Robert De Niro calls Donald Trump bad example

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Veteran Hollywood actor Robert De Niro while addressing an anti-Trump demonstration here said that the US President-elect "Donald Trump is a bad example of the country and this city".

De Niro, accompanied by actors Alec Baldwin and Mark Ruffalo, was the first to address the demonstrators in a Thursday night event that was held just half-a-mile from the Trump Tower. 

The demonstation which was also attended by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, activist Al Sharpton and filmmaker Michael Moore, was meant as a "stand" against Trump on the eve of his inauguration on Friday.

The protest event was organised by Greenpeace and the liberal activist organisation MoveOn, reported

The demonstrations were held outside the Trump International Hotel and Tower and was attended by thousands as the crowd stretched across at least five blocks from there. 

As the first celebrity speaker to take the stage at the rally De Niro read out mean tweets about the President-elect, adding that he thought Donald Trump was "a bad example" of the US and New York city.

Baldwin spoke and inserted a few Trump impressions along the way, commenting on Trump and his cabinet picks. 

"These people are a disgrace, but there is hope. Trump and Pence think you're going to lay down. That's one thing about New Yorkers: You don't lay down," he said.

Sharpton also roused the crowd as he spoke after Baldwin's speech and mimicked Trump. 

He said: "This is Donald Trump's hometown, but the hometown folk do not behave like Donald Trump. America is already great, and we will make it even greater."

While Moore said: "We're at a very dangerous moment in history. As bad as you think it's going to be, it's going to be worse. The good news is there are more of us than there are of them."

Ruffalo cheered the crowd and said: "Man, I needed this. Did you need this? We're coming here tonight to protect something precious to us, and that's each other."

Cynthia Nixon offered a message to the LGBTQ community, saying that "We are not going back ... we are here, we are queer and we have no fear!" 

Addressing the Muslims, Mexicans and "straight while males" in the audience Nixon said: "The LGBT community has got your back."

Actresses Shailene Woodley, Marisa Tomei and Julianne Moore and other activists were also there to support the cause. 

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Wrong. Who are you Robert? Just an actor. Donald Trump is a self made man who made billions with pure hard work and his brilliance. Just cause Democrats bought the entire media, you guys are mouthing any crap. He is the best thing that has happened in decades for America. America has taken charge. Great win Donald Trump. These actors thing they are intellectuals. But they hust jokers. America will be great again!

Wrong? Who are you? Donald Trump? I wouldn't be surprised. Do you even know the definition of self-made man? Inheriting 200 million$ doesn't count as one.

He is democratically elected, just as Obama. Why not give him a chance and see instead of airing these opinions ?

Obama didn't get 3 million less votes than his opponent!

The American dream is dead. Its a nightmare for the next 4 years!

I agree, Sad Day in American History.. 4 years of drama begins..

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