Naseeruddin Shah makes a strong statement against MNS, calls film industry an easy target!

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Post the Uri attacks, MNS had threatened all the Pakistani artists to leave the country in 48 hours. Following the banning of the artists, films like Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Raees and Dear Zindagi came under the radar for being banned. At a book launch, Naseeruddin Shah was asked about his take on the whole issue. 
He said, "The film industry is an easy target. They (MNS) have as much fun targeting the industry as they would have while watching films made by Bollywood. We haven't broken diplomatic ties with Pakistan, nor are we in the state of war, or have sealed our borders. Only artistes who aim to spread the message of love and peace are being attacked."
Naseeruddin added, "According to me, the brave hearts (MNS) who are threatening them (makers and multiplexes) with dire consequences should fight the enemies on the border, kill Pakistani intruders. What's the point of threatening defenseless/harmless artistes?"
What do you think of his strong opinion?

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I agree with Naseeruddin!

Go naseeruddin shah!! Tell it like it is. To the poster below, he is like his character from 'a wednesday'

As a person from an army family , I can't tell you how I feel MNS has humiliated the sacrifices and trivialized the strength of army personnel by deflecting the issue to Bollywood. Not every thing should be connected to the film industry or cricket!!!!!

This man is exactly like the character from his movie sarforosh

And how can Pakistani artists denounce their country...afterall they have to live there ...sabko apni jaan pyari hai...

Omg...he said exactly what I was thinking. MNS should be ashamed of themselves...

Bollywood is held accountable because they are a very powerful , wealthy and influential industry. Funny that they are trying to portray themselves as weak and defenseless .

everything he said is true...diplomatic ties still still occurs...the borders are still open...there is no state of war..why is there a ban by MNS (self appointed authority) when indian government says otherwise?

He spoke the truth but racist ppl are evil so of course racists will go against what he just said.

Naseer has got no respect for dead people. He already made very bad remarks about Rajesh Khanna recently & now this!!!...I thought art cinema actors like Om Puri & Naseeruddin Shah have some brain but I was wrong...

He said nothing about the dead here. He stated the facts that all of this is unfair to those artists. I guess he has more brain than you and knows that this ban won't change anything, it only attacks famous people who had nothing to do with the death of those innocents.

As a foreign fan of bollywood movies, I am more than shocked about everything happening right now. I'm very sorry for what happended but these pakistani artists had nothing to do with that. They never harmed anyone! Their only fault is their nationality. Banning someone for that is just racist. I'm sad that people (thankfully not all of them) have become that way... Naseer is totally right: You know where the enemys are and they surely are not the ones who did nothing but entertain you! pls post PV

The Pak artists are at fault. They would denounce terrorism in "general" terms but when it comes to denouncing "specific terrorist acts against India", they are nowhere to be seen. Exponents of Taqiyya.

Whether mns is doing for political gain r not is secondary.but the stand they have taken is very good & right.hail mns

Well said sir. Even our artists and technicians go and work in Pakistan but they are not treated so shabbily or with so much disrespect #shame.

I agree with Naseer
But all the negative comments by Pakistanis here convince me we took right decision by banning Pakistani artist

Their economy depends on the money they make by making pirated copies of Indian films and inserting their candy ads in them

Indian movies are popular all over the kids and all our actors are equally talented...please don't compare

Even Pakistanis don't watch their own movies lol

India does not deserve fawad. I feel so bad for how he is being treated and all the pak actors. These directors and producers care only about their money and not about changing the world n standing up to these Mns goondas.

Pakistanis should stop making such stupid comments...bollywood movies are popular all over the talent...why do you think your actors want to work in our films...our actors are very talented

Well said Naseer

All the traitors are coming out of the woodworks...and guess which community they belong to? PV post it.

Anurag kashyap, mukesh, mahesh bhatt, renukha rahane, pehlaj nihalani, shyam benegal which community do they belong to??????

+100 for your comment... all the idiots are just blind donkeys... sorry for insulting donkeys....

good to hear the voice of reason in this country

Agree completely with naseer sir...

Fawad and Mahira should never step into India again after all the humiliation they faced for something they didn't do. I doubt they will. They should use their talent for the flourishing Pakistani film industry. Bollywood should stick to its star kids with barely any talent and over actors like Ranveer Singh.

I'm amazed by the level of stupidity of your comment. You're saying that Indian film industry lacks actors like Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan? Sweetheart, get over yourself. Our artists are recognized worldwide. Your artists crave the fame and exposure that Indian artists get and therefore they come here asking for work. Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world. Even people of your country prefers to watch our films. Secondly, don't you dare tell me that Naseerudin Shah, Ratna Pathak. Aamir Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut, Vidya Balan, Shabana Azmi, Ajay Devgan, Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Irrfan Khan are nothing in front of Pakistani actors. All Fawad has done is played the role of chauvinistic husbands in dramas and all Mahira has done is played the role of lower middle class/subservient wives. We do not need Pakistani talent, we only cast them because they cost less. Get over your high horse. Pinkvilla I hope you post my comment.

calm down girl .. why so nervous don't be upset your actors is more talented than leonard di cabri , robert de nero and more handsome than brad bit , tom cruse and jorge cloney also your singers are more popular than zain malik
btw Bollywood is not the largest film industry in the world it's Hollywood baby where PC is working in now coz she wants to be international star and that goal your biggest industry couldn't achieve it for her

What do you think this hoopla was all about? This year two releases Actor in law and Janaan has sen d shivers down to many. MNS is just a paid extortion party. Someone paid them to do this this tamasha so they can ban teh release of Pakistani movies in India to keep monopoly over the market. Think about it channels like Coke Studio, Urdu 1 and HUM ( news free politics free ) are also banned in India. What do they fear? Actors will start the movies in few months. Its a strategy to keep them under control and kick them out whenever pleased.

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