Both these girls have great potential - Shahid on working with Deepika and Kangana

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It was a pleasant surprise when Shahid Kapoor swept off the Best Actor (Critics) trophy at the recently held Filmfare Awards for his performance in Udta Punjab. "I'm thankful for everything but I’m hungry for more," said Shahid, in an interaction with a leading daily. 

In recent years, Shahid has been applauded for his unconventional choices. And the actor credits direct Vishal Bhardwaj for helping him break the typecast actor mould. 

“Vishal sir saw something in me, which nobody else did. He gave me an opportunity to rediscover myself. I wouldn’t have done Udta Punjab, had I not done Kaminey (2009). As I saw that side to myself, I realized that it can work for me," said Sasha.

Up next in his kitty is Rangoon, which stars National Award winner Kangana Ranaut opposite him. The film is scheduled for February 24 release. Later in the year, Kapoor will share the screen space with Deepika Padukone in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus, Padmavati

SLB has the reputation of being a taskmaster. On this, Shahid commented, "He drives you to do your best. I thrive for that because you are pushed beyond whatever you are used to. I love working with him.”

Deepika and Kangana, both the actresses are poles apart in their working pattern and Sasha thinks this works in his favour professionally. “Both these girls have great potential. It’s great to be working with actors who are at the peak of their careers. It’s a good time to be working with actors that challenge you. I feel good about myself. I feel I’m in a good space as an actor," he said.

When asked, to sum up, the year 2016, newbie daddy Shahid answered, “I’ll sum up 2016 by saying, ‘Misha." And what are his expectations from 2017? “I’ve got to get up every day and do better. These years are extremely crucial for finding the trajectory of my life. Now that I have become a family man, I have all the more reason to do this not just for myself, but for them as well. And there’s nothing more inspiring than that feeling,” he shared, before signing off. 

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deepika is overrated,padmavati may do well due to bhansali and the holiday season,deepika is not even close to kangana in terms of acting and holding her own

I'm sure you meant well but these two girls are more than just "potential". They have proved themselves many a times time and again

Deepika looked beautiful like the ladies in the miniature paintings but like the paintings...she looked lifeless and inert in all her scenes in BM . No soul, no depth.
She's lovely dancer, I grant you that!

If I were Shahid, I'd humbly say "am in no position to comment about great talents"

Maybe Deepika & Kangana have blockbusters on their hands but Shahid is a better actor but he never got the chance. But it's still not nice to say "they have great potential" lol

shahid is more talented than dp, but kangana, no. and how did he not get a chance?

he reeks of misogyny and insecurity. not a big fan of deepika or kangana but as a silent observer i can see that both of them have done much much more and that too as women and outsiders in their active years than he has in a dozen years. A decade and a half in the business and all he has to show for it is about 3 decent movies, and less than half a dozen hits and not a single one of them an outright blockbuster.

Wow patronising much? Just praise them as good actors and talented, etc than saying they have great potential. They have proved their worth

"These girls"? Really Shahid?

He married a girl and now all are girls for him lol

lol, I mean seriously now Kangana and deepika needs Shahid's approval? dude, they are way ahead of you and do not need your advise..Potential my foot, please do concentrate on your career, no one needs your advise..

LOL... They should be turning around and saying that for you Shahid. These girls debuted after you and achieved more through their hardwork... be it box office, fandoms, popularity, awards (commercial or NAs). You're a good actor too Shahid and have potential to give a 100CR film on your shoulders. Hopefully Padmavati will do it for you with the help of DP, in case Rangoon doesn't hit 100CR due to Vishal's niche/avant garde treatment.

Throughout his career Shahid has not given a single 100 crore hit, but still has the potential?

eyeroll why do people dismiss ranveer. he brought befikre to 60 cr. deepika cant do that for her big vin diesel movie

The people who always write negative comments on every person, please note its your hate giving reasons. Just say you hate them and end it, no need of special excuse.

This sounds so condescending. They have much more stardom and have proved their talent very consistently. Whereas Shahid has been very inconsistent in his performances. Great potential is something you say to a debutant or a new comer and not two people who have achieve so much

His upcoming 2 movies may become hit because of these two leading ladies similar to major draw for UP was alia, and he talks about their potential LOL

leading lady? look at deepika's stardom with xander cage.

kangana is queen. no other actress has been able to give a hundred crore grosser just on her own draw. piku had amitabh bachchan and still maxed out in the 70s

They are at the peak and yet have potential???? Isn't that a contradiction??

They may be at the peak of their careers, but they have potential to do bigger and greater things.

