Are you listening Ranbir? Your comment on working with Aishwarya hasn't gone down too well with the Bachchans!

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Ranbir Kapoor's Ae Dil Hai Mushkil has finally hit the theatres, but it seems like has landed in one more mushkil. Well, it's not related to the ban. Ranbir, a while ago, in an interview had talked about his experience of working with childhood crush Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
He had said, “Sharam aati thi, mere haath shiver hote the. Kabhi kabhi main unke gaal ko touch karne mein jijhakta tha. (I would feel shy and my hands would shiver. I would hesitate to touch her cheeks) Phir unhone bola ‘Listen what’s wrong with you? We’re acting, do it properly.’ Phir maine socha, kabhi aisa mauka milega nahi, so maine bhi mauke pe chauka maar diya. (I thought I’ll never get this chance again, so I took it).”
But, Bachchans have now taken an offence and Ranbir's cheesy comment hasn't gone down too well with the family. According to a leading daily, a close friend of the family said, “There are four very professional actors in the Bachchan family, and they know what professionalism is all about.” 
The source also added, “There’s absolutely no objection to whatever the scenes contained in the film. But why is Ranbir making these embarrassing comments about hitting ‘mauke pe chauka?’”
Are you listening Ranbir?
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What a gentleman!!!!

Why are you guys surprised, Ranbir has never been classy and thoughtful. All he cares about in this world is himself, his mom, his friends and his football team. He is the typical spoiled brat turned looser.

PV, stop this unending campaign for her. The movie has come and gone. Give us a break. Spare us. She has no films after ADHM. Please start your relentless campaign when her next film is close to release. Stop this pure crap.

Yeah the bachchans got so pissed off of ranbir they invited him to their diwali party to bash him up

Unnecessary hype for a terrible film.

He probably didn't mean anything bad by it but that comment was not the most thoughtful. Considering Bachans themselves have not commented about it, why should we trust what some close source claims that they are feeling.

You should see what Big B said about Aish in Kajra Re too

what ranbir said was unprofessional, offensive and demeaning to aishwarya (because didnt get any 'benefit' from working with him) but amitabh has said things along the same lines about wanting to romance all the younger actresses today (not just work with them in in unromantic roles)

I don't think any man would like anyother man commenting on his wife mauqe pe chauka mar diya..this has nothing to do with being a celebrity or in the film is a cheap comment to make..period

omg! stop being ridiculous! where's your sense of humor?

Bachchans will do anything to save the flop career of their daughter-in-laws.

ae dil hai mushqil??? more like yeh dekhna hai mushqil!!!

It's just tacky, Bollywood in general is tacky.

Lot of publicity for a flop movie with average actresses.
Please post

mauke pe chauka maar diya, is really nasty man, it says a lot about RK's upbringing and his parents.
Sad, because Rishji is really a good actor

I love this kapoor family ranbir karishma kareena rishi kapoor sonam kapoor

Actors / Directors can go to any extreme to promote a bad film.

Don't worry RK......we all know this is publicity stunt.....Ashwariya enjoyed more than you....

Of course he is listening
5 times a day. ROFL.

Blown out if proportions.

These families are so boring.

Lol I'm pretty sure by now even Ash doesn't give a damn to what her in laws think let alone Ranbir giving a damn...

Either this is cheap publicity for the movie or The Bachchans are really uptight. The Bollywood Industry is seriously so small, they think they some how have the right to make decisions about how actors should speak. The Bachcahns..need to remember Aishwarya is an actress and the co-stars she works with don't owe absolutely anything to her because she is the Bachchan Bahu or married. That line was obviously a joke, they need to learn how to take a joke. Yeah, maybe Ranbir could have gone without saying that but he really does not need to be afraid of them. Aishwarya is missing from all the I am guessing something did happen.

Who cares what the B's think

Everyone should stop over reacting...specially Bach clachan..
We Indians lack a sense of humour totally

I get what you mean but what he said was not appropriate. Humour has its place and professionalism has its place. It may be funny but not necessarily when he's talking about a married woman (with a child) in that way. It would feel really weird to have someone talk about a mother in that way, do you know what I mean? I get it, its funny but not the most politically correct thing to say in such a situation. I still understand where you are coming from but if you think about it, what he was sounds weird and inappropriate. Then again, this may have been taken out of context but who knows right ?

Interesting to think that if the situation were reversed and it was Abhishek in a movie like this instead of Aishwarya, would all this controversy over intimacy, kissing blah blah blah would've happened? Don't think so! Just goes to show sadly how sexist our society still is. Would Aishwarya's parents have made snarky comments because Abhishek made a certain movie?

His comments are tasteless. Why take so seriously tho? Imagine if the situation were reversed and it was Abhishek doing such a movie instead of Aishwarya, none of this crazy "controversy" about intimacy, kissing blah blah blah would've happened. Just goes to show how sexist our society is still in today's day & age. Imagine Aishwarya's parents getting upset because Abhishek made a certain movie. Right?

I do object with whatever Ranbir said, but I also object with the Bachchans acting holier than thou (they are NOT any better)

Source close to family = PR .

