Kangana didn't bump into Hrithik at Vishal Bhardwaj's office; actress' spokesperson clarifies!

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Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut's saga is known to all. The infamous controversy had been the talk-of-the-town for the majority of 2016. The two often take cryptic digs at each other at various events, grabbing headlines each time. 

Recently, reports were doing the rounds that the actors bumped into each other at director Vishal Bhardwaj‘s office. Reportedly, as Kangy was leaving the building, HR was entering it. The two spotted each other and proceeded to ignore the other. Further, it was being said that the actress kept her head down and walked towards her waiting car. On the other hand, Hrithik was alleged to be 'too shocked to react' and quickly went back to his car. He entered Vishal’s office only after he was sure that Kangana had left the building!

Now these reports happen to be quite funny because Kangana has been shooting for Hansal Mehta's Simran in the US since past one and a half months! Ms.Ranaut's official spokesperson spoke on these rumours and said, "It's a completely false story as Kangana is out of the country since past 1.5 months to shoot for Simran. And there is no patchwork left for Rangoon either."

Even Kangana rubbished the reports and quoted,"This is rubbish and I won’t entertain any rumour that silly people are spreading."

Guess gossipmongers now need to rest the Kangana-Hrithik topic, and move onto a new one maybe...!

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This Cunning woman thought she cud just gain publicity by misusing Hrithik just like she did with Ajay Devgan n Ranbir and get away with it. But, HR took the bull by the horns n exposed her before the world using her own mails. Now, she is passing snide remarks at him out of frustration with no place to hide her face.

There is a reason why her Godfather Anurag Basu gives her Psycho roles. He knows she is a Natural. ROFL.

The fact that this article has lesser views than even the bodyguard one shows that people are tired of this Rakhi Sawant n her gimmicks.

LOL @ the person who posted something about "her immoral activities." Kangana simply told her parents that she wanted to study a different subject (and move to Delhi in order to do so). She wanted to study art/sculpting instead of science/medicine. For this, Kangana was slapped. The fact that you consider Kangana's behavior to be "immoral," but you sympathize with the person who physically hit her, makes you an idiot. Moreover, that little girl who left the house, with no money, when ordered to do so by her father, went on to win 3 National Awards within the first decade of her career as an ARTIST in Bollywood; during that time, she bought her parents a house! She also bought her brother a house, and she bought her sister a house. Kangana's just now building a house for HERSELF in Manali. You had no idea, did you? That's because there were no headlines about any of these facts; instead, they were buried in lengthy, researched articles about Kangana. In contrast, if Hrithik buys his Nana a car (when...gasp... there's no occasion to buy a gift), there's a huge headline about it, an article about it, and a photo with Hrithik smugly smiling in the passenger seat. If Hrithik buys his child a car, same thing. If Hrithik buys flowers for Arjun Rampal's mom, who'd just battled cancer, and Arjun says NOTHING publicly about this PRIVATE gesture, Hrithik will ensure that there are multiple headlines and articles that sing his praises for this little gift, too. If only Hrithik's parents had ever had the sense to stop HIS "immoral activities" (before they became criminal) and disowned HIM, the world would've been a much better place!

Arjun Rampal has 2 National awards and SRK has none. So, your point is?

If you want to know, the point has already been made on this page. Scroll down. (Also, you’re wrong; Arjun Rampal has only won ONE National Award).

Even Mallikha Sherawat did all of the above on her own. Except she didnt hv enough political connections to get National award for overrated performances like Kangy.

LOL @ “political connections”…Mallika Sherawat hasn’t even won a Filmfare award! Meanwhile, in 10 years, Kangana has won so many awards, including 4 Filmfare awards and 3 National Awards -- under totally different administrations, by the way: BJP, Congress, or whatever made no difference. These are the facts, but go ahead and keep twisting them to suit your delusional arguments, sweetie. (And please note: in 16 years, “superstar” Hrithik has only won 5 Filmfare awards and NO National Awards for acting).

SRK has won no National Award. So, Kangy is Bigger than him. Go, get a life. Everybody knows how these awards work.

...but SRK has won 7 Filmfare Awards (and a Padma Shri), in addition to numerous other awards! So, no, Kangana is not necessarily bigger than SRK; I never said that she was. YOU did. When speaking about pay disparity in Bollywood, Kangana herself has said, "Khans are like a phenomena, so I wouldn't want to compare myself with them. But when it comes to other male counterparts, I make sure I am paid as much as they do." (Kangana also clarified, "If I do a very small role in a film...then I should charge according to that.")

