Here's how Mahira Khan reacted to the ban on Pakistani artistes in India!

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It was earlier reported that Pakistani artistes have faced a ban in the nation from MNS political party due to the aftermath of Uri attacks. Many even questioned them for not condemning the attacks. Artists like Fawad Khan, Mahira Khan, Ali Zafar, Atif Aslam and many more have faced the ban in India. Today, finally Mahira reacted to the ban, not literally, but she shared Pakistani artiste Alizay Jaffer’s thoughts on her Facebook timeline. The post talks about the relationship between the two nations, India and Pakistan.

Check out the post.

"It’s strange, this affinity with India. I find myself getting increasingly upset at the abuse and hatred tossed from one border to another, with little rationale apart from the 69-year-old chips on our shoulders. These chips have, over time, turned into boulders, and who doesn’t crumble under the weight of those?

It’s very strange, this affinity with India. When Amitabh Bachchan is in the hospital, we pray for his good health; when Ranbir Kapoor’s film is a hit, we’re prouder than Neetu and Rishi; we never deny that no one brings romance to life like the voices of Kishore and Rafi; they are in unanimous agreement that their local music scene is not a patch on ours; if we happen to interact abroad, they’re the only pardesis we include in the ‘desi’ category; their monuments carry our history; our language carries their roots.

When I think about some of my best days and nights in the last ten years, more than 50% of them were spent with my brothers and sisters from across the border; sharing a meal, listening to music, discussing politics, or anything but; laughing, dancing, singing; but most importantly, completely aware yet in vehement passive rebellion against the lines that keep us apart.

Come to think of it now, it isn’t strange at all, this affinity with India. Our proverbial Lord and Master, the gargantuan power that rules us, ‘The West’, is an absentee parent; one we’re constantly trying to please but one who never really loved us anyway. If there is anyone for us, it’s each other. What’s strange is our reluctance to acknowledge this.

I read today that India claimed they carried out a surgical attack in Uri. Ridiculous. I immediately read several, equally ridiculous Pakistani reactions; some hitting below the belt, others claiming that one shouldn’t expect more from mass murdering politicians, like the ones we have across the border. Somehow, suddenly, we are all too forgiving of our own ‘glorious’ politicians. It’s strange how quick we are to forget how much trouble governance is in, on both sides, when we jump up to point fingers.

I’m sure this news will leave me in a month’s time. What hasn’t left me is the news about a Pakistani Head of State’s arrival in Delhi for a test match, ultimately averting the threat of war; or an Indian politician putting his hand forward to greet his Pakistani counterpart, to curb tensions; or that time when Ganguly acknowledged that there’s no one greater than Wasim; or when Shoaib Malik married Sania Mirza; or that image of the guards in the most beautiful fraternal embrace I have ever seen, on Holi at Wagah Border. I suppose it’s because some of us look for peace, we hanker for it, while others, they look for war.

It is comforting somehow, that when I messaged one of my closest friends across the border, expressing concern over the destructive megalomaniac tendencies of our governments, he responded and said, ‘It doesn’t matter what they do, you know I will always love you’. It is comforting somehow, that in 20 years’ time, if you look away from the textbooks, and turn to your ancient scriptures or your holy books, it won’t take you long to see that since time immemorial, there is only one message they are trying to convey, only one message we should be paying attention to; and that message is Love."

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The Washington Post. The newyork times BBC and CNN have carried stories as investigative journalists for India to prove the exact targets of the operation .
As believed , there was no aerial attack . Firing across line of control is not called a surgical strike ! Get a life and ask the media not to distort facts. Every individual has a right to ask for concrete facts and not believe things out of context !

Dear Mahira
You have not mentioned when India declared mourning over attck in peshawar school , when Modi came to greet Nawaz sharif on his birthday . Stop all this and start to think ahead ... India has grown and developed ao much since independence and you pakis are just stuck in Kashmir ... Grow up its way time !!