Great potential?! BOY, they've surpassed you long ago.

lol shahid is insecure of anyone who is better than him. the only reason he is okay with alia is because she is junior

Hahah Deepika fans still pretending she didn't ruin mastani. Obviously shahid prefers Deepika because he knows she's not a threat to him acting wise. Any one who can overshadow him he has an issue with (kangana, priyanka, saif, ranveer, etc.)

I mean seriously I don't get all this hate for Deepika! She has been phenomally and shown great depth and growth as an actor and a star since she first debuted in the industry....Kangana and Priyanka have years ahead of her in the industry so why the unfair bias comparison to keep making her less. Its obvious guys prefer and see Deepika as a friend than the girls like her because she is not a competition to them, and she seems sporty, tomboyish yet ladylike and gorgeous at the same time. Shahid seems to favour her too over Kangana can you really blame him.

But Kangana has the appearance of a chameleon, from supermodels in fashion to a country girl in the Queen of the mutant Kaya to sportswomen Datoo, it is always different and can change, while Deepika always and everywhere the same in appearance, from roles in films to PHOTOSESSION. why my comment is ignored again and again, what's wrong here?

'Potential! I'd say they've proved their worth!

Kangana has proved her acting talent and stardom.. But Deepika failed with her acting talent (BM) and stardom (XXX)..

Hilarious how Deepika's detractors come and thrash Deepika just based on her one role-- Mastani. If that's the worst you've got then boy thats a huge compliment because there's no denying that she could have been better but she had several beautiful scenes where she nailed it, her Mastani look is one of the most iconic in recent times, Deewani Mastani will go down in history and her role was the most popular one chosen by the audience in 2015. NONE of Deepika's contemporaries could have done Mastani because they cant combine ethereal beauty (Kangana, Anu, Alia dont come close; only Kareena does), grace (Kareena, Kangana, Anu NONE could have done Kathak with such grace), fierceness (the rest pobably come closest to this) and delicateness (Deepika has this divine delicate feminine quality to her). So keep crying everyone else! And even in the shittiest of films like Chennai express, HNY and xXx, Deepika is the best thing about it and walks away with rave reviews which sadly Kangana doesnt-- Katti Batti, Revolver Rani, Raaz, Ungli, Double. So stop conveniently choosing only Kanagana's good films.

Deepika got rave reviews for XXX and HNY??? ROFL #delusional

I get your point...but to be fair here, no one had issues with Kangana in the dull fest Katti Batti or Revolver Rani. She got very good reviews there. Raaz2 to some extent decent reviews.. but her Ungli, Double can be in the category of ...let's say Desi Boyz, Aarakshan, Chandni Chowk to China!

Kangana had only two hits while Deepika had more successful films. Piku was excellent and he was too good in it. She was great as Mastani and in other films too. You can keep your jealousy and hatred to yourself.

How can she be great as Mastani when she easily got overshadowed by RS and PC?Her Cocktail and Tamasha roles were better than BM and fyi Kangana don't have just 2 hits..Gangster,Fashion.Raaz2.OUTM.TWM...Metro were also hits.

Krissh3 too.... They conveniently forget her hit count and assume she her debut was Queen. LOL.

Deepika was thrashed for her performance as Mastani. Kangana has delivered many hits, right from her debut.

hahahaha typical comment from a fan Deepika, who knows nothing about the other actresses. Now I say that Deepika had only two hits, while Kangana has a lot of hits in her kitty without SRK Ranbir or ranveer and without Bhansali also Kangana winner of three national awards and several Filmfare (too much for only 2 hits yes?) that has Deepika?

Ranbir and Ranveer are Deepika's contemporaries. had ranbir been such a huge star he would not have delivered a string of flops. being a fan is still better than being a hater. If women oriented movies are the only way to judge a women's fanbase and starpower then boy katrina will be very upset. She can barely move her face and her entire career is built on pillars like akshay kumar and Salman Khan. she has not even tried doing anything better. Kangana is far more talented than our mainstream actresses but so is vidya, tabu, konkona and many others. but they did not become stars because that's how our audience works

xander cage is now a woman oriented movie? lollll

I agree with you, it was just my answer to that stupid "Kangana has only two hits," I'm tired of it. I Kangana fan, but never say that Deepika had no one-hit wonder in front of Cocktail (before climbing her career), because I know very well filmography Deepika and I respect her work. But Deepika fans know nothing about Kangana and use these stupid phrases like argument over and over again, rather than to go and check the status of all its films. By the way, I think you will agree with the fact that although Ranbir contemporary Deepika, but he always plays only in big movies from famous production houses, of course, it went into in plus Deepika career

Deepika was thrashed for her performance as Mastani. Kangana has delivered many hits, right from her debut.

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