There is a difference between being an "actor" and being an "entertainer." SRK has been a big "entertainer" ("superstar") in Bollywood, not an "actor." (Even SRK has admitted this himself on numerous occasions).

Take your Medicines, Stalker.

...says the nitwit who stalked my post and responded to it within one hour (while still not making even one valid point).

Who cares...Next

Kangana looks so beautiful this one looks like a dhobi in this pic standing next to her.

Any forward thinking human would know no one should insight an act of violence towards another human. not even a father towards a able thinking TEENAGE daughter

So i totally agree with her standing up and defending herself.

She can slap Adhyayan Suman n her Sis. Thats fine?

She didn’t slap “her sis;” you’re insane! And where's the evidence that Kangana ever hit Adhyayan Suman? Oh wait, there isn't any. (Plus, Kangana has publicly and very clearly stated that the ONLY time she ever hit anyone was right after a man had hit HER; she hit him back, with her shoe, in self-defense). For that matter, where's the evidence, that Kangana was "chatting with a fake email ID"? Oh wait, there isn't any. In contrast, when Kangana was hit by Aditya Pancholi, she filed an FIR; he also publicly admitted that he has, in fact, hit Kangana multiple times. Also, within Hrithik's own signed (and leaked) "legal" notice, we all saw clear evidence of Hrithik blackmailing and criminally threatening Kangana, so there IS evidence of Hrithik committing crimes against Kangana. To date, however, there is NO evidence of Kangana committing any crimes against Hrithik; that’s why he keeps yammering on about how his legal team is “burning the midnight oil” and is (still) gearing up to get her!

Well, Kangy also made lot of claims abt Ajay Devgan, abt Ranbir, abt Hrithik (her own mails n her forged pics exposed her lies), abt her being Highest paid actress. Give us all a break. She is nothing more than a Incorrigible Lier who can stoop to any lows for publicity.

Kangana, Priyanka & Deepika r competitors in true sense. Kangana will not stop obsessing about HR just like DP never stopped obsessing about RK & PC about SRK!!

Yawn. Yet another publicity stunt by Stalker

Agree Kabil coming soon!!

Spare her parents? kangana rebelled in her teenage yesrs and just shared her story. if u have no ambition thats ur silly problem not hers

She threatened to slap her parents for stopping her immoral activities which is why they disowned her. My sympathies with them.

Aunty u r so kind and positive. I on the other hand cant take on the delusional haters Kangana unfortunately has wishing her the worst. Reading what they write makes me understand t bollywood is so backwards at story telling, foolish fans will get foolish actors to love

Yeah. it has kaabil written all over it. Maybe Hrithik is attention seeking but his father OMG! anything for publicity with that one

Silly ex, indeed! Ignore him beti.... and all the best for the remainder shoot of Simran! Your stills are looking amazing and I know you've another big performance up your sleeve. #ProudAunty

She is like a Snake who bites the hand she feeds. She didnt even spare her parents for her cheap publicity.

Enough, Kangana. People are fed up of ur bullshit attempts of publicity. U are only losing ur 100 odd fans that u earned after 12 yrs of pathetic behavior.

This article has Kabil written all over it!!

She is NOT super star she is just a GOOD actor with a good wit!! That is why i watch her films mind you some have left me flabbergasted too.

She is a slightly more talented Mallikha Sherawat.

YES slightly with 3 national awards!!

They gave National award for least challenging role like Queen but dont give it to PC for Barfi. Speaks a lot abt the standards of these awards.

PV, PLEASE POST!...PC didn't even get a FILMFARE award for Barfi (which, by the way, was competing in a different year than "Queen," so the 2 movies weren't even competing against each other). In contrast, "Queen" won a leading 6 Filmfare awards in its year, including Best Film, Best Director, and Best Actress for Kangana. So it's perfectly logical that this film also won 2 National Film Awards: Best Hindi Film and Best Actress. Similarly, Arjun Rampal won a National Award for a film that likewise got a lot of critical acclaim and 7 Filmfare awards in its year: Best Supporting Actor (Arjun Rampal), Best Male Debut, Best Actress (Critic's Choice), Best Story, Best Cinematographer, Best Sound Design, and Special Performance Award. So, once again, it's perfectly logical that this film also won 2 National Film Awards: Best Feature Film in Hindi and Best Supporting Actor. If you want to argue that Saif Ali Khan got his ONE National Award because of his mother's string-pulling, that ONE (supposed) fluke would still have NOTHING to do with Kangana winning THREE National Awards under totally different administrations!

