"SRK does not eat well; We could hear his tummy growling on the sets": Alia kids

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Alia Bhatt, who is busy with the promotions of his film Dear Zindagi, spoke to the media today about her rapport with her very popular co-star Shah Rukh Khan.  When asked how it was working with King Khan Alia said, "SRK and I are actually very similar. Our thoughts match a lot. Our thinking, our behaviour..Well, he is a man and I am a young girl, so there are some things different about us, but the gist of emotion is the same."

When asked if there is any one thing she does not like about SRK, Alia said, "There is nothing I do not like about him but I feel bad that he does not eat well. The sets used to be very quiet as we used to have long takes. Suddenly we would hear his tummy growling. The thing is he drinks a lot of coffee but does not eat well. So we used to rush to him with biscuits and snacks."

She added, "He is so cool so chilled out. He is doing movies because he is passionate about it. He is looking to do good work. You are seeing that."

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not going to watch cause of paki actor ..pv post it

Eight packs does not suit srk and guys pls!! Girls DO NOT like six packs!!we prefer boyish good looks like ranbir

No wonder he is looking so tired and old. He has lost his charm. He needs to start working on his health. He is not young. It will catch up to him. This is coming from his fan.

If he put on some weight he would look so good. Unfortunately not just women but men are also under so much pressure to be stick thin. Its Crazy!!

It's not only women who have to suffer to be beautiful.

Male stars are on diets too. SRK has never been this skinny even in his 30s ..

SRK is a chain smoker too. I think he should worry about his health more.

Like bigtime. Dimples and nice hair lines are irrelevant when you lie in bed fighting to breathe, to talk.

he is slim and not intersted in food like aish she sad she eat only some fruit the hole day

Explain why all his life he's thin.

Alia cares about SRK well being, how very kind! She is a decent human being.

What an interesting thing we got to learn about SRK *rollseyes*

its ok. my tummy rumbles when im hungry too!!!
thats life ....

He says he forget to eat while working! He he. It must be cute and embaressing for him to see people rushing to give him food!:D no wonder he never had a tummy! And always slim!

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