Is Sridevi not happy with daughter Jhanvi Kapoor's affair with Shikhar Pahariya?

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Sridevi and her pictures with daughters Jhanvi and Khushi Kapoor have won hearts on Instagram. Now, there is a rumour that Jhanvi is all set to make her Bollywood debut next year.

As per a popular tabloid, the doting mother Sridevi has become a stricter mom as she wants Jhanvi to only concentrate on her career. Reports have it that Sridevi has kept a lot of restrictions like no boyfriends. Not only dating, but she is not even allowed to have any male friends in her circle. 

This strict move by the talented actor must have taken place after the pictures of Jhanvi kissing her boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya went viral on the Internet a few months ago. The English Vinglish actor is totally adamant and has asked Jhanvi to stop seeing him immediately.

Weird much?



Apple does not fall far from the tree.

My advice to sridevi is to stop her daughters from using social networks

Wasn't Shikhar Pahariya dating Sara Ali Khan?! There were even pictures of the two together. Even pink villa posted those pictures.

Sara is dating Veer, Shikhar's younger brother!

She overexposed her daughters to the media, so I dont see Jhanvi as someone who will become a Bollywood sensation. She is not much of a looker either so it entirely depends on her acting does she have it? Time will tell. Most parents who want their kids to have a career in the spotlight usually are very controlling of everything in their lives..that's why these kids are not happy.

Please Lord spare us.... Navya Naveli v2

Sridevi married an already married man with 2 kids..hw can someone b so heartless!!

Hello whom did u end up with Devi ??

Sridevi can you also tell your daughters to stop exposing themselves on social media. Thanks.

Even though Jhanvi has mother genes but still i will root for Shanya.. Loved Suhana/Chunky Pandey daughter/Shanaya pic.. So simple and beautiful.. Unlike over the top winged liners girls on IG!!

Love is love when there are no ethical strings attached.

All these people calling her a home wrecker need to get with the times. Why is it that women are always blamed yet men walk away with reputation intact? Love is love so get over it. India is stuck in the dark ages. What did u want? Mona to be stuck in a loveless marriage? Do you see Hollywood actresses get this much slack? No i didnt think so

South Indian Lol

this is called...a mother trying to up-bring her underage daughter rightly....freedom is respected when you know its value...

Like that's going to help this nepotism built bimbette's career

Happy or not... Do not forget how you get your man.

You broke up a home, Sridevi-ji.

Well you can have a boyfriend and have a career too.. what kind of idiotic rule is this? You have to balance your personal and professional life.. if you don't want to disclose your boyfriend that's a different story..

Sridevi is scared. She broke boney and moona wedding and become pregnant without marrying boney.She made moona and her kids suffered. its karma. she will get it back for sure. post plz pv

well Hema Malini is doing just fine!

no shes not.shes alone while her husband lives with first wife

its Mona NOT Moona :)

"but she is not even allowed to have any male friends in her circle"??!! Weird!! Even parents 20 years ago didn't have such idiotic rules!

Come with MOM Sri... dying to see you on screen again...

Didn't mama tell you to keep away from boney, mithun... Sri dear?

The girls are a little too much in the public eye ,it's better to keep a certain alluring mystery about them if they do want to act. I mean, unveil them later to the public when it's time for a movie release. The boyfriend bit ,if true , could be because Sridevi knows that you will need to focus 100 percent on your career if you want to reach the top .There can be no distractions .

Where the hell is "mom".

Make more films sridevi

Nothing weird..Sri is a south India, where its a big No, certainly times r changing..

South Indians are good at wrecking homes! Almost all the top south indians actresses married married men

South Indian actresses had a very strict upbringing & were brought up in almost a military like regime by their mothers. If u see all the top female South Indian superstars , their mothers were famous in a different way for the way they handled their daughters' career. Sometimes being so strict is not a good thing as all these women lost their hearts to the most unsuitable of men. About the original comment above , in regular Indian families girls would not exactly be encouraged to have a boyfriend, certainly never in school.

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