WATCH: Deepika's boyfriend Ranveer paid me a sweet compliment last night - Vin Diesel

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Deepika Padukone had come down to India to promote her Hollywood debut film xXx: Return of Xander Cage along with her co-star Vin Diesel. From interacting with the fans to a star studded premiere and giving back-to-back interviews, Vin and Deepika did it all.
In one such interview, Vin was asked about his experience of meeting Ranveer Singh. While answering, the Hollywood star referred to Ranveer as Deepika's boyfriend, catching our attention, given that both Deepika and Ranveer haven't come out in the open and admitted to their relationship.
"It was just so funny. Just last night, Ranveer, her boyfriend paid me a sweet compliment. He said your body swag.. he didn't use the word swag. He said the mastery of your body is so impressive from a third person's point of view because of the way you turn and the way you stand impacts more than the words and the lines. I explained that comes from being a bouncer in the US city. And standing on the front door with a look on my face that says 'Don't even think about it'," said Vin.
Well, we wonder what Ranveer has to say about this!

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looks like DP shy on RS

Ranveer's compliments have lost some credibility ever since he gushed over Ranbir calling him the epitome of grace and elegance. Haha.

After Befikre flopped, he needs Deepika to be relevant.

He has more starpower than her right now. He made awful befikre open at 10 Crores, deepika's action movie with vin diesel opened at 6. They both need each other right now to make padmavati a hit

Guys, they've been together over 4 years now! Go watch the making of Ram Leela, it's so clear they're already a couple then. Did they have bumps on the road? Sure. Thats normal! All friendships, family relationships and romantic relationships have that. The point is, they worked through it and are still together.

Stop hating! They always show up to support eachother on their biggest nights. You can't fake something like that for 4+ years.

Lol when does Deepika support him? One condescending tweet about DDD?

deepika's legs are really hot

Poor ranveer..ranbir ke baad he has been used to optimal extent for her own publicity

Poor ranveer..ranbir ke baad he has been used to optimal extent for her own publicity

As if no one knew...

I love how Ranveer is intelligent and smart when talking to people or dealing with them.
His sensitivity makes him the way he is. Gentle and diplomatic.

Ranveer shouldn't feel special. Deepikas bf is whoever her Co star is. Shahid would be if he wasnt married. During tamasha, it was rk and it seems like her current bf is vin.

Movie promotions showing stars liking each other are fine but this Vin-DP boundary problem makes RS look like a fool.

DP is extremely smart while talking to media, she's perfected the art of taking questions and answering them and not give away anything to the media.. even when she was asked what all was she showing Vin around Mumbai, she didn't answer that there's no time, just so that media won't follow them around any place..

Boyfriend is now confirm

Even if she did ask him it's not the public's business.He probably doesnt need the attention right now while he's deep in filming, i think it's considerate not tondrag him further where he doesnt belong. The nerve of the media, did anyone ask him what deepika thought about befikre? He would never allow the media to ask him that. stop with the double standards

its so disgusting that deepika dont care a damn..i jsut watched her airport interviews and the media asked how did ranveer feel about the movie and her reply was " i havent asked him" !!!! why cant she say ..he liked ..make it simple ..pv pls post this

Ranveer will stuck to her as usual and tolerates her nonsense...simply bc he needs her badly...befikre floped and he has no other choices...

So boyfriend and friend-with-benefits are interchangeable terms now?

Ranveer is a gentlman

Love you vin for stating facts actually we dont need it becuase we know
How these two are hiding and avoiding publicity but atleast nice to feel
The appreciation and he is her as she is his

Ranver singh is very smart excellent with his words and means every single word , Vin Disel was impressed with his comment and the way he
Put it genuinly ;) and he is unaware of such hidden fact so (Boyfriend came naturally) , its amazing how both director and deepika costar felt the support and love from Ranveer Singh to this woman while other been acusing and blaming and not appreciating a genuine
Person like Ranveer , everyone feels his positivty even Hollywood filmmakers

Impressive ;) and deepveer are unique

BTW it's not from a "third person's point of view". He said from a "thespian's point of view".

Love 'em. All of 'em.


Aww Vin, thanks for this. I like DeepVeer a lot!

Lol she dismissed him again in a later media interaction. There's no way RS is this dumb so theyre either not serious or PR

And yet she said ranveer didn't tell her anything about the movie when she was at the airport. Cunning and fake as usual

And now it is out that Ranveer is Deepika's boyfriend.....haha...Love Deepika, Ranveer and Vin Diesel...All nice and warm people

The worst couple ever. Hope they break up soon, rs should concentrate on his career like she seems to be!!!!

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