Want to do an action film, I think it will be so amazing to see me kick somebody! - Alia Bhatt

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From Student of the Year (2012) to Udta Punjab (2016) - Alia Bhatt has portrayed an array of emotions on the big screen. However, the actress is yet to venture into the action territory and do some kick ass high-octane action roles. 

Alia is now all set to feature in an action-oriented superhero film opposite Ranbir Kapoor. In a chit-chat with a leading daily, Alia was asked about the film and Ranbir's much-talked about action scenes. But will the actress also do some daredevil stunts in the film? "Maybe I am also doing some action scenes in Ayan Mukerji's film. If he is doing them, I will be too, no? It won’t be the hard-core stuff that he’s doing, but I will definitely be a part of the action atmosphere. I don’t have the right information to talk in detail about my role in Dragon as I have not figured out my character yet. We need to get to the making the film and then I can talk to you about it. But a proper action film? I don’t know… Somebody has to write one for me. There are not many action films for women in Bollywood," said the actress. 

On being asked if she has ever thought of doing a high-octane action film, Alia said, "Of course I have! My fav Hollywood action film is Kill Bill which has a great story also. I would love to do a spy action thriller. It would be fun! My biggest dream in life is to an action film because if there’s one thing that I am really bad at is that I have no grace or poise in my body language and for an action film you need to have all of that. There are two reasons why I want to do an action film: because it’s my dream and I think it will be so amazing to see me kick and fight somebody!"

Alia will be next seen in Dear Zindagi, a light-hearted romance, opposite SRK.

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Bad manners Alia baby...kids of your age should stay away from dangerous things.

Why does she want to work with ranbir at this time?! Superhero film ranbir=disaster!! What superhero film has done well in hindi cinema? Okay, Krish might have done well but it had Hrithik to save everything in that terrible plot. Thankfully, we do not have the immortal saviour complex in this country yet. It is hard to sell this concept in desi wrap when Hollywood can give you that fix much better that is worth your money.

Im sure her sugar daddy (KJo) will fulfill this wish of hers as well!

she talks like everything is a piece of cake.."im going to do this film, I want to do this..blah." she is the most spoilt actress who has it easy. yea she performs well, but so do other people in this world who we don't even know exist. she needs to stop being over confident cause it can go a way in a wink for her. calm down..its difficult to gain unconditional love from the audience as an actress.

She is a good actress and she has Karan Johar as a friend so getting movies will be easy for her. That does not mean she doesn't work hard but yeah, she won't have to worry about publicity and keeping herself in news. She has that covered..

she's already said the audience will like her to do action...ok. the world doesn't revolve around her..i only usually watch her cause I like the roles she plays and some of the movies she's done. I never watch as a fan of her's in particular. I would watch anyone in her place basically as long as they are good actors.

I agree she's talented but she doesn't struggled to get here like other actresses n this is why most of the people don't like her

It doesn't matter if KJo is with her. Talent matters! To all the people writing about this

"it will be so amazing to see me kick and fight somebody", like it will be more amazing seeing you leave Bollywood for good, delusional

While you don't have the looks and height of a Action movie star, kjo will fulfill this dream whatsoever. Probably already writing a script..

Everything served on a silver platter for madam.

She don't have height

Alia you are TOO CUTE, lol

I'm sure KJo baba will make sure one is written for you, now that you've expressed interest.

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