PC not winning award but Kangy winning for average performance in an easy role shows how these awards are manipulated. Of course, world knows who is more talented. Which is why PC is now rocking Hollywood. She is a True Role Model who came from Bareilly but never played victim card. EVEN ONCE. Thats classy.

Even Saif n Arjun Rampal got National awards. But not SRK. So, we can see how Logical these awards are. LOL

Ha ha who is delusional now!!

All these bollywood actors/actresses protray themselves to be super stars with millions of fans but ppl dont go watch their movies. Millions of fews online and no one in theatres. Least Kangana's movies do well without all the stupid hype. So yeah all the made up stories not going to affect her at the box-office, she is a unique superstar

LoooooooooooooooooooooooooooL. ok next joke please

you are big joke kangana. you are shame to womanhood. clarifying it alone shows u are publicity hungry. Go away and stop using that Hrith name. he has never had any issue with any one until u

Die woman die? If thats the way u speak, no wonder ur judge kangana the way u do i.e judging ppl in ur own mirrow image.

These clarifications dont seem genuine u know. Its possible some other PR planting stories? Kangana always got negative publicity anyways

Die woman Die. World wud be better off without Despicable souls like you.

Love the comments people are so so mature!!! Opinions on people they have no idea of. LOL

stalker. Hrithik, Ilove u

How many have actually even heard this rumour of her and Hrithik bumping into each other, she doesn't want to clarify other things but as soon as Hrithik name is involved she comes running

LOL Nobody even knew there was a story abt her bumping into HR until she made this statement. So, clearly it was her PR which planted that story in the first place. Anything to be in news, Eh?

Shes a weird obsessed one. Can she breathe w/o taking his name?

This emails are the biggest joke eh. Someone who wrote or studied to write pre medical exams would write so badly?

Her lawyer said the emails werent genuine and hrithik is trying to protray her as some love sick teenager.

Hrithik should do a movie with vishal otherwise he might end up a has been with the crap movies he is doing

Kangana has no work? R u for real?

Shahid was pissed because his suggestions on the sets of Rangoon werent well received like Rangana's

Shahid is another silly one. kareena, priyanka, vidya and sonakshi would all no.

Just from the movie set pictures Rangoon and Simran looks great. Kaabil not so much. didnt Hrithik do any research? Blind ppl follow sounds with their face and sometimes eyes dispite their blindness. sigh

If Rangoli is jobless then so its Rakesh Roshan. they have a family company is great but forbide if Kangana hires her sister to be her manager?

Kangana isnt jobless u fools. she shooting for simran and then she does rani lakshmi bai. idk whose PR is at work with the rumours.

Looks like she is still googling Hrithik's name every morning. Hilarious!

Gee. Thanks for letting me know. I was so worried!

Hahahaha This 35 yrs old lady behaves like a 12 yrs teenager!

frustrated oldie you know your silly comments won't make you feel better because it was you who leaked her passport and you know what her age is... stop lying to yourself and take your meds.

Loser Hrithik stop using Queen's name for publicity.... You have turned fossil, accept your fate now and take several seats.

Drama Queen

Why is she throwing a hissy-fit?

Flop silly ex.

Kangana is a much bigger star than him, now he wants to use her name to promote his flop film.

LOL another reference to the #silly persons

Kangana has been in Germany last I read. Looks like the Hrithik-Kangana drama will never die down, people just keep reviving it.

Its her PR. Notice how every week she comments on Hrithik by hook or by crook to get attention.

She doesn't have a PR

Hrithik is lying and thats the bottom line. his stories r made up and she just fell for the wrong man yet again

Kangana doesnt care, whe close that chapter kong ago. hrithik and party has no convidence in Kaabil and spreading silly rumours for publicity

Absolutely fading aging yesteryear actor...

Says fan of 38 yrs old Flop Aunty whose last 3 films were washouts. From Revolver Rani to some Sunny deol film LOL

Just because you turned fossil does;t mean the whole world has aged, your frustration won't change the fact that she is 29 and arguably the most successful young woman in india, doesn't hide behind her father she has single handedly carved the most amazing rags to riches story of our generation#dealwithit.

She is an average actor wid zero personality who wud not hv made it if not for her loose morals n aditya pancholi connections. Look at the Top Actresses today: Vidya, Ash, DP, Kat, Priyanka, Anushka. They are the TRULY Successful women who came from scratch without compromising or stalking Married men. #GetReal

Hrithik and his fake forensic report...cant stand a day in court. Kangna released one pic from an old party and he almost pissed himselve in public. imagine if she releases more info

Its soo funny how after the cops talked to Kangana the case went cold. Hrithik never said anything publicly and his lawyers stfu. Haha

Her nails already exposed her lies. Why waste more time on a B grade actress. She is not worth it.

