You won’t believe what Shraddha did to her stalker after seeing him for the 17th time in a day!

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Shraddha recently appeared on Sajid Khan and Riteish Deshmukh’s Yaaron Ki Baraat along with buddy and co-star Farhan Akhtar. However, amid all the fun and masti, the lovely actress did something that took everyone by surprise.

After introducing her stalker on the show who was sitting among the audience, Shraddha called him on stage and hugged him. Yes, you heard us right, she HUGGED the man who she was meeting her for the 17th time that day (as she herself mentioned).

Leave aside reprimanding him publicly, she rewarded him with a hug and thanked him for being so supportive.



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....She met the guy for the 17th time in general..not THAT DAY....Why do they write such wrong crap...She said it clearly in the show that in general she had met the guy 17 times so she recognized his face.

She loves male attention in all forms! Simple as that!

I thought she invited him to her room...seems that type not all surprised.

Maybe it wasn't the best idea and also maybe the man is not an stalker. You criticize her for being nice with an intense fan but I'm sure if she had been rude to him you will be criticizing her for that too. You can't please everyone. I just hope she will be safe. And I think she is smart and kind :)

She isnt the sharpest is she

Is she an idiot?!! Stalkers by nature and at large are sociopathic, and have a personality order which makes them dangerous. Stalking is a criminal offense that reeks in panoria, anxiety and even PTSD in victims, and here she is using it to look mahaan, and promote her film!! I have been a stalking victim, and it is living in hell cause there is no reasoning with a sociopath who doesnt understand the concept of boundaries! Only solution is no contact and not to validate them, and report to police. I am hugely disappointed him her!!!

Maybe hes not a criminal psychotic stalker , maybe hes just a fan who had a free day and decided to attend her show and try to catch a glimpse or a photo of her . doesn't mean he would spend all his days and nights hunting her

Oh boy Shradha, you are encouraging him dear. Not a good idea, it won't make him stop.

Therefore, encouraged more stalking! She will learn with some bitter experiences. ~Sujata

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