Stop hating people on the basis of their nationalities.This is ridiculous leave her alone

She is asking for all this hate. Why open your mouth when you can talk sensible. If you don't want to condemn the attack, then keep quiet. Don't show fake love for India.

Go back to your country darling we have better actresses here

She is trying to make a moral equivalence. India has NEVER sent terrorists into Pakistan. India would love nothing more than to get Pakistan of it's back. Pakistan has to continually cause trouble in order to divert the population's attention from the sorry state of the Pakistan economy. There is no moral equivalence between Pakistan and India.

Um nargis fakhri is American- the fact that she didn't speak a word of urdu can attest to that.

The ban on Pakistani actors is sad and pathetic. Why are we always keen on letting hatred take over? This is all just a sad mess. No solution to this's been going on for 71 years.

She should shut up for srk sake at least...

i love mahira . she is beauty with heart and brain

Yeah I agree she has brain. Raees trailer is not even released and she started her promotion with fake liking towards India.

love love love!

Well said

I'm just fed up with people talking shit about pakistani artists! Why no one is saying something about Nargis Fakhri she's half pakistani but I've not seen a single person saying bad things about her! C'mon people grow up! Pakistani artists have nothing to do with terrorism! I'll always support Fawad-Mahira!

Nargis is American.

i am not surprised at all that some people abused mahira they even don't know how to respect their stars .. we all know without khans no Bollywood though that all khans bashed hard only because they expressed their opinions

Babe, just stay quite. You will be question if you don't say a word but you will be ridicule and abused if you say anything.


She hasn't even start her career yet in India, how do you know that. Quit the hate evil soul.

RIP Mahira's career in Bollywood.

We will talk after 4 months.

Yes, we will definitely talk after 4 months, when the protests around her will make no producers to sign her.

At least she didn't hide like faffo...he is known to be a user and opportunistic...he like all the actors business men and kjo types doesn't care about Pakistan or India,he like the most of the rich Pakistan and India so selfish...wants to be left alone...and that's why this countries suffers from this greedy people who wants only to take and never give back to the society...

Okay firstly, as a Bangladeshi I would like to know how did the terrorists kill 18 highly trained Indian army troops and got away with it? Did the Indians not attack back? it makes me question the Indian Media. Do you have any proof that these attacks were carried out by terrorists and the army folk didn't end up killing each other?

Just some questions. Anyone please answer so that I can decide what to believe.

there is only one answer to your question that get out of india and stay in pakistan..........your questioning the indian army for the death of our soilders who fight for us and people like you...shame on you....

You better think about your country and refugees who are continously trying to sneek in India. Our soldiers were sleeping and these terrorist were human bombs. I wonder you din't hear about surgical attack. Keep yourself out of when you have zero knowledge.

No proof was given after Uri attacks. No Western/neutral country ( Goras) was invited to investigate and verify the proof. Pakistan does the same when they blame India for terrorism in Pakistan. It seems like Indian media didn't tell Indians that Peshawar attacks on kids school was blamed on India. Ironically, both countries and their people prefer Gora Empires when it comes to cricket :) . I feel sorry for those who have lost and who are loosing their precious lives in this never ending barking dogs hate parade.

India has already submitted the proofs to Pakistan and other nations. Read more news.

Then continue your marvelous work in Lollywood. And please don't show your face in here again. Peace!


is mahira and fawad now are the main problem to political parties in India unbelievable . i really don't know why Indian media so obsessed of fawad and mahira you banned them so just spare them all negativity ..
you all know that they don't beg for anything your producers who went to them and chose them accept all that truth .. she expressed her opinion accept it or not it's your choice but don't ever think she beg or sorry for anything she did her work and come back to her home . it was mutual benefit pv post why accept all posts abusing her and refuse others be professional or not publish anything about her

They (Pakistanis) need us more than we need them (Indias). If the reverse was to happen, an indian was asked not work in Pakistan it would be inconsequential. Nobody would write a sob story.

lol no we don't need you !!

