Salim Khan should put Salman Khan under house arrest, says a Shiva Sena MP

4 years ago  |  1.9M

Veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan should keep his son Salman Khan under house arrest, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut said on Saturday, adding that the Bollywood superstar "blabbers" because no one in his family has ever died for the country. 

"When the country is in peril and there is prospect of war against Pakistan, his father Salim Khan should put his Salman under house arrest, because one doesn't know what he will say when and insult his father," Raut told the media here. 

"No one in his (Salman) family has died for the country, therefore he keeps blabbering. Even taking morchas (protest march) to their homes have no impact," Raut also said. 

The comment has come in the wake of Salman's comment that "Pakistani artistes are just artistes and not terrorists. Terrorism and art are two different subjects." 

His comments have attracted criticism. 

Raut also praised Salim Khan for taking a strong line on Pakistan. 

"One one hand, Salim Khan gives 'Vande Mataram' slogan, takes a firm line against Pakistan, he raises voices against ills in the Muslim religion and Salman Khan being from the same family, speaks like a fool," Raut said. 

"Cine stars or those from the Indian film industry, their lips should be permanently sewn, especially Salman Khan," the Shiv Sena leader also said.


Anonymous : Lol daddy help again.
REPLY 3 4 years ago
Anonymous : Not house arrest, actual arrest. And for many different reasons.
REPLY 3 4 years ago
Anonymous : Well said, Mr. Raut.
REPLY 9 4 years ago
Anonymous : Salman is dumb.
REPLY 19 4 years ago
Anonymous : Oh shut up Raut..u ll still nt get 2 mins fame how much ever bold statements u make.
REPLY 12 4 years ago
Anonymous : Salman is a tube light.
REPLY 25 4 years ago
Anonymous : so in order for an indian muslim to be accepted as an indian they have to bash other muslims, muslim countries and islam just so that they can fit in. because it does suit the agenda of these right wing hindu groups in india
REPLY 24 4 years ago
Anonymous : this has gotten crazy.
REPLY 13 4 years ago
Anonymous : What salman meant was completely different from what these politicians are assuming. Poor guy has to always face problems when he speaks straight and right!
REPLY 36 4 years ago
Anonymous : But him in jail rather for all the crimes he's commited!
REPLY 37 4 years ago
Anonymous : I am a tubelight n I will never change ;) hahaha
REPLY 32 4 years ago