Comedy Nights Bachao: John Abraham finally breaks his silence on why he walked out of Krushna's show

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Last week, during the promotions of Force 2 on Comedy Nights Bachao, the actor got miffed with the show's host Krushna Abhishek's comments on his acting skills. The issue got out of hand as John even walked out from the show midway.

While Krushna made a public apology soon after, reports were doing the rounds that the makers of the show might put an end to the roasting format of the show. Though, John, who had maintained a strict silence on the row, finally spoke on the matter. He quoted to a daily, "Well I feel I won’t comment on it, nahi toh main sabko zyaada importance dunga. But I feel aksar yeh hota hai ki humein bola jaata hai ki go for so many shows yeh woh... humein wohi karna chahiye jo film ka requirement ho, and I think we stuck to that. Bas utna hi keh sakta hoon."

Do you think the roast format on the comedy shows should be banned? Let us in the comments below:

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When you get a guest you are not going to insult the person, if you that you are unmannered swine.

The show has been so bad since the new cast. Specially after Shaqeel Siddiqui left.

Yes, the show should be cancelled. who watches it anyways?

It MUST NOT be BANNED or SHUT. We all LAUGH during this show. Wait eagerly every day of the week for the weekend to watch this awesome laughsome riot SHOW. Krushna, Bharti and team do amazing job.

These guests shouldk keep the colam down. Its al in FUN zest and nothing else.

How i wish, this show becomes very popular and ppl undetsand that its not easy to write and act in sushc show. This show makes up for all the stress that we have duringt he week. Love Comedy Nights Bachao.

Krushna has zero credit to even comment on other actors who have achieved a lot on their own.

What kind of a show is it to roast human beings who have achieved more than the hosts can ever think of even dreaming to do! It's so lame. Even America has shows where they roast celebs but they still keep it classy. These guys are plain disgusting and dirty like they are coming from the roads! Even rowdies probably have more class than them! The sad prt is that there are some Indian audiences who actually enjoy this bulshjt.

John is a really grounded and humble guy and he probably didn't like the classlessness of the show and he felt that he didn't need to endure it for his movie either.. honestly I've never seen any of the big stars going on a lot of these shows because they have the star power to pull the crowd..

why talk/write in Hindi---- who cares ?

it should be banned

Ban it

Yes please ban cuz Indians don't know how to roast

These "actors" need to have a thick skin and learn not to take themselves so seriously. They really think they're a gift to humanity and we r lucky to even catch a glimpse of them.

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Pinkvilla has updated its Privacy and Cookie policy. We use cookies to improve your experience on our site and show you Personalized advertisement