I don't think Shah Rukh Khan wants to work with me - Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam Kapoor made her Bollywood debut with Saawariya opposite Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan. Though the film was not well-received at the box office, Sonam tasted success with her incredible fashion sense and movies like I Hate Luv Storys, Raanjhanaa, Khoobsurat, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Neerja.

The fashion icon has shared screen space with Salman in two movies - Saawariya and PRDP. During an interaction with a popular magazine, Sonam was asked whether she wants to work with the other iconic Khan, Shah Rukh. To this, she replied, "I don't think Shah Rukh Khan wants to work with me. There have been so many opportunities where I could have worked with him but he... I wanted to work with him and I reached out to him as well. But I never got the opportunity. I guess it'll happen whenever he feels like working with me." 

She further talked about how an actor decides whether an actress will do a film with or not! "What happens in the film industry is that an actor decides whether an actress should do a film with him or not. When he wants to work with me, I guess I'll work with him. But I don't think he's wanted to work with me till now," said Sonam.

A shocking revelation by Sonam! SRK, what do you have to say about this...?

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Dear sonaah,don't crave for srk! This poor Khan is flop nowadays & lost his charm. U look best with Hritik. Try also with Ajay & Aamir

SRK should work with Sonam plz.

Why does SRK have to work with her? This is a sense of entitlement because she is a Kapoor

So many reasons. Loud mouth, no talent, ordinary looks, ordinary screen presence. Sad that actors get to choose their heroines but to SRK's credit he worked with the novice Anushka. What do you have to offer Sonam? You are a poser not an actor.

bravo SRK!!! haha

Thank god. He can bring better actress and real beauties why he should have you!!

Srk is no longer a bankable star he needs an actress opposit him who has solid fandom. Does Sonam qualify?

If we keep aside SRK-Sonam pairing and pay attention to what Sonam said about actors choosing actresses for their films, then she is saying something which is quite true and disgusting.

Sonam dear. Why would the top superstar of the country want to work with the most talentless actress who has graced the screen recently. Think for yourself, if you can !

if he worked with kat, he can definitely work with sonam

PV you guys are so biased only posting comments which are against sonam.-_-

She will be 32 and on her way out remember her name calling others as old

Similarly SRK did not work with Shahid Kapoor but has worked with Varun.

By the way SRK has also not worked with Sonakshi Sinha. That too after praising and congratulating her dad on her debut. It's just mean

Why is everybody bashing sonam. She is saying it the way it is without munching words. She is daughter of a Anil Kapoor actor also.

Sonum needs therapy!

Way to go SRK!

Awww poor Sonam, maybe if you get a filter, learn respecting your co-actors *hint* bashing Ranbir and dsrespecting others, and also stop being a gossiper. Then maybe a decent man like Sharukh can think about it, I said think.

are you talking about KKK?

Sonam is an icon. SRK needs her, she doesnt need anyone.

Its true SRK decides on his co stars
Sad but true..now he s an icon he has the power

Thank GOD!!! Now shoo Sonam !!

I don't think SRK even give a damn about you anyway. Just shut up

hahah! Thank God!! I don't want you with SRK either. Just stay away from him.

Even rajpal yadav don't want to work with u. Maybe gulshan Grover who worked with Katrina in BOOM might work with u baby

Such an unprofessional comment. He's definitely not going to be brow beaten into working with Sonum after this comment.

That;s good, SRK doesn't look good with these young, tall actresses anyway. DP-SRK make me cringe. However, I don't believe this, Adi Chopra is the one who rejected her for RNBDJ because he wanted someone from outside the industry and someone with a lot of potential. I think Sonam would look great with Aditya (especially) and Sid because of their heights and model-like looks. She's been mostly paired with short guys until now

DP and SRK actually have great chemistry. Actually SRK has always had great chemistry with all his actresses with the only exception being Katrina

the most profound error "SRK chemistry with all female partners", I watched almost all movies SRK and I can say that he shares chemistry ONLY with Kajol Rani Preity and Juhi can be Aishwarya. That's all. His "chemistry" with Manisha Deepa Sahi Karisma Kapoor Raveena Tandon and some other just terrible.

Well he should focus on what his daughter is wearing rather than sonam who doesn't need him at all

Sonam should stay away from big stars like the Khans and Kumars. Actually, from masala films altogether. She sucks at them. It is the complex, offbeat, intense roles like Neerja, Raanjhanaa, Delhi 6, which she nails to perfection. Focus on those Sonam. Masala is not your forte. Keep doing complex, offbeat and intense characters in women centric films. It's worked for you until now (commercially and critically). It is when you try and be the "Bollywood heroine" where your career hits a roadblock (Thank You, Players, heck even PRDP, despite being a blockbuster success, did not do what Neerja or Raanjhanaa did for your career).

