Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’s opening day’s collection proves that Ranbir is back in the game!

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While it is still too early to have a final word on the performance of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil at the Box Office, the initial of this romantic-drama has yet again proved that Ranbir is one of the most bankable stars in the industry.

The opening day of this Karan Johar flick was quite a decent one and has earned around 13.25 crore as per early estimates. Apparently, these earnings have outperformed Akshay Kumar’s Housefull 3 and Rustom at most multi-screen theaters.

Huge! Right?

With many touting ADHM as a comeback for Ranbir, these figures suggest that the actor didn’t lose his sheen at the first place, at least with his star power among the audience.

The dismal performance of Tamasha, Roy, Bombay Velvet and Besharam, in fact, had a little effect on the popularity of this talented actor.  However, he is yet to experience the same craze as he did during Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.


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Ranbir haters take a hike...ADHM is a hit

Ranbir is media hyped actor .he is really male version of sonam .can't get all the fuss about mass appeal

Second day collection of ADHM double of shivaay...fantastic

Ranbir is back but Karan is out. Such a garbage script w such talented actors minus anushka.

i watched the movie and ranbirs acting was good, although the story sucked (blame kjo for that). i dont think this will be his comeback movie but hes so talented and still has a great career ahead of him

and also people who are trying to credit fawad - his movie wth sonam did how much?

Ranbir Haters are at it again? 13cr is probably more than what you make in a lifetime, add your generation to it. Let it rest guys and just congratulate the guy.

Wait till tuesday to call the movie a success. And no, Ranbir isn't back, because he didn't go anywhere.

Now Rk and Anu finds dissolved Ranushka...eaach wants praise?

LOL Jagga Jasoos will be epic flop.

13 crore in todays time is below average, in fact really bad. Sidharth Malhotra's Ek villan made 16 crore on Day 1, two years back on a non holiday.

Delusional much. Don't forget that two major films are competing at the same time. If it was a solo release it would have been on another level epic.

13 cr opening is considered a blockbuster opening lol *pissed myself laughing* Khan films do that in the morning shows alone. LOL

Clearly you do not understand box office. It's pre-Diwali. In real terms, this 13 crore is equivalent to 18-19 crores (check Box Office India). And this film also does not have the screens and budget of a Khan film. For a film starring the younger generation, this IS a blockbuster opening. Not even an RK fan, but all this article is saying is that RK is still popular with the multiplex audience. Whether you like him or not, it's true. Only him, Ranveer and Varun are going to last in Bollywood. The rest will flop within 5-6 years (and that's if their fortunate). Fawad is fantastic as well, but the recent ban puts a big question mark over his Bollywood future. Otherwise, he has the potential as well. Meanwhile, a senior like Ajay, in an out and out massy film, failed to rake in more then 8 crores (in real terms, hardly 11-12 crores).

Ranbir Kapoor will get tough competition from Aryan Khan in couple of years. how long is he gonna be younger generation. Grow up.

Younger generation, ??? Ranbir is in the industry for 10yrs now, how long you gonna call him younger generation, By this time Khans had given,Hum apke hain kaun, Maine pyar kiya, DDLJ, Baazigar, Karan ARJUN, kuch kuch hota hai, Rangeela, Ghulam and many blockbusters. Ranbir has only one decent box office winner in YJHD. thats all. RK ain't no star , his box office pull sucks. Ranveer and Sidharth, Varun and even Tiger has better box office pull than this dud. 13crore whether pre Diwali or not is a bad start.

RK will be a fine actor in years to come, but superstar no. I think the only people who will be superstar in true sense in 10 yrs down the line are Sidharth Malhotra and Ranveer Singh. Ranbir at max will have akshay kumar kind of stardom, not like kHANS. WAIT AND WATCH.

Sidharth can't emote. The last film of his I saw was SOTY. As for Ranveer, without DP he is nothing. Befikre will speak for it all

13crore, lol. A khan movie makes that much in car parking alone probably. ;)

hahah so true!


A 13 crore opening during festival week and RK is back?! LOL that's pathetic tbh.

As mean as this sounds but Katrina brings a lotta bad luck to the men she dates. Salman was at his career lowest when he was dating her with Yuvvraaj, Veer etc. and as soon as they broke up Dabang happened and since then Salman hasn't seen a single flop. Ranbir has also been at his lowest phase while he was living in with her with Besharam, Roy, BV, Tamasha and as soon as they broke up ADHM gets a great opening. Don't think this is a coincidence. Please post PV.

she doesnt bring bad luck ,she steals their luck like that LiLo movie where she kisses the guy and loses her luck,the guy becomes lucky.

Whether people like his attitude or not let's not forget he is the best actor we have around right now. A superstar needs to have aura looks and crazy acting skills in commercial and artistic films. Ranbir can do barfi and do yeh jawaani hai deewani at the same time. No other star right now can do that! Can you imagine a Sid or varun doing Barfi? Ranbir will no doubt be the next super star. If not srk then the closest to it. Secondly I think his fall from grace was important to teach him to get more humble and let him taste the low life too. He has a long legacy to build. And I think he can achieve it if learns some sperm control and let's his work be a focus.

