Sonam was very good in Neerja but I'd be upset if I don't win an award for Udta Punjab - Alia Bhatt

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Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt were appreciated for their fun and a quirky stint on the opening episode of Koffee With Karan season five. Both of them were asked about the performances of their contemporaries, and how do they fare in the race of winning awards this season.

Karan Johar, the host of the show, lauded Alia for her incredible performance in Udta Punjab and asked her whether it was the performance of the year according to her. He further went on to ask, if she felt her acting was better than Sonam Kapoor in Neerja! To which Alia replied, "Honestly, I think that Sonam was very good in Neerja."

KJo was not happy with Alia's diplomatic answer and probed her further, "I didn't want your politically correct speech." He further asked Ms. Bhatt if there was an award ceremony and she won't win the award - how will she feel? To this, Alia instantly replied, "I would be upset. Not upset, but I would be like 'why not'?."

Now, we have to wait for the award season to kickstart and know who won it all!

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DP will win an award for XXX!!

I think sonam deserves to win it was a female film carried on her shoulder. While Alia as good as she was had shahid and kareena .

If Kahaani 2 becomes a hit awards will easily go to Vidya Balan .

Hope Katrina wins for Bar Bar Dekho & Fitoor!!! Her acting was intense in these 2 films!!

Say whatever about her, she was exceptionally good in Udta Punjab.

Deepika will win Best PR award & Katrina will win Best User Award!!

And Rani will win best home wrecker award!!

ha ha ha good one!!


It's funny how KJo just judged that Sonam and Alia were the best actresses this year! Why could he not include any real competitors?!

These are the ladies in the running for the best actress awards...

Sonam Kapoor - Neerja

Kareena Kapoor - Ki and Ka

Alia Bhatt - Udta Punjab

Anushka Sharma - Sultan

Tapsee Pannu - Pink

Radhika Apte - Parched

Anushka Sharma - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

Alia Bhatt - Dear Zindagi

Vidya Balan - Kahaani 2

Most likely, Sonam Kapoor will win the popular awards for Neerja (runner up: Anushka Sharma for Ae Dil Hai Mushkil), and Alia Bhatt the critics awards for either Udta Punjab or Dear Zindagi (runner up: Radhika Apte for Parched).

Kareena & Anushka dont deserve to be in the list!!

Don't worry Alia.... Everyone will win at least one award : Tu, Sonam, Vidya, Anu, Ash, Tapsee, Radhika. Almost a dozen award ceremonies with 2/3 best actress categories in each (12X3 = 36 trophies). Moreover, we have Woman Of The Year trophies too ;p. Sponsors want many stars to attend and they would love to have you all. Sponsors khush, stars khush aur fans khush. Acting excellence jaaye tel lene. Acchaa Thik Hai?? Bye now, Go sleep and stop making it like it's an Oscar you're talking about. PVians aren't fools!

sorry alia but Sonam deserves to win each n every award this year for her performance in neerja,she was pls get out of your bubble.

sorry alia but Sonam deserves to win each n every award fo Neenah this year!! pls get out of your bubble.

sonam will win

Sonam will win popular award and Alia will win critics award this year.

Deepika should win!!

For what??

Alia is a biggers star than SRK Salman, Deepika & Priyanka!!

Sonam wasn't great.

Alia yet again proves she lives in her own bubble. There's serious contenders who do deserve at-least an honest shot at an award this year. Neerja, Parched, Pink were all good film with strong female leads. But I doubt it'd matter, they'll just choose the most popular among them which means most of the ladies will not even be nominated. Its nothing new, I mean nobody even thought of nominating Sulagna Panigrahi for her performance in Murder 2 back in 2011 and filmfare instead nominated Katrina Kaif in the same category that had Vidya Balan.

Sonam stole the thunder from Shabana Azmi in Neerja.. She is the best actress today..

hi Sonam!!

Pretty sure Radhika Apte won't even get a nomination for her performance in Parched just like Kalki and Richa were ignored last year..I mean Sonam and Kajol were nominated for Dolly ki Doli and Dilwale last year so what can u expect from these jury people.

Alia is much better than any other KJO heroines like Kajol,Rani,Preity,Aishwarya,Kareena & Anushka!!

Alia is Selfmade unlike Sonam who was born with a silver spoon

Alia is the best discovery of KJO!!

hi Alia!

Alia is a better actress than Sridevi, Kajol, Rani & Kangana!!

Sonam & Tapsee performance was nothing in front of Alia!! Alia is a gem of india

Alia is truly the Meryl Streep of India

Alia will win an oscar this year

who cares about this year Rani is gonna win!!

For her act of a good wife and a good bahu???

neither of them deserve the award. the sad thing is the awards are rigged and they will give all the awards to Sonam, which is so unfair. Hell after watching ADHM Anushka deserves it.

I will be too Alia.....Sonam has nothing on you. You're India's gem....superb in all your performances and you have a great personality.

I think Tapsee Pannu was the best in Pink this year. Even Radhika Apte in Parched was great. Hope Tapsee, Radhika or Vidya Balan win! Alia wins or not..KJo will keep giving her let's give the award to someone who worked hard both onscreen as well as offscreen!

which means "easy to get all the" what for prejudice? Alia played superbly in Udita Punjab and it was not very easy! All actresses somehow get the role, but not all acting good. By the way Kajol is very easy getting the role of Karan, but unless her were acting badly?

Hi Alia..!!

very well said..we shud give award to people who acted well in movies as well as worked hard to get those movies. Alia was good in UP...but she got everything very easily

It's going to go to Vidya most likely

Alia is a much better actor than Sonam hands down. Sonam is nowhere near Alia.



I want Vidya to get it or maybe Tappsee Pannu!

None of these two will get the award, Vidya and Radhika are still there

I would give it to Radhika Apte for Parched, her performance was way above these two.

Alia was very good, she deserves the award

Sonam has improved. But still alia is better.

sonam might have improved. But still alia is better

Agree Alia was and has always been better in the acting department than Sonam

who knows maybe neither will get it and award will go to Vidya

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