It is time to show solidarity for our jawans - Big B on Pakistani artists ban!


From Karan Johar to Ajay Devgn, many actors have shared their opinion on the recent ban on Pakistani artists to work in Bollywood which include fellow actors like Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan. Some are for the ban whereas some are not. But what does the Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan think of this?

At a press conference for his birthday today, Big B was asked about his views on the issue at hand. 

The actor who turned 74 today replied, "This is not the right time to ask these questions. The nation is incensed. There is so much anger in the country. It is time to show solidarity for our jawans."

Well, that put things in perspective!

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Diplomatic as ever.

As you don't support your DIL's movie at least support the Jawans

Banning people is not the solution. Does India even realise what they are doing? They only make India sound more and more xenophobic to the outside world. The funny part is that Indians desperately seek acceptance abroad and in the West especially and always complain when they are judged or denied right based on their country of origin. Well, here you have it. Banning actors and actresses will do absolutely nothing. The connection that we have as human beings should be cherished at all times. Leave politics out of it. Acting is a completely different field. It should not be affected by this at all. As an outsider, I see more in common between Pakistan and India than I see differences. The whole nation seems overly proud of this situation. Both sides have shady people, and I know the Pakistani government is way too weak when it comes to terrorism and the implications of this for Afghanistan and India, but that doesn't mean I will hate on random Pakistani citizens. Yes, I do expect them to speak against it, but can you blame them? Has any of you ever seen Pakistani news panels etc. The bias that is churned out day in day out and the way they interpret things are different. You can't blame Fawad for not speaking against it. The government in Pakistan will deny this, if let's say Fawad condemns it, he will face riots and possinle danger for his wife and newly born baby in Pakistan. If he doesn't say anything Indians will try and hang him. The poor guy can't say anything and it's best he stays quite and let this go by. It's shocking to see such a lack of understanding among both sides when it comes to human being and individuals in general. Hating a whole nation is so regressive, and Ajay speaking out was the perfect way for him to abuse the attacks and use it to promote his movie. I'm looking forward to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Wasn't Brexit all about keeping immigrants out? Hypocrisy at its best!!

Big B Loves his fellow Pakistanis and he LOVES his country.
he is a true INTERNATIOANL personality.
GO B GO B its your BDAY its your BDAY

Well spoken. The soldiers are sacrificing their lives protecting the Kashmiris from the pakistani villains. And they get curses in return.

correct reply

Solidarity towards the killers of innocents?
No thanks

Salman should learn from Mr. Bachchan both how to speak in real life and act in reel life.

Well said, Big B..

Mr Bachchan please watch Robert De Niro's video on Trump.

Sad, so you agree with whatever they do? Forget Kashmir see what they are doing in NE India???

Even when they are killing your fellow country men and woman and children???

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