When I walked on my 1st film set I had no idea of cameras, lighting or acting - Deepika Padukone on her 10 year journey

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Deepika Padukone debuted in Bollywood with Om Shanti Om 10 years back opposite Shah Rukh Khan. A decade later, the actress has ventured into Hollywood and her first film from the West has released in India today and she packs a punch opposite Hollywood star Vin Diesel.
When we caught up with Deepika for a quick interaction ahead of xXx: Return of Xander Cage's India release, the actress was beaming with pride and joy.
Ask her what she feels of her decade long journey, Deepika admits, "Well I look at it as a beautiful journey. When I walked on my first film set I had no idea of anything, no idea of cameras, lighting or even what acting is. I was there as an actor but I had no idea what to do. I’ve learnt over the years what to do and whatever I’ve learnt, it is on the set.  All the right and wrong things I’ve done with all the amazing experiences I have had, it’s been an amazing journey. Not just professionally but also personally I have gained and learned so much. I am fortunate to be in a business where I have got a chance to interact with so many people, play so many characters, travel so many places and all of it has contributed to what I am today."
Well, we cannot agree more to you DP!

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She is talking about her Kannada movie Aishwarya which she did before the music video and acting classes. she has mentioned this so many times in interviews.

She took a 3 month acting course, she's never lied about that but acting school doesn't teach u what a film set is. Ranveer studied acting for years too and wven he said bbb was new and he didn't know what all the equipment was or what to do. What haters pick alart is hilarious.

Her debutant movie is Aishwarya in Kannada PV post this

Her debutant movie is Aishwarya in Kannada

Didn't she go to Anupam Kher's acting school? Why isn't she giving him any credit?

Stop lying Dp, It is becoming embarrasing to be ur fan.

She graduated from anupam khers school of acting and drama! I wonder what they reach there... how to use your PR to.implant sympathy gaining stories, use petty things like " I still do my dishes" to glorify urself!

But I think there was a girl in himesh reshmiya's album who looks exactly like you..that album was shot without lighting and camera????

You still don't have any idea about acting darling. The only thing you have improved in is PR strategies and defaming others while you pretend to be the good girl.

how many oscars have you received dear?

So true..lol

The handful of haters that keep writing these horrible things will do nothing to her popularity and stardom, go dp, keep growing as an actor and shine on.

she is the most followed woman in Asia. speaks a lot about her popularity and fanbase. people can say whatever they want to, nothing changes the fact that she is a star and much loved one!

Her films critical reviews looks like paid or out of sympathy for breakup with rk. Critics even has guts to bash film like TWMR and give it 2 stars while boring film like Tamasha 4 stars. smthng fishy.

she looks 40 in above pic. She is lying about her age.

Love you DP. More power to you, stay blessed my gorgeous diva. You are such a hard working and versatile actress who has a beautiful face, body and can emote so well. You've proved yourself as a superb actress. I love you as Piku, Mastani and in YJHD, CE, Tamasha. You are amazing and beautiful inside out.

Boring next pv

Enough already, it's not like you can now!

You still don't! Someone please make her stop!

Dp career is over. :)

Oh lord! With people like Radhika Apte in the country we have this non actor talking about acting!

who is radhika apte?

I guess she was a calander girl. A calender gal have to face camra and lights. she might be knowing it well but God knows why is she lying.

acting she still doesn't know. But farah picked her from ramp. she was calender girl, she was hugging senior and junior malya everyother day. she knows camera and light very well

she got here because she was is beautiful. don't deny.

Lol funny thing is she's not that beautiful. Himesh Reshamiya said it best when he said Deepika is just lucky

The interview is still on youtube. In the interview Himesh said that he read an article where it said that all the Suroor girls are lucky and even Deepika was launched in the Suroor album. He also said that many girls were launched in the album but they all didn't become successful like her. All the girls didn't become Deepika. Deepika is Deepika. She deserves all the credit. Don't misquote him. How lame!

oh really then what about Himesh reshamiya video ?

after that fall out with ranbir she started acting. emotions reflects.

One day I would like to know how Piku director was able to make her look as if she was of substance. I never saw anything before or after Piku to suggest the same. Mastani was worst. Hats off to Piku director, wld like to know how he did it. Or Irrfan knows, maybe.

She's terrific, your hate will do nothing to afect her success. I'm a fan cause i love her films. She may not be the best actress in the world but she has talent and an onscreen presence thats rare, sheIS shanti priya

You still don't! You were terrible in Bajirao

Didn't she go to acting school?

Well she still doesn't know much about acting

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