If I work in Toyota industry and I've something to offer to Toyata then they will call me to their headoffice to work. This Toyota sells its car to south Asian people out of which North Indians and Pakistanis ( practically North India) are the biggest consumers. Now kindly tell us who is doing favor to who? Is it a two way trade or an annaat Ashmarm?

when school children were killed indian were pained and all indian celebrities said warm words. ali zafar recorded full song dedicated to the victims. and look at this now

Oh My God!! What a big loss to India! We lost our only chance to watch The Great Mahira Khan...!! Tabu, Kajol, Rani, & Kangana lost a chance to learn acting from Mahira. Madhuri, Sridevi & Katrina lost a chance to learn dance moves from Mahira. Aishwarya, Kareena, Sonam, Karisma could have got some fashion tips from Mahira..but now they cant!! :( Priyanka & Deepika could have learnt from Mahira how to Market themselves as a star brand!! Such a big loss to Indian Economy….God knows hw we will recover from this Loss. I am already crying!! Hu…huu..huuu! :'(( (#Sarcasm)

Jealousy,insecurity and hate is evident from your long post.

what mahira has your stars lost long time ago

If Mahira is so great then why she is coming to india to beg for films??? She can stay in Pakistan & do her crap tv shows!!

how many times we'll say the same words she didn't beg anyone for anything your producers chose her after humsafar aired in India .. it's your problem you can't accept the truth that SRK chose her a above your favorite actress just move on baby and tone down your hate ..

Correction. What mahira has our stars never had. FAKENESS.

oh girl are you even believe what are you saying ? if any thing in Bollywood is real then it'll be fakeness and self obsession

Yeah surgically altered noses, forheads, cheek bones, skin color, teeth is not FAKENESS

In India atleast only heroines r doing nose jobs..ur Paki heros Fawad & Imran Abbas also had nose!!

they will be jobless in near future

How is your bleach process going on.

In her long Bhashan, she did not even care to show respect and sympathy for our solders. You are worst than Fawad.

This does not acknowledge the fact that Pakistan is responsible for terrorist attacks in our country. They are illegally occupying a part of our country , the Maharaja acceded to India, their claims are just on the basis of religion which are so invalid. India's patience is wearing thin, sooner or later the new govt. may start reciprocating in kind, that will not end well.

Well the whole Pakistan lives under denial. They will deny URI, surgical attack, terrorism etc. At one point they will say Pakistan was never a part of India.

Just read this and found it beautiful! I'm not Pakistani nor am I Indian, just a fan of your films, music, food and culture. Then I read these comments... appalling. If only you realised the rest of the world sees you all as one. Damn shame.

You should not comment without knowing the history.

Same here. I am not Indian and not Pakistani. I don't know how I found this page but I am for few years around here and read articles because I love Indian movies and music. I tried to write some peaceful words under another article here on Pinkvilla and guess what?
People are so brainwashed that every attempt to calm the situation down is enough to get hateful replies.

This is so sad.

i am from ghana, black. i like their fashions and songs. you both( india and pakistan) are beautiful and same to me.

Thank you for sweet words. Love from India.

A liar Pakistani Spotted.

Like most Pakis she doesn't know what is surgical attack. That way she mention it is ridiculous. She is a bimbo. PERIOD.

How about she says something about the attacks on India and soldiers lives? She can choose to say what she likes. It is incumbent upon us to ensure that we show solidarity with India by not paying a penny for her films.

Dude she is hungry Pakistani, she needs India only for fame, money and glamour.

Take a look at common Indian man and a pakistani man. You will see who looks hungry.

You better shutup fat nose and keep your asses & preach to yourself & your people. Enough of friendship drama. You all don't even deserve a decent hello. Shoo away !!

