Ryan has the best birthday ever with wife Blake at the place where they fell in love!

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It's hard to believe that Deadpool actor and funny man Ryan Reynolds has turned 40 today! The actor is happily married, with two kids, to Blake Lively. 


Blake celebrated her hubby's birthday in style. She took him to the same restaurant where they fell in love.


She Instagrammed a picture of the two surrounded by confetti and looking into each other's eyes while holding a throwback picture of Ryan's 35th birthday, where the married couple had the same pose.


Her caption reads, "@_o_ya_ We fell in love at your restaurant in Boston. We stay in love at your restaurant in NY. Thank you for the BEST food and memories! You are our FAVORITE!! Another happy birthday with @vancityreynolds . Hey, Reynolds, I like you a whole lot. Just sayin'..."


Even Ryan Instagrammed a picture of the couple wearing bunny noses and a party hat.




His caption reads, "Best. Birthday. Everrrrr. Courtesy of my wife, buddy, and international spy, @blakelively. With huge thanks to my favorite restaurant in NYC,@_o_ya_ -- and a special shout out to our children for not ruining everything like they planned."

This couple is too-adorable-for-words!

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