Kangna and Hrithik made a good couple, but its a good thing KR got away from him. next thing he invest in a guru too.

Half of these new actresses can even form a full sentence in hindi and Kangana is the delusional one?

Knowing ppl still want to work with her means she isnt as delusional as Hrithik is trying to prject. She's perfectly normal, i bet all these actors and actresses would run to work for KR when she set out on directing a movie

This emails were so fake. kangana and hrithik kissed in krish already and partied together and in the emails ao call KR is imagining kissing him and cant imagine what to say to him and blah blah blah like a petty teenager. His dad is an excellent screen writer couldnt be too difficult to cook up a silly story with fake arse emails.

I bet after Mahenjan daro he will KR would've done pooja like she didfor Bang Bang

All she had to do was deny those emails were sent from her which she never did

LOL! All HRITHIK had to do was deny that he ever had a romantic relationship with Kangana. All HRITHIK had to do was deny that he was never in Paris, France, at the same time as Kangana. But HRITHIK DID NEITHER! He only had his anonymous "friends" and his "team" issue denials on his behalf. To date, Hrithik hasn't clearly stated even one sentence from his own mouth, regarding Kangana, so wake up!

Hrithik mein kuch toh bat hai jo yh mad woman itni mar ri hi us k liye. Lol.

Tujhmein koi baat nahin hai tabhi toh tu akela hai,,,
Lonely oldie... she liked you because you were obsessed with her and wrote a role for her and forced her to work on that crappy film Krrish...

Lol thats why kangana is mad about Hhrithik and dying for him. Lonely oldie? may be referring to kangana. Get ur facts right its kangana who is obsessed with handsome hot hrihtik not him with average looking plastic kangana coz he can get any beautiful hot woman . Lastly that role was written not specially for her at all but it was offered to katrina as well. Forced lol she did it out of her obsession wiht Hrithik coz only then she can be close to him he doesnt put a gun on her head. Important to say krrish isnt a crap but a block buster for more check it. POST THIS PLEASE PV U ARENT

Earlier i used to support her, but now i can see just how much she has been harassing Hrithik. Earlier, it was her 50000 mails, now it is her ridiculous digs. I feel really sorry for HR who is being victimized by a Crazy Stalker who cant even figure out Real id from fake email id. Even after Mumbai cops proved it.

What did Mumbai cops end up proving? I must have missed that news.

PV loves KR!! lol

No wonder, Shahid called her a Conniving Politician the other day

When did he say that?

Kangana is busy shooting for an intense character #simran and has no time to spread silly rumors.

We can see how much time she has as every week she has been making a dig at Hrithik or DP or Kat or Priyanka.

Kangana find someone for ur self
Hr is happy with Swetha

Chalo she got her weekly dose of Publicity at the cost of Hrithik. Next week, she will take a dig at DP/Kat/Priyanka again. PV, please post this!

This rumour was started by stupid spotboye whose 70%of the news are false. They even said that Hrithik choose Shivay over ADHM even when Hrithik himself said that he went for ADHM and praise it on twitter. They said DP visit RK house when she was at Dubai airport heading towards Srilanka even pictures were there as a proof. They spread lies that RK visit DP in USA when she was partying hard with RS in srilanka and lists goes on. This was again to use Hrithik Kangana to make their flop and stupid site. POST THIS PLEASE

Very sensible comment. Its not only spotboye but other newspapers and websites as well who spread false news and rumors to sell their newspaper and stupid people trust each and every word they read then assume things on their own.

Very sensible comment. Its not only spotboye but other newspapers and websites as well who spread false news and rumors to sell their newspaper and stupid people trust each and every word they read then assume things on their own.

Go watch all of kangana's interviews. She is so intelligent compared to these Bollywood stars and has no time to mingle or be obsessed with them

She is also intelligent in a twisted way.

She is SO intelligent that she was chatting with a Fake Email ID and is not ready to accept it even after it was proved. LOL

hrithik is moving in with shweta

proof? dont spread rumours

Only kangana is working with Vishal and not Hrithik so its very clear from where this rumor comes from.

Wow what a hot couple they could have made. but who cares! their scandal was more entertaining than all their movies together.

live Hrithik alone kangana

ok kangana..we understand.. you are still obsessed with hrithik..next

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