“I am smarter than all the chicks I have met till date", reveals Ranveer!

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Ranveer, as we know, is a laughter bomb and is quite unstoppable with his wits. While the actor is a big romantic at heart as can be seen with his frequent bouts of love for Deepika, the 31-year-old actor feels he is smarter than all the girls he has met.

During a recent interview, talking about the best brains, Ranveer said, “See the thing is, I am smarter than all the chicks I have met till date. Their EQ is much higher than mine, but IQ, I am yet to be taken by surprise.”

Guess what Deepika feels about this one?

On the professional front, Ranveer will be next seen in Befikre, which will hit the cinemas on December 9. 

The power-packed performer is currently in Paris along with co-star Vaani Kapoor for the big trailer launch at Eiffel Tower. 


he is so narcissist, should date Kangana.

Pagal admi

First that vulgar harpet photoshoot, then Befikre and now this... I was your fan Ranveer but no more. I can't like a man who refers females as chicks. He was asked Best brains? And he answered that he was smarter than all the girls he meet which means he thinks that all the girls around him are not smart enough and btw when it comes to your IQ even we are yet to be taken by surprise

A very wise men once said " a wise men won't go around and say he's wise, action of an wise men speaks for itself and the dumbness of dumb guy will shout out loud that he's wise."

Pv why you are always kind to ranveer. That's why don't comment on his post. You never post any hatred comments on him. Then plz do it for other people too.

I agree otherwise they never chose you.

He is so stupid to say that

Stop the propaganda against Raveer- Karan, Ranbir and PV(Karan's website)

For those of you saying it's not an insult because he says these "chicks" have higher EQ, you are dead wrong. Saying that is basically saying, "girls are more emotionally aware and I'm more rationally intelligent." It's a backhanded compliment, which makes it no compliment at all!

Man, if the other guy had said this, regardless of what context he said it in, he'd have been torn to shreds on here.

His true personality is showing. Does he really believe that his IQ is that high? LOL . More like the women in the film industry are trained to act coy and bat their lashes at men. Also, huge burn @ Deepika , Guurl.

Any girl who doesn't ignore a guy like you must not be too smart. You're disgusting.

Ok Ranveer, you really need to stop addressing women as 'chicks.' We don't like it! As for his answer it was neither insulting or bragging. If you dissect what he said he basically said most women he has come across are stronger individuals, in my opinion (as they are capable of adapting to situations better) but according to certain standards (set by society) he would be more intelligent then them. So he said he's not stupid but neither are the women he has come across, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. At least that's what I got from his statement, and I don't believe that I am stupid but I am also not the smartest person I have come across. Lol!

Never mind I take that comment back after reading his full statement. That was just an idiotic statement and sexist to say the least. My dear Ranveer BW actresses, other than Vidya, are not exactly a good representation of women in general. Take on an educated woman and you will realize that many of us are very smart. Sad this must mean he thinks he's much smarter than his sister and Mom too. Watch it Ranveer, you're treading thin ice with talk like this following a bad trailer.

Really? And yet deepika rules, she is a bigger star than him. Who is actually the smarter one now?

True. Deepika is dumb in all her interviews. She's a good actor but I can't stand her interviews.

i some whow knew that this guy is not that transparent that he shows

so he asks for the IQ of every chick he meets? this takes me by surprise because i thought it meant any girl who he ever had a relationship with but no..there is no alternative interpretation...he thinks every female he came across in his entire life is less intelligent than him..plainly speaking hes a sexist..and not smart at that either

He wasn't insulting anyone, there are different strengths that every person has or cultivates. I'm usually smarter than most people I meet. That doesn't mean I'm a better person! It just means my mind works differently than theirs.

People who need to claim that they are "smart" in fact are highly insecure about their themselves. Ranveer, "thou doth protest too much," honey we know your insecure, don't tell us your intelligent, we have the ability to figure that out by ourselves by your actions and statements.

He's actually the college educated one, so...

he has a degree in creative writing with a minor in theater. ya that takes real intelligence

It looks like a lot of people don't know what EQ stands for. Look it up and you will see that he gave the women a compliment.

lol duh considering deepika is his girlfriend. But Anushka seems to be smarter than him

Ayan, rk and now Rs all never called or referred to dp as a smart one

because they are not smart enough to figure that out

*he thinks*

get over your self Ranveer

Lmao deepika

Emotional Intelligence, or emotional quotient (EQ), is defined as an individual's ability to identify, evaluate, control, and express emotions. People with high EQ usually make great leaders and team players because of their ability to understand, empathize, and connect with the people around them. IQ, or intelligence quotient, is score derived from one of several standardized tests designed to assess an individual's intelligence.
--------->> Just in case anyone here thinks he insulted anybody. -_-

That is such a rude statement to make Ranveer! Even if it was taken out of context, I do not think it justifies him insinuating that all women he as met are inferior to him in intelligence. I had so much respect for him, much of it I lost regarding the situation and him. Well let me tell you something little boy, that fact that you refer to women as "chicks" just reveals so much about your "intelligence" and IQ level. You are no genius and neither even a catch. Have several seats and read a book you desperado!

You don't know what EQ means, do you ?

That's a good way of dodging the question, actually. Now nobody can say he said this ex is smarter than that ex or blablabla.

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