I'm the first one to admit that it was a flawed film - Harshvardhan Kapoor opens up on Mirzya's debacle!

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Harshvardhan Kapoor's debut film Mirzya failed to strike a chord with the audience. However, Kapoor lad is unperturbed by the failure. In a candid chat session with a leading daily, Harsh opened up Mirzya's failure and how he is moving on with it.

"To be honest, I wasn't expecting Mirzya to set the box office on fire. Obviously, it would have been nicer had it opened with slightly better numbers. It wasn't a commercial film and it's safe to say that now. Actually, you don't know what is mainstream and what is not until it's really put out there. I'm also in a way discovering the sensibilities of the audience as I go along."

Harsh further added, "I'm not saying Mirzya was a perfect film. In fact, I'm the first one to admit that it was a flawed film. But most films are flawed. It was visually enchanting and musically stunning, though. And as newcomers, we didn't do anything glamourous or starry in it. I had dirt all over and sported a full grown beard. Rajasthani stable boys and warriors are like that. So, the learning is that you go from story to story. I understand people universally couldn't connect much with the film. Some people liked it and they did let me know. My next with Vikramaditya Motwane is a lot more accessible in that sense."

On Motwane's film, reportedly titled Bhavesh Joshi, the actor said, "I have shot half of the film; it's Vikram's most commercial film to date."

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This is the thing that bothers me. Why do privileged newcomers like him wait until waaay after their debut to become decent actors? Not even a great one, but a decent one. It's like they just want to launch themselves into stars without doing the hard work on the actual acting and dancing. Even web series actors are better than most of these guys. Do some theater, take acting courses. Give yourself some credibility so that you don't waste the audience's time with initial mediocre performances.

The fact is he cannot act and Mirzya is boring because of him. Mirzya need strong hero not debutante like him.

There is one thing celebrities need to learn is that they should not criticize a their movie or looks after it flops! It's unneeded and childish. I know he tried to put it in better words but you could clearly sense the disappointment and the desperateness.

Casting him was the first flaw

He sounds exactly like Sonam, so full of himself just like his sister. Watch out all current debutantes who are successful, he will seek to appear with you on KWK then become your mortal enemy taking pot shots at you for as long as you fly higher than him.

All Kapoor kids ( be it from Raj Kapoor side or Anil Kapoor) are arrogant - proved.

1 out of 10 nepokid is talented and can act - proved.

This guy talks too much for an average looking, flop, talentless nepokid. I guess Sonam trained him well

Why is this guy so full of himself in every interview. Congrats haan for admitting first that Mirzya is flawed. How cerebrally gifted you are, Harsh!

Where are your "fans" Harsh!? Suddenly disappeared after Mirzya. You need to sound less conceited if you want them back.

He should've launched with something a bit more fresh and contemporary. Something more appropriate for the audience of his generation. The dude physically doesn't look like the hero type and no one will buy it straight from the get-go. Saying that all films are flawed isn't a good excuse. Hone your craft, dude. Know what you can bring to the table. Make better choices. You're already ahead of other potential newcomers with the connections you've been born into. Don't waste it on dumb talk and dumb choices.

blah blah blah blah blah..talking like a successful person does not translate into actual success. its just makes you look arrogant and conceited.

He'll get a million chances regardless of how many flops he gives. there was just an article the other day saying How Anil has reached out to Salman Khan to guide Harsh's career! lol starkids!!!

His appearence is so off putting

And I thought he only looked like Sonam kapoor..!

He needs a reality check. He watches american and european cinema and gets educated in the US, and wants to work in Hindi films and achieve commercial success where audience he has to cater, and sensibility of the films are dramatically opposite. He is setting himself up for failure. Only actors at the moment who are doing "sensible commercial" works are Akshay Kumar (Airlift, Baby, Holiday, Rustom), Alia Bhatt (Udta Punjab, Kapoor

just because he watches american or european movies does not mean he can act in them. its like an "ACTOR" to act. He is not a good actor neither does he have star appeal to fly in hindi movies. he definitely has a lot of arrogance.

It is not the film that is flawed. Harshvardhan Kapoor needs to understand and admit that he cannot act and is here only because of nepotism. Don't blame the films and film makers for your flops and praise only yourself for hits. Your parents should have given you better education and a mind to do something by yourself rather than just choose the easy path of getting into films, in spite of not knowing how to act. Your sister Sonam tortured us for a decade now you don;t do it. Just quit films

agreed! Imran Khan kept saying " I did not get my due". fact of the matter is he got sooooo many chances to prove himself just because he was Aamir's nephew but he wasn't a good actor and did not deliver on screen. that is the bottom line. I mean even a powerful co star like Kangana couldn't save him, in fact what it did was make him look even worse because she is such a strong performer.

Harshavardhan needs to wake up before its too late.

Why are all kapoor like this?

flop flop flop bye

He already thinks he has got it all figured out and that is his biggest flaw.

he needs to hit the gym and work on his body. He should look like a man. if he looks like skinny and bearded version of Sonam then the game is all over. he is young he should work in young and peppy movies. dont take yourself too seriously. this is an honest advise.

He speaks like he is Robert DeNiro.

No..what rajesthani stwble boys and warriors are is called self made..unlike you.. i read today he is being considered for abhinav bindra biopic.. its sad.. he doesn't desrve it..he hasnt earned it..but would claim he has

if KJO hadn't lost all that money on bombay velvet he probably would have supported this guy and made movies for him because he is the ambassador of nepotism. however he has grown up now. If Ranbir couldn't make movies successful and doesn't have commercial viability anymore Harshavardhan kis khet ki muli hai.

Good for you Harshvardhan kappor to realize soon that you are not a hero type ... !! don't blame Mirziya :)

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