I will be worried if Navya plans to be an actor; I don’t think it is as easy as it looks: Shweta Nanda

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Navya Nanda is surely one of the popular star kids on the block, all credits to her followers on Instagram. Navya made her high fashion debut at the prestigious Bal des Débutantes or Le Bal in Paris in November, last year. There are speculations of Navya stepping into Bollywood soon. But, these reports are not keeping mother Shweta Nanda at ease. 
Talking to a leading media agency, Shweta said, I will be worried if she plans to be an actor. I don’t think it is as easy as it looks. You have to work extremely hard, especially if you are a woman. And I wonder if she has in her to bear with all of it. Also, there is a lot of failure involved, which many people don’t see. The failure is personal, your acting skills… the way you look on screen is slashed out in open."
“My children are no celebrities. Why smash them on internet for one reason or the other? Let them earn their attention on their own. It shouldn’t be just because they are related to somebody. We have no Google alert for her, because it would be very upsetting for her to read these things. I didn’t do anything for two years; thinking that it would only draw more attention towards it,” she added.
What do you think Shweta's concerns about her daughter? 

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Actually, Navya didn't make her society debut at Le Bal des Debutantes last year! Out of everyone who was invited to debut at the event, she didn't take part because her parents felt it was unsafe for her to attend after the Paris terror attacks.

Please all Bollywood directors and producers (especially Karan Johar) do NOT cast this girl in your movies.

spare us, please

That's the only thing she's worried about? Has she not seen her social media pictures

This is just lies, she cant come out in the open and say yes my actress wants to be an actress, no fun in that... they will keep denying so we can speculate and speculation generates interest,,,

You should be worried! She looks like a m aid! Look at those teeth and that smile! Someone might die if she bit em!

Doesn't have that look.. Neither does Jhanvi or khushi

thank god somebody has sense.

Stop wearing bikinis and dancing like prostitutes on the boats, her brother doesn't do that and so doesn't get undue attention

Very well said!

what does step dad Hrtihik think about it?

The girl is over 18. You don't have to protect her from anything. When she knows enough tech to splash bikini pics consequences will happen, they happen to everyone. She can't work extremely hard? Your snowflake is so rich she doesn't need to and she knows that

dont blame her, she has witnessed the crucification her brother has gone through. It must be brutal.

looks are not enough to get you in the industry. you need talent too. but when you are a star kid you dont need either!

I don't even think this girl is pretty. Abhishek Bachchan would look like this if he was a girl... hehehe he's not popular. Can't see why she would be

Who cares by the way! Huh!she doesn't even qualifies to be a ' star kid' just a star lineage ...

If Shweta wants to avoid the nasty comments on the net , she should advise the child to stop revealing so much of her private life to the public. From Navya's behaviour , it definitely looks like she wants to become an actress herself regardless of her mother or grandparent's wishes.

which era r u living..now days all kids are on social media..just because she is related to Bachchans, people hate on her. Shweta sounds so mature and intelligent.

I know kids today ( & a whole lot of adults ) spend each waking minute on the social media. Teenagers today seem to post every single insignificant detail of their life for everyone to see & they are judged just as harshly by other teens . Navya belongs to a well known , elite family - naturally the curiosity factor will be way higher for her. Everything you put out in public for the world to see will be judged , you can't change that nor is it any use talking about it. The only way to protect the child from all that nastiness & lurking spongers on at bay is to control what she/he puts out for the public.

sweta di is being naughty. she wants her daughter to be actress and get paid lots...

No she doesn't want her daughter to be a actress.

Navya will only succeed in Bollywood if she is a really good actress. Gone are the days where looks were "enough" to get you movies.

Katrina and Aishwarya prove looks minus talent can get you movies

But Kat and Ash also have the talent to use mediator stay relevant

^^Wish it were 100% true. However, not necessarily the case as there are still a lot of these model-turned or nepotism ditzy actress (and actors) who are still getting roles in big-banners albeit ''flower-pot'' roles mostly due to their physical "hot" appearances.

Yes shweta. It is easier for outsiders with no industry connections to break in and difficult for someone whose grandad is the Shahensha of the industry or who has a young and famous beautiful uncle and aunt to sign a movie. Then there are also no nepotistic people like KJo around too, right ? I feel sorry for you and for your daughter that you guys will need to struggle so much

Well said..PVians were being unnecessarily harsh..

Abhishek bachchan is a nice guy, but a very average actor. Has been able to continue being a refugee in the industry only because he was a bachchan . An outsider ( hate the word, reeks of nepotism) would have been shown the door right after his first movie

This is what happens when rich women are given a iPad or a pen . This one is worried about how her spoilt brat will have a tough time if she decides to act .A lot of talented women will never get that opportunity to act because they do not have a big B surname.

Atleast she is being real and not forcing her daughter down our throats.

I would be worried too!

Better not think about entering bollywood shes average looking

Lol her daughter is the one who posts pictures of herself and in reality none bothers accepted media tabloids

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