PV post this.

Its because Anil Kapoor and SRK don't get along.. Long back in the 90s, Anil has once said "I am not so cheap that I will dance at weddings no matter how much money people pay me" - he was indirectly referring to SRK. That comment didnt go down well with SRK and I don't blame him. Although as artistes, SRK and Anil are both respected immensely by everyone

This is a blatant lie by Sonam by saying there were 'many opportunities' to work together.. The only movie where can be considered is Anand L Rai's next. Apart from it, I don't see how SRK could have fitted her in his movies.

Lets start 2010 - MNIK. Only Kajol was approached and its mother of a kid.
2011 - Ra.One (another mother's role)
2011 - Don 2 (Sequel so its Priyanka logically)
2012 - JTHJ - Maybe Anushka's role but Adi wanted Anushka as its his discovery.
2013 - Chennai Express. Not possible for south indian role.
2014 - HNY - Again not sonam's role.
2015 - Diwale - Can't do Kajol's role
2016 - FAN - nothing to do for leading ladies
2017 - Raees - Again wife's role and muslim ghetto girl shooting realistically. Sonam will be misfit.
2017 - Imtiaz Ali's next - Anushka was 1st preference.

PV please post.

Sonam was almost finalized for Raees before Mahira came into the picture. She actually would fit quite well, she's played the desi role quite well in Saawariya, Mausam, Delhi 6, Raanjhanaa, BMB. Performance wise she'd definitely deliver, and with the right styling, she could've easily done the role. Moreover, Mahira and Sonam actually have a very similar look. She was also vying for Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (but in this case, Aditya Chopra had rejected her cause he felt she looked too babyish with SRK - the chemistry wasn't right). Maybe not several opportunities, but definitely three (RNBDJ, Raees and Anand L Rai's next). But idk why Sonam would say this. SRK is powerful, wouldn't this just piss him off more? Maybe she was finalized for Anand L Rai's next, but SRK had her dropped? Apparently for the other role (there are two female leads) Kangana was almost finalized, but she was dropped because of her headstrong attitude. Anand didn't want a clash of egos.

PV post this.

Why do you duplicate the gossip? Kangana even not offered the film Anand with SRK, but this role was offered Deepika, at the moment, this role is vacant, yet none of the actress was not officially confirmed

I cannot see Sonam and SRK in a romantic movie. She looks like a baby. He would look like her father.

Did you just imply that Anushka looks 40 or maybe SRK's grandma

That is exactly why she didn't make the cut for RNBDJ.

Khudi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ke Har Taqdeer Se Pehle
Khuda Bande Se Khud Puche, Bata Teri Raza Kya Hai

Develop the self so that before every decree
God will ascertain from you: “What is your wish?”

what a completely entitled woman! why would any superstar want to work with Sonam, what does she bring to a movie?! Every actress in Bollywood can act better than her. The only thing ppl look forward to her is seeing her in different outfits during her movie promotions! lol count ur lucky stars u even lasted this long

If SRK can work with Katrina, he can work with Sonam. She at least proved her acting prowess in Neerja.

Deepika was the first choice of PRDP and when she rejected this crap fest , Sonam got a chance to work with Salman and landed such a big hit in her kitty which she can only dream for!!

Actually no. It was a toss up between Sonam and Sonakshi. Sonakshi was dropped because she had pissed off Salman for rejecting Dolly Ki Dolly, so Sooraj finalized Sonam. Salman felt awkward romancing his friend's daughter at first but eventually gave in because Sooraj wouldn't budge. Deepika was in talks as a replacement in case things did not work out.

That's mean that anil kapoor can't impose her on every one...THANK GOD...;)

Can you blame him guys???!even fawad doesn't want to work with her...and no one wanted to do BFB ...

Yes he preferred Mahira Khan over her...but honestly sonam is not a star,uunlikable,

And her father always taking digs at SRK...post PV


sonam is very honest

Well I find that ridiculous. At least she's being honest about it and calling it out like it is. Why is it that actors get to pick the actress for their movies? Why can't there be casting agents that decide who is the best candidate for the role? I feel bad for her, it's probably partly because she's Anil Kapoor's daughter, that was the reason that Salman wasn't comfortable with her being in PRDP with him (until ofcourse Anil Kapoor talked to him). She has improved but she has a long way to go to be taken seriously by some.