European features of Mahira giving pain to many

she is beautiful dont be jalous

Why nobody is thinking about life of all the families in kashmir living through terrorism. Are we more concerned about pakistani artist

Yes ! We avoid Kashmir issues.

Dear Mahira with all due respect to post I just wish to ask you one thing if we are always there for each other or you consider our nation as your own why didn't you or your colleagues Condemn Uri attacks??? Offcourse we believe in Atithi Devo Bhava and we welcomed you with open arms and gave you love and respect.Yes Undeniably you and your colleagues are stars in your homeland but India did add feather to your cap.So when we were mourning loss of our soldiers we expected words of compassion from you but you and your colleagues choose to remain silent.Why?Because according to you speaking anything would question your patriotism for your homeland.I agree friendship knows no boundaries,Love knows no boundaries,Talent and art knows no boundaries.But you know what? our soldiers who sacrifice their lives in borders for us their only love is for India and due to them we are at ease peace and happiness.So I stand with my nation India and it's decision.Because no art or love can be bigger than love for one's own nation.

You said! Respect! JAIN HIND!

You go girl ! Ignore the hate we all love and support you.

Excepted from a Pakistani.

hypocrite,earning money from India but disrespecting it to the max.She deserves to be banned.GIRL GOODBYE

Forget coming back, her film won't release! Mark my words they will reshoot with some other heroine most likely.

I am waiting for that to happen. It will be Diwali in our country.

BEAUTIFULLY said mahira

Mahira didn't write this, she is quoting someone else.

Love this.

I love you Mahira. Please ignore these stupid people

stay here mahira dont listen to fanatics

Mahira, this is exactly how Pakistanis are treating us from decades.... Backstabbing us again and again..we have still tried having peace and given opportunities to you artists....and you are feeling bad that you are asked to leave...imagine you'll entering our territory and behaving with us like shit....Sick you guys are...I was supporting Salmans statement till now not anymore by this statement of yours...

if she is ranbir kapppors fan she shouldn,t say we are, khans are way pouplar then anybody there

Doing all the blah blah blah to save her movie only

India-Pakistan tensions reduced to absurdity. A teenage campfire mentality on a serious near-crisis situation. Next.

What does she mean when she says India 'claims' to do a surgical strike? It actually did. When will pakistanis acknowledge it

There is another "terrorist" attack on Indian army in Kashmir #surgicalstrikes

Talking good is good but behaving is better n best.. Wake up madam .. Look around ur country far one can tolerate..

God dam, just breathtaking beautiful


They should be kicked out period.

she is beyond beautiful, her eyes, hair, gorgeous simply gorgeous

Maybe she is but this photo is highly photoshopped.

"I read today that India claimed they carried out a surgical attack in Uri. Ridiculous"
Of course, it's true you nitwit. Now don't try to be all Mother Teresa on us. Try as much as you want to. Beg, grovel, ridicule or issue dumb-ass ain't coming back

Pakistan believe these strikes because no evidence has been provided. Has the Media shown the footage like it claims that will? It has been 4 days since the 'Surgical Strike' but no evidence of them. The media has claimed there are videos recoded by drones please broadcast them so we can see and silence the Pakistanis.

surgical strikes are not ridiculous!

So true what she wrote.. There are people who dont want Pak

Beautiful said! Now the politicians from both side should read this and think about! And lock up that shit guy nagre and people like that. And just sit together and try to think something new positive?

'I read today that India claimed they carried out a surgical attack in Uri.' This shows what Pakistanis think in general. In other words she is saying Pakistan is not responsible for terrorism. It is just politicians who play this game. She shouldn't come to India anytime soon.

The way Indian media screams day and night , Pkaistan's media is screaming day and night too. The funny thing is India has ban Pakistani media and vice versa. Why blame common people who are only allowed to listen to their own version of story.

Everything is fine but how India's surgical attack in Pok ridiculous!!??

Love it !

Well written

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