Dhanush also won the debut award & so did Fawad, I'm not the 1st one - Diljt reacts to Harshvardhan's rant

Diljit Dosanjh reacts to debutant Harshvardhan Kapoor's comment that he made after losing out on the Best Debut Award Male trophy at Filmfare Awards 2017. The Punjabi superstar said he isn't hurt by the comment made by Anil Kapoor's son.
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Debutant Harshvardhan Kapoor recently grabbed eyeballs for his statement that he made on losing the Best Debut Award Male. The actor, who made his debut in Bollywood with Mirzya, lost the award to Diljit Dosanjh.
Diljit won the award for his heart winning performance in Udta Punjab that also starred Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor Khan in the lead.
Harshvardhan had stated, "Although I picked up two debutant awards earlier, I was really looking forward to winning the black lady. But I guess every awards event has its own parameters. I'll be honest, though. I think a debutant award is meant for someone working on his first film. It shouldn't go to an actor who has worked in several films in another industry or language. For instance, if Leonardo DiCaprio works in a Hindi film, is he making an acting debut? He has already worked in so many Hollywood films."
In an interview recently, when Diljit Dosanjh was asked to react to Harsh's rant, he humbly replied, "Koi na Koi na.. I didn't feel bad at all. I am a huge fan of Anil Kapoor and Harsh is the son of a big superstar. I know that Dhanush got an award, who has worked in many South films and Fawad Khan also got an award, who is a star in Pakistan. I am not the first example. So it is not ethically wrong. People's love is the biggest award."
He continues, "I am not hurt. I am not sad. I am thankful to Filmfare Awards for the honour that they gave me. I don’t think I was deserving enough. It’s a big award (and) I think they would have seen something in me and so they gave me the award."

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At actress round table Sonam was heard telling how Anil had advised them not to give any importance to awards. Seems Harsh slept through Anils session.

This Harsh guy didnt even act well, why does he feel so entitled to win this award? He did not deserve to win at all, period!

Logically he is absolutely right about Diljit and Leonardo , that is why this Award should be clearer about the criteria for winning. It makes no sense for seasoned actors to get Best Debut award. OTOH if they give annual award to absolute newcomers to Bollywood then undeserving star kids and untalented people will get awards just for the heck of it. It is a useless category.

anil kapoor was too busy having affairs with all his heroines to teach his kids some manners when they were growing up

He and his sister should be banned from opening their mouth!

Please let them pout at the parties though

Haha, you just nailed it.

I haven't watched either of the movies but I feel one should let their work speak for them. Actions are louder than words. Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion but always consider what you're saying before you say it. Because words once spoken cannot be taken back. Good luck to both the actors for the future.

Clearly this attitude runs in the family...

Harsh didn't deserve to win even if he was the only one nominated!

It was a huge mistake from Harshwardan to make such an arrogant comment at the beginning of his career. I honestly don't think he has the talent to be an actor

nor talent nor looks...none of the kids got their father's talent

Thats funny!!! did he do a film to get a filmfare award? I think he's behaving exactly like Sonam...blaming others for his problems. Hardwork and better your acting and show some sincerity ..dont aim for awards..awards will come to you. And dont be sad that u lost a filmfare...its just a magazine conducted award.

That's funny!!! did he do a film to get a film fare award? I think he's behaving exactly like Sonam...blaming others for his problems. Hardwork and better your acting and show some sincerity ..don't aim for awards..awards will come to you. And don't be sad that u lost a filmfare...its just a magazine conducted award.

Actually he is logically right! But it's funny how Dhanush was already a national award winner and Filmfare south winner when he made his HINDI debut. Though he did deserve a filmfare.

Harsh is right. At the same time, no one should get an award just for debuting, its an unnecessary award. if they are good they will win Best Actor/ Supporting etc, no matter whether they are new or experienced.

Anil Kapoors grandfather was Prithviraj Kapoors younger brother...no wonder why they are all alike ...karrena sonam rishi ...

Oh yes I do remember reading that Surinder Kapoor Ji, Anil's dad, was a first cousin of Prithviraj Kapoor. Soooo, this means that Sonam and Ranbir are distant cousins :\ Raise your hands if you remember their link up rumours - AWKWAAAARD

I feel giving Harshvardhan two t8 slaps fr his arrogance...wish him da worst fr his career

He's probably feeling bad that daddy could buy award for his sis but not him. He is just as good or bad as Sonam imo. Both entitled, priviledged, talentless bunch in the industry only because of daddy & Kapoor clan connection,

anil kapoors sons comments REEKS of entitlement and arrogance. but this is bollywood and he already has his next films playing lead hero lined up doesnt he. diljit did a great job in udta punjab and stood out among seasoned, award winning actors. i hope to see much more of him on the silver screen.

Well, Harshvardhan, the debutant actor word shouldn't go too you because you can't act. Plus it's the best debutant award for the Bollywood industry. Are you saying a baby who acted as a 2 month ol shouldn't get a best debutant award either, because they have acted before? How silly!

Anil kapooor's kids have a sense of entitlement and a superiority complex. Can someone tell them that nobody would have given them a chance if it wasn't for their father. I don't find him or his sister special in any what way. Sonam has screechy voice and a terrible dialogue delivery and this harsh guy is even worse. But they are definitely impulsive talkers and have a serious case of foot in the mouth disease. You can't undermine someone else's talent just cos you didn't won. You didn't won cos you did not deserve it!!

So ANil kapoor's son who wouldnt be in films if it werent for his dad wants to talk about unfair privileges. Are these ppl serious???????????

^^ Couldn't agree more. Delusion appears to be genetic trait here. What a classy response from Mr. Diljit.

That shade...although he's not wrong at all, Harsh is pretty much around because he is the son of Anil Kapoor.

Anyway, Harsh needs to stop giving interviews because the more he speaks, the more it's obvious that he has zero self-awareness and probably a bigger ego than Sonam, if that was even possible. And he can't even pretend to act graceful, and is instead showing how bitter and how much of a sore loser he is. Yikes!

Harsh is right. Debut award should go to first time actor only. Whether Harsh should have gotten it or not is quite clear. He was not impressive nor was his movie. But Daljit was an experienced actor. How can a new comer compete with that? Any other new comer. Let's give credit where