan replied to Mastani and posted, “You’re too good to me, it all means a lot, I can’t wait to show you the film! #DareToLove.

We wonder, what sister Sonam has to say about this development! Both Sonam and Deepika are not BFFs and they make no bones about it either...

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This film to be another flop for Deepika Padukone not Harshvardhan Kapoor.

Fake news.

Ya Sai Pallavi and Harshvardhan Kapoor for the win

Lucky for Harsh, hope his horn is not tooted too loud and ends up as a flop actress like his sister.

He is very handsome and poised like her. If he turns out to be a good actor they will make a great couple. It's great to see her working with a new comer!

Sai Pallavi in a Sriram Raghavan thriller, this is what I call creative casting

sai pallavi in Premam was pure love

Cast sai pallavi

Nice to know that regional films are being appreciated, sai pallavi won so many hearts in Malar, her acting shins through, very natural, sincere and real, I would love to see her in a Hindi movie, so ya cast her ASAP

This is probably the most sensible comment her , a friend of mine told me to watch this movie Kali, it was brilliant, simple story which turned to a thriller in the second half, both leads were equally good, sai has a strong screen presence, and I had to look twice at the screen as she was not putting any makeup, very natural as if she was not acting, her expressions were on point, a total gem , casting her in this Hindi movie will be perfect, yes cast sai opposite harsh

Cast sai pallavi

she just wants a kapoor surname!

Suhe is so desperate

I would've cried afoul screaming nepotism but the Masand interview really made me resect him. He is knowledgable, sorted, passionate and knows about films and movie-making inside out. I'd give him a chance

Queen remains queen...DP won't accept eye candy roles just in hurry to get a project..wait till she announces her next.

LOL IM LAUGHING AT YOUR INSULTS! SO DEEPIKA IS A FLOP CAUSE SHE HASNT RELEASED A MOVIE YET? LOOOOOOL it's so funny how you guys try to act like you know how everything works. Hit movies and success takes time babes, she's someone who knows what movies to take and what could be beneficial to herself and how to prove herself as an actress! She' worked so hard in that Hollywood movie, I really don't think she's a flop if she's with Vin diseal XD
DEEPIKA already proved herself in Bollywood, she's taking it further. Watch and wait babes p! :*
You guys could keep calling her FLOP, but from the success and the fact that she's the HIGHEST paid actress of India, you're bullshit


Deepika is so despo

This dude has a creepy chowkidar vibe going!!

Wow ! Look at the mileage one gets by being linked with dp. Having said that though they will make a fine pair. Getting good vibes.

PR Harsh is on a rampage! Let us see if he lives up to this hype...cos this publicity craze is already turning people off. Sonam ji I know you are on PV...tell your papa to calm down.

Harshvardhan walk away from this is you have any sense, run

If a future casting is true, it'd be mildly weird considering that Harsh is an extended cousin of Ranveer's. I bet DP wouldn't work with Sonam though...

Star kids have all the luck. His first movie (which Anil, Sonam and even Deepika) is heavily promoting has not even released and his second film is allegedly with the top heroine of our country!! The way Harsh talks, dresses and even twirls his mustache; just copy cat Ranveer. Arjun said he is a man in his own right..apparently not bro.

I can't believe this guy is getting to work with DP and Raghvan already. Seriously, if he weren't a star kid, he'd be struggling through low-budget films for the next 2-3 years.

Deepika doesn't care about this guy...but she wants to tease sonam...

Anushka is present box office queen, Alia and Shradha are next . bye bye deepika.

She did Hollywood movie to give competition to PC but lost her spark in Bollywood and new comers like Alia took her place with Anushka . How things change so quickly , its karma

Oh my darling deepika Wat about Hollywood career opps is it over as your dearest fan I am feeling so bad for you

She is playing role of his mother in this movie

Deepika is a Flop actress

Why pinkvilla readers are always in frustrated mode? Every actresses posts have only negativity negativity..only hare? Are people lost positivity?pls post you know PV that i am right..

Always ...always felt the same. There is no single actress whose posts get more positive than negative comments . Whether its deepika, kangana, sonam, priyanka , aishwarya or any other actress worth her salt. Wonder is it some sort of inherent negativity that women has !!

DP fans always bash PC , every single post of PC gets negative comments because DP is unsuccessful in Hollywood

Unfortunate but real, DP caused her own dislike because of her jealousy against Priyanka. It is very hard now to say hooray for Deepika. Many feel that way.

Ye to hota rahega aage bhi

Looks like DP is not getting offers

lol whatever ..... deepika and no films...that will be a never

He will be 26 in november and she will be 31 in january. Whats 4 years and a couple months ? BTW he looks and acts very mature for his age. I think they will be superb.

Doesn't matter if Harsh is a part of this or not. I am here for Deepika- Sriram Raghvan collaboration. Announce this ASAP please.

now she's attaching her name to youngsters lol

So into this! They'd be so hot together

She is 31 and harsh is 25

But you're ok with all the Khan's romancing women 30 year's younger than bro.

What happened to the Hollywood star?

Leonardo could not afford her asking price. He asked for a loan from the World Bank but they refused.

so a star + starkid = casting coup? what nonsense he has yet to even make his acting debut!

Deepika ki to nikal padi , a 'Kapoor' is a fan of her

He is cute but looks more good on screen

hahaha looks like dp have a soft corner for him!!

Rk - deepika is a big flirt. Yes we know. Poor rs.

She's hit old for him

Sonam will burn to the skies with this news LOL. Anyways I really hope it's true. It will do wonders for wonders for Deepika!

See the difference , Harsh wrote a simple message and in reply she send a Heart to him , this is the definition of Desperate

This is the definition of plot-rich Deepika.

He's the one who replied to her so your comment is baseless not that it even held any weight from the beginning

YESSSS!! Deepika. Do this movie instead of Padmavati. Let that shift to 2018. I hope this turns out to be another Piku for you. You signed it out of nowhere and shooter in 3-4 months and we all saw the outcome. As far as Harshvardhan is concerned, he is reportedly playing a villain. But isn't it too soon for him? And that too a movie opposite Deepika Padukone. Nepotism already working in his favour UGHHHH. Anyways EXCITED. I hope it's true. Sriram has wanted to work with Deepika from a very long time. Fingers crossed.

Hi harsh , she is an old auntie now , try for some young and successful actresses like Alia or Shraddha

Both shrada and alia are 2-3 years older than they say they are !

She is so desperate for him and so quick to give replies if it comes from a male

Mother and Son , she replied again a man , ohh he is a kapoor

Really? He hasn't even had his first release n no one knows whether he can act or not, people are already lining up for him. And then these starkids whine about how tough it had been for them coming into the industry.


Oh no. Couple alert

Okay next

Deepika is like her aunty

Wow ! Never knew Harsh has a PR too

Sonam, where are you ?

Exciting for this film , i know some people will speak about age but they not play lovers clearly will be centric film women

Really ? She is looking his mother . Harsh with look better with younger actresses , Deepika is too old for him

lool, the picture above is Deepika not Katrina

Obsession for katrina continues , no wonder she is a bigger star than DP

Nah ! The person who keeps tagging rk to all dp posts is obsessed with dp.Take a guess....meow ! You can have him dear dp does not want him. Getting the feeling that dp will marry outside of bollywood. That should make you happy kitty.

After a long time Deepika is looking above average in this green saree not to forget with lots of makeup . Which event was this ?

Dp has had her eyes on harsh for years. She finds him really attractive

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