Shah Rukh-Kajol story went wrong in Dilwale, admits director Rohit Shetty!

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Despite all the installments of the popular movie series Golmaal have been blockbusters, director Rohit Shetty admits that the second part of the franchise was a bad film! As per the director, Golmaal Returns. 

Released in 2008, Golmaal Returns was a sequel to Golmaal and featured Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Tusshar Kapoor in the key roles. Shetty, who also directed Dilwale and Singham, said he knew these films had some problem in them. When asked about what he does when a film doesn't work, Rohit, in an interaction with a media agency said, "We rectify what all went wrong. My whole team sits (and introspects), even it is a hit. Like Golmaal Returns was the biggest hit of the year. But we knew it was a crap film. In Singham 2 we knew the villain went wrong. Singham is a cult film but in (part) two the villain's character went wrong. In Dilwale, the whole Shah Rukh-Kajol story went wrong," he added.

The director, who was speaking at a panel discussion, at the 18th MAMI Mumbai International Film Festival, said that he gets a fair idea if a film is going to work or not once the shooting is complete. "Once I've completed a film, I get a feeling whether it'll work or not. Since my films are hardcore commercial, I am catering to a particular audience so you start getting a feeling, that it is not going to work on that level. You should be prepared for what's going to happen. I get a feeling that something is going to go wrong," Rohit added.

So you agree with Rohit's views on Dilwale and Golmaal Returns

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He had the most romantic pair in bollywood with a score of 100% hits and he killed it with that bad mediocre film. It only seemed better then below average because of srk-kajol's chemistry which was wasted. Why they agreed to this as their comeback film one will never know but thanks to him he killed the best jodi in bollywood who will probably never work together again! Thanks alot Rohit Shetty go bury your head in the sand!

How can geruha be only good thing about the movie... it was not even sung by Sonu Nigam... if it was it would have been in another level itself.

I liked Dilwale. You all can judge me as much as u can. But do agree with rohit, if he would have made it into a complete comedy filn like chennai express it woyld have been better!

The best part was SRK and Kajol actually. Other things are not.

and Kajol says she picks by script!! It seems likes she either never reads them Or went by SRK's word

Kajol has become this arrogant, lazy "I'm a mother first" actress so she really doesn't make any more efforts and it shows on screen.

Her kids are big now so she doesn't really have any excuses....and there are tons of successful working moms out there.

Shah Rukh and Kajol wasted in this below average movie. Gerua was the only good thing. Nobody I know liked the movie.

Srk-Kajol were the only good thing about Dilwale!

Dilwale flopped bcoz of Kajol. Had they taken Rani, Diwale wud hav done much better..SRK Rani jodi much better than SRK Kajol

The "whole Shah Rukh-Kajol story" was the only thing in Dilwale he got right. He's so used to making crap movies (CE an exception) with B grade actors he doesn't know when he does something good. I hope Shah Rukh doesn't work with him again.

Didn't Shetty write the script for Diwale? If he sensed that it was so bad, why didn't he make the needed revisions in the script before taking it to production?

I belong to upper-rich strata and I am banker by profession in the United States. I loved Dilwale and the story. Maybe by heart, I fall in the 'massy' category and there's nothing wrong in liking movies that don't classify into my backgroud. I saw no glitches in the srk-kajol story, and I am not even an ardent fan of either the director or the actors.

Thank You so very much for clarifying your socio economic status. Was very much required and we are forever indebted to this gesture of yours !

SRK-Kajol was the only thing worth watching in Dilwale, it could have been written with more substance. The comedy parts by the brother and the store owner was so bad ,imo.

Please caste SRK and DP together again. PLEASE

Please do not

I liked his Chennai Express. The crackling chemistry that SRK and DP share is worth watching


Like Golmaal Returns was the biggest hit of the year. But we knew it was a crap film --------------> Even he knows what he makes but people will go, watch that crap and make it a big hit

How does this guy get movies to make? Just like that he's allowed to play with some crores??

I live in Dubai. I enjoyed the film. and it is a BB overseas. Move on Rohit!

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