He was just fooling around !!! What is wrong with the Bachchans ( if this is a true statement) ?!! It's so annoying to see that everything offends them all the time!!! Self proclaimed royalty!!! Such spoilsports!!

professional n bachchans?? if they r that possessive lock her up. seriously she hardly had 10 mins role of all kissing n making up. No acting.


I figured this is the reason why Aish and family have been missing form all the promotions and screenings of the movie since that nasty statement came out. Sad, that an irresponsible comment from RK is going to affect Aish. He just quashed all her efforts for women empowerment and being able to work unabashedly without the mother and being married tag. He's the Idon't and she is the one that is avoiding the media cause she doesn't want to be asked about his statement. Abhishek needs to step in and say something now to diffuse the situation, if some made such a comment about my husband I would say something to make it known that I support him regardless.

Sorry this is me, I forgot to log in.

Well, I don't know where you live but I live in Vancouver, Canada. Shivaay did not get cancelled it's playing in AVX in theatres here and all the good seats are sold out for tonight (Saturday) already. I am going to go watch it tonight with my family. ADHM is also playing but it's playing on regular screens and is not sold out for any show, they do have a lot more shows though but AVX is much more expensive than a regular screen. Anyways, there was no need to put one movie down for another. PV has been doing more than enough of it here, they have been blatantly promoting ADHM and RK/Anu while putting out negativity against Shivaay. It's nasty and now I know what Ajay was talking about and the manipulative KJo strikes again using PV. I come here for discussions with other commentators but this has left a pretty bad taste as far as PV goes, I am thinking its time to find a new site (if anyone knows of a similar blog let me know). I despise manipulation and nastiness!! PV will you post this? Do you actually have the guts to post something against yourself? Something which shows the world your true face like you pretended to do with RK and Anu (by the way nice ploy to get people to think you weren't biased)! I think not, right? Let's see what you're really made of, are slimy or are you for real?

Interesting perspective on all this. Really makes me think. Seriously.

Sorry this got posted by mistak here, my apologies.

Hi, myvoice!

I don't think this is true...if it is they should be more upset with Kapil! he made a couple of jokes about them during the show

I'm sure he said that jokingly...but should've talked more responsible and respectfully about a senior actress who is married to one of his good friends

Ye Ranbir banda ullu hai kya?? Maan mein kuch bhi aye baak deta hai...........aage pichhe sochta nehi consequence ke baare mein.
Yeh aur Deepika --- dono hi actor achha hai par dimaag thora kum hai.
Saach me yaar, phir kaab SRK-ke tarah witty aur intelligent aur classy actor aega jiska interview aap 24x7 dekh saakoge ,without getting bored ! ? !!
IN THE YOUNGER LOT, MOST ARE ATTENTION SEEKERS AND DUMB ( Actually there could be stiff competition as far as their DUMBNESS concerned !!).

one time RK speaks out his dirty desires in public. well...i guess he will just crawl back to being the gossip queen.haha

LOL pinkvilla starting their revenge against ranbir now. Everyone know ranbir is very close with backhans especially with abhishek! So no. This is a lie.

What's sad is that he's still a creep whether he made this dumb comment or not

Not true.

I knew it , it was a sick comment from Ranbir, there was no need,how these people have no class.. who says something like this?Ash use be super pissed..

I hope the Bachchan clan realizes that whatever comes out of Mr. Kapoor's mouth is nobody's responsibility but his own. If they have to be mad, just don't invite him to the bash.

Offcourse they should be angry at ranbir....there is nothing to make fun about......imagine some B or C grade actor saying this...the whole industry would have become against bcoz its ranbir from the kapoor Family, its perfectly ok and may be to them it does not sound cheap too bcoz we are living in the age where cheap thoughts are not actually cheap if u are super rich.

It's really bad that he said that actually. Completely unprofessional he should not be looking at it as a "chance". And these kinds of comments are exactly why people will say it's bad for a married actress to continue acting. He is making life more difficult for aishwarya

A forty five year old desperate actress and a flop movie.

Silly comment Ranbir. No wonder Batchans are keeping a low profile since the release of this movie...

Oh common pinkvilla why are you guys so butt hurt? So what he said that, bachachan family are part of Bollywood and they're always showing they're upset then you find out it's a PR from there family they're not exactly respectful dancing with aish in kajra and then making her into a bahu.

Why dont they just lock her up at home?

hi ranbir :P

Hi Anushka! :p


So silly if this is true.

well aishwarya should have thought carefully before doing intimate scenes just to save her falling career after latest flops
she has to face with its consequences she wanted to boil the kettle,to be in publicity ,to create controversy just to attract attention
now no need to create drama and pretend the naive and innocent is well known this is aishwarya rai who is greedy for fame and name all of these are another page of pr issues...

Best comment!

Whatever ! She had her dose of excitement. The ball is now in abhi 's court

BS article.

They should just chill. He is also professional. He was probably just making it up for the interviews.

oh please. amitabh made a comment to the effect of "i wish i was born a generation later so i could romance these younger girls" in an is what ranbir said worse? it's not that big a deal.

get a sense of humour

Stop making up stories Pinkvilla

Name the source then we will believe you

PV is trying to make up DRAMA

All the articles about Bachchans make them seem so uptight ! Are they really ?


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