Is Dear Zindagi copied from Canadian TV series Being Erica? Gauri Shinde clarifies!

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Dear Zindagi has been faring well at the box office and viewers are appreciating the film for its content and a brilliant performance by the lead actors, Shah Rukh Khan and Alia Bhatt. But, what's troubling is that the rumours of Gauri Shinde taking the plot of Dear Zindagi from Canadian TV series Being Erica have been doing the rounds. 
For those uninitiated, Being Erica is a story of Erica Strange (Erin Karpluk), a woman who begins seeing a therapist, Dr Tom (Michael Riley), to deal with regrets in her life. The plot of Gauri Shinde's film was also on the same lines - Alia aka Kaira also seeks a medical help from SRK aka Dr Jahangir for solving her issues related to her life. 
Not just the plot, multiple parallels were drawn. From looks to the therapist office, it seems like everything has been lifted from the TV series. On this note, in an interview with a leading daily, Gauri Shinde was asked about these reports and she has rubbished them completely. 
The director said, "Huh? I don't even know what series you are talking about. But, yes, it is a good try on the part of whoever wants to bring this movie [Dear Zindagi] down. Why don't people watch the show, since I haven't, and decide for themselves? I don't read rubbish. There is so much baseless crap out there and I can't respond to everything."
Gauri also talked about how rumours regarding English Vinglish's success were making the headlines - "Trust me, people are never happy with others' success. They tried to do the same with English Vinglish. But, all this doesn't bother me at all."
What do you think about the comparison between Being Erica and Dear Zindagi?


I have seen both and I don't see any similarities that could be counted as copying

Bollywood is the MASTER of copying LOL I wouldn't be surprised!

anyone watched both show and movie? can they explain similarities and differences?

I have seen both and they are totally different. The only similarity is there is a therapist in both. Definitely not a copy

fake phoney bologna
zoya akhthar is probably ALSO a fraud

What's new? Even they produce low quality movies

the only person who is not a BLATANT COPIER is SANJAY LEELA BHANSALI. HE ATLEAST GIVES CREDIT to HELLEN KELLER and ROMEO JULIET and WHITE NIGHTS (whatever that SAAWARIYA bullcrap was) GO SLB its your BDAY its YOUR bday GO SLB GO SLB GO GO GO GO !!!! :) :) :) :)

Sad it feels like there are no original imagination left in Bollywood.


i mean it could be a smiliar theme. i think she got mad cause whenever people see good content they have to believe it was copied or came from somewhere. dear zindagi was an indiciduastic original story and gauri deserves credit for that

It's not just a similar theme. watch the series and you'll know there are so many similarities with the original which can by no means only be a coincidence She has actually copied a lot of it but she's now lying that she hasn't wich is so unfair to the original makers !!

This is not new, it's known that most of the stories we see in Bollywood movies are copied

Dear zindagi is carbon copy copy so many similarities that can not be overlooked all of them can not be a coincidence Gauri shinde hi should admit it that it's a remake type don't lie and make a laughing stock of yourself

The kind of anger in her statement itself shows what could be the truth.

This movie is a exact copy there are so many similarities so those who are calling it a replica are not technically correct and the director should have just that she got the main idea from this series. Why is she blatantly lying??

I don't think it is copied. Kaira's life story is the same as my life, except that my childhood was full of gay bullying. I was always alone, sad and depressed.

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