Lets not kid ourselves, the publicity generated for this movie was centered around Fawad Khan. Thats a fact. In any case I wished he had much a longer role , he was like the man in the movie , and ranbir is an overaged 35 year old boy.

LOL the only reason people went to see it was for Aish, and abroad to see Aish and Fawad. I am Indian btw, but that is the truth.

the initial of this romantic-drama has yet again proved that Ranbir is one of the most bankable stars in the industry ----------> Are you serious? The movie had good opening because it had 1. KJ as a director who is popular enough to make even an average movie with newcomers like SOTY a hit 2. Good cast Ranbir, Anushka, Aish 3. Chartbuster songs 4. beautiful locations, expensive cloths 5. Aish-Ranbir intimate scenes ( which were not that steamy btw) etc so pls Ranbir is very talented but he is not bankable so as Anushka and Aish, they are not Khans to guarantee good opening for their movies, if the movie is good it'll be a hit if not then no matter Ranbir, Anushka or any other actor it'll not work

Prediwali weekend is low for all people busy with festivities...13 crore is excellent for diwali..

Ranbir is a star...will always be...

Adhm is doing excellent business in delhi..prediwali weekend is low still most shows house full today

13 crore as it is diwali weekend everyone busy with is excellent...go..on book my show..most shows of ADHM are house full..from Monday it will have outstanding collection

Saved by kjo, SRK, ash and Anu. Hahahahahahahahaha. Loser!

You will be back when you can carry an entire film on your shoulder!!!!

over rated actor.

only 13cr?

I am sorry but this oculd not have been even possible without Anushka. She was the life of this movie. Ranbir was also really good. But please, let us be fair about it.

He deserves it, he is the most sincere and talented artist, unfortunately he is bearing the brunt for dating salman's girlfriend

Sorry but i think Ranbir was wierd in this... i think Anushka saved the day in this one.

Speaking as if Anushka brought 300 crores for Sultan-_-

Anushka couldn't save BV..

He has no value anymore! C'mon this is a very bad opening during festival season! Fool the gullibles box office India!

Why is the credit always given to the male leads when aishwariya and anushka are also a reason why the movie is doing well. Not to mention the scale of the production and the whole hype surrounding Fawad Khan.

Here goes the media making it seem like the movie did well solely because of Ranbir.....forgetting this film stars THE aishwariya rai and anushka who has been killing the box office, also includes cameos by SRK is directed by one of the most successful directors in bwood history and most importantly is surrounded by the buzz of the whole Fawad Khan debacle., this is basically a get out of jail free pass for Ranbir whose career has been going horribly as of late, but of course they're gonna make it seem like it was all Ranbir *rolls eyes*

People went for kjo, srk, fawad and ASH!! Rks next movie will flop cos of Kats acting

Unfortunately, it is goong to crash from day 2

Yeah let's give all the credit to the male lead as always. No way is that opening just because of Ranbir. Music + controversy + stylish direction + all the special appearances + main star cast = ADHM's opening.

Exactly ! We're dealing with 4 fandoms here: RK-fans, AS-fans, Aish-fans and KJo-fans !

I don't think so. And ranbir was never in the game to begin with. Its all the publicity that was given to the film through fawad. Also the character Ashwariya plays and the music had a big part in helping collections. Other then that the reviews are mixed and its sure to drop in next few days. Ranbir will be back to his usual flops with Jagga Jasoos next.

Fawad has tooo small a role to have any impact on the was ranbir show all the way..he was brilliant

The opening is excellent as prediwali opening is low as everyone busy with has got great reviews...will be a huge hit

looool, he should just give thanks to fawad fandom Aish fandom and mega star SRK fandom. let jaga jasoo realease the we weigh.

More credit should go to karan than ranbir. Ranbir pr needs to be more grateful for resurrection of his career.

More than half of that number is Kjo ka kamaal! Sure he's a director only but the audience loves his persona. Plus he has created a huge following for his cinema.

Superstars command at least in the upper teens (17-19crs). 13ish is what any good star rakes in on opening day. Honestly don't get all the hype about Ranbir's stardom, def not the next srk/salman/akshay and that league in terms of star power. Overrated. Pv post

i dont think its fair to give him the credit; its a darma production, karan johar direction, has all the gimmicks to get people to the cinema i.e. music, aish and ranbir's intimate moments, fawad khan, the controversy that generated free publicity and above all its is DIWALI!

Lol. Lets wait for jagga jasoos can we?

With the kind of publicity the film got, it should have had a bigger opening. MSD had a 20 crore opening despite under promotions

Both Housefull 3 and rustom opening collections were around 15.

thank fawad

Lol no. It all it shows is that all the free publicity gained at poor Fawad Khan's expense & detriment ended up aiding the film. The three month media circus is what gave ADHM its edge and drowned out Shivaay.

Isn't that an good-okayish opening? YJHD had like 19 crores on its 1st day? I'm guessing it's way better than Tamasha and Besharam etc., hence the hype.

It's also the pre-Diwali period, so business is always lower. Taking that into consideration, this is actually an excellent opening. I think Ranbir, Ranveer and Varun are the future of the industry.

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