I'm just putting it out there, I want to work on a simple, feel-good love story - Deepika Padukone

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After dedicating herself to an action film for almost a year (xXx: Return of Xander Cage), Deepika Padukone is now keen to do some easy breezy roles. 

Deepika has done her share of romances onscreen (Ram Leela, Bajirao Mastani, Tamasha). But she craves for even more. "Yes, but that's something that I have been dying to do for the past six-eight months. I just want to work on a simple, feel-good love story. So, I'm just putting it out there. Letting the Universe know that I want to be in a nice romantic film," said the actress.

Anyone listening?!

Deepika will be next seen in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati towards the year end. The film cast boasts of stellar actors like Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor. DP spoke about how her film is shaping up at the moment. "I finished one massive schedule for Padmavati before I left for the promotions of xXx. It's been such a fabulous and creative experience. For 30 days we were continuously shooting at night. We were at it all the time. Yet the schedule felt like a breeze. It has a lot to do with the director Sanjay Ji, my co-stars and of course the crew. We are all energised to make his film and give it our best. I believe we will be ready to release it even before we know it," shared Deepika.


I love Korean drama. May be she can work with Kris Wu! Love!

Maybe you can refer to the fantasies that are "in your head" for good script ideas for your feel-good love story.

one year Hollywood and her career has already taken a step down in Bollywood. Poor thing has to make wtf comments and ask directors openly to cast her.

Even I love those soppy ROM com. Yet Jewani Hey Dewani one of my favourite

I would like to see her in rom-com and simple modern day love story. Her last few films have been quite serious type like Bajirao Mastani, Tamasha and now Padmavati so it will be good to see her in a romcom.

Now she is openly begging

you have been putting out for a long time, pl shut up now.

She needs to work with other good actors than Ranbir and Ranveer, I am sick of seeing her with these two, choose good content, take some risk, work with other talented actors..

Deepika instead of doing all this things and saying about babies , why don't you contribute money to Indian army ? Seriously , she has no love for the country , learn something from Akshay .

Who are you to tell anyone how to spend their hard earned money & then judge them for it? If you believe so strongly in the cause, then why don't you give your money to the Indian Army?

I have no clue how to donate money and Deepika is a No 1 actress , so i will tell her to do this because she is making our India down in other ways by saying weird statements . Zero patriotism but knowledge of every she has

I prefer this way of asking for roles over calling directors of films with finalised lead actresses, and offering to do the role for free. ;) This is honest and upfront, at least.

again she is posing her left side! She knows that she doesnt look at her best from her right side! Remember Ellen Degeneres Show!

God what is wrong with her? It seems like she has no desire to work on good films or grow as an actress. I was so looking forward to her career after Piku but since then it has been Tamasha, Happy New Year, XXX. Looks like my hope was wasted

Simple is good for Deepika. Complex roles are not for her because she doesn't have the intelligence or emotional depth. Leave those roles for Kangana

LOL! Ragoon really weird for Kangana. I don't think I will fall in love with women like that. What director think when they asked Kangana for that role. Her dance step look alike a cowboy swing his rope to catch cow. LOL!

Adi Sid and DP in a breezy modern love triangle please!!!!!!! Maybe This Means War remake???????????

sid can't act. period.

Haha..it's cute how you're reading off your menu and expecting Sanjay leela bansali and aditya chopra to take your order ;D

What does that even mean? Neither of them would direct a This Means War. Bye.

But not with RK or RS, no more promotion drama we can handle.

The drama is going to happen no matter who it is with. Just have a look at the xXx promotions.

I wish you get chance to play a role which is originally written for you!!!!! So sad deepika, your fans claim that you are number one, still you will be second choice for most of the films.

anyone except ranbir and ranveer please,overdone pairings !

Begging for films..... ? lol

She said feel-good lovestory, not a romcom!

The only people screaming rk here are rs fans and her haters, grow up. Aren't varun and sid older than her too? I hope the haters commenting aren't women and think she deserves less pay than a male co star, because she's worth it.

Loool next pv

A new way of asking for roles.

Would love to watch her in a modern rom com with RK...well that's asking a bit too much I guess.....but loved YJHD

She might as well put it out there that she wants Ranbir Kapoor as her co-star.

Yes, even I'm tired of seeing her in all these period dramas, where frankly she doesn't suit at all. She is much more at ease in urban, contemporary dramas like a Tamasha or Love Aaj Kal.

looks like her hollywood career has nose dived so she is trying to get back into hindi films ...she has no release after padmavati

desperately trying to trap RK one last time as he is single now...lol

DP and Amir should do a breezy yet mature love story together.

ayaan are you listening? cast HR and Sid and DP in cute romcom

coincidentally Jagga Jasoos is a romcom. Coincidence... or is it ?

Just think why would any director cast her in a romcom and pay 15 cr. Instead they can go for alia and pay 5cr to her. Both have same starpower. Acting vise Dp dont stands anywhere near to Alia udta punjab performance. Alia is 8 yrs younger than Dp. Definitely audience would love to see alia with Varun sid... not Dp who is older than them.

With Sidhartt , Adi Roy K, Hritrik

Alia, kriti, shradha, Disha, urvashi, Anushka are the actress who suits romcom. Her personality doesnt suit romcom. she cant do comedy.

Befikre type movie with Ranveer hehehe ( but with a good script please ) cool songs , romance , happy end ..

I can def see her in sometbing breezy with sid, cuteness overloaded

But ur career is over. period.

she can work with rk now as she sucessfully broke rk-kat relationship. Her revenge is over now. Wonder how low would she fell in promotions given rk is single now.

Then why did she reject sultan

Rk r u listening, Dp wants to romance u frm past 8 months, oh actually frm past 8 yrs.

U wish ...but No dear , she is want to do la la land type movie along with Ryan Gisling :)

What are u talking about ??? Tamasha released 1 year and 3 month ago.. And did she mentioned name of actors or movies ,?? Why are u again drugging ur fav RK's name here ???

Does she wants to do tamasha sequel with rk?

She's the 1# heroine but she's struggling to get roles? Ok.. this sounds desperate.

Universe ? only India babe, ur Hwood career rests in peace after xxx failure and U being Kicked out of Majidi film.

Everyone wants to see her back in that space, someone please!!

Ugh please with Anyone but ranveer. Want him to work with different actresses. Plus can't stand her.

Yes!! I'm longing to see Deepika in a breezy rom com like YJHD. Would love her to work with Sidharth Malhotra. That'd be so fresh!

true, two nonactors together

She will look older than him

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