Salman and shah rukh are close friends with Anil kapoor...they mentioned more than a couple of times it would be awkward for them...that's also one of the main reasons Salman didn't want Sonam in PRDP...sooraj bharjatya didn't bend...and also she should stop putting them down...one side she says in interviews it's tacky to reach out for work and she would never do that and another side she says she reached out to him...one side she says she doesn't care to work with khans yet she reached out...and at the end she complains she never got it easy...

honestly she gives no reason as to why someone would want to work with her. ranbir debuted with her and his talent is beyond any doubt but sonam is still 'learning' after all these years and being supported by favours from her fathers friends and home productions and wtf statements and fashion headlines

she is now using SRK to be in news. Wait now SRK will be asked about it and he will praise her . lol

Whatever the case maybe be, you all, before bashing her, have to at least appreciate the fact that she spoke out about the domineering patriarchal existence and how prevalent it is, still, in the industry. No one has dared to say what she just did. Everyone says - It is the director who chooses and here she has come out and spoke up about how the khans operate in the industry. They chose and pick who they want to work with...PERIOD! Very Sad State of Affairs!!!

Oh wow, you know why?. Actors like shah rukh are toooo professional, I cannot even understand how fawad worked with you, you are a giggling idiot, you giggle more than you speak

Shah Rukh and Sonam would be so weird. It doesnt help that she is a below average actor but thinks she is really good. i dont want to see her with SRK anytime soon.

And who are you to judge her as below average? I guess you are in metric mode so who is above her? Katrina? Sunny Leone?

Sonam you are doing absolutely fine without him..Neerja and Ranjhaana are the perfect example!!not getting to work with srk is not the end of the world..don't get disheartend babyy!!You can and you are doing much better.

All big superstars choose their actresses and they don't ever choose actresses like Sonam, Vidya Balan, Kangana etc because either they are not talented enough or not attractive to them.

Katrina is a good example. She is convenient. Flatt tummy, empty mind, the males shine.

especially when you consider that Kangana has refused of Sultan and namaste England such talented actresses are not interested in superstars, but superstars are interested in them The superstars need only girls who initially by itself is nothing. or just pretty interesting girls who bring money project (Katrina Dhoom 3)

Srk and kangana are doing a film together, was also close to doing a ilm with vidya but it got shelved so no only sonam is the one no ne cares about

Flopstar Sonam good for nothing other then hanging clothes on herself.

Sonam you are doing absolutely fine without him..Neerja and Raanjhaana are the Perfect example..not getting to work with srk is not the end of the world..don't get disheartened baby!!You can and you are doing much better!!

First time Sonam is making sense..yes sonam..SRK will never work with u..nor will Amir, Hrithik, Ajay,Ranbir,Ranveer, Adi,Varun, Sid etc etc etc

It would be surprising if anyone wants to work with you. Any talented and hard working actor would like an equally talented actress working against them and not an airhead and loud mouth like Sonam who cannot express

Why is that?she has really improved

I kinda feel bad for her

Woww that's really sad

On youtube search up the interview sonam and ayushman did with Komal Nahta where she spoke about RNBDJ, KJO did not want Anushka and tried to get Sonam in the film but Adi stuck with Anushka

She says it 8 minutes into the interview, Adi rejected her not SRK so why is she being bitter with SRK

God everyone says dp improved, but sonam did too! I think she'd be lovely cast against srk, idk why he won't work with her

awww poor Sonam. Maybe it reached him that you had been sassy mouthed about him or his protege DP.

She was rejected straight after Saawariya, this was before things got heated between DP-Sonam so no DP was not the reason that Sonam is constantly rejected by him. By that logic SRK wouldn't be working with Katrina either

Hon, that's coz he can't sodomize you. Serious perks of being an Industry child.

That comment says a lot more about you than either of the actors here. And if SRK doesnt want to work with sonam..one cane asily chalk that upto her lack of skill.

Guilty as Charged. But u know The King is such a "loyal" spouse that can't help but associate Sonam's whining with his Weiner

Nice try Sonam

I've never heard any actor mention Sonam as someone they wish to work with

They just don't take her seriously

for those wondering the movies she was being considering opposite SRK for they were Rab ne bana di jodi and Raees

which SRK movies could she possibly have been up for??

coz SRK wants to work only with PC lolz


Most Talentless Star Kid

Add Amir Hrithik Ajay Ranveer Sid to that list

That's because you are not as talented as Anu, Dp
And PC

Well now it's probably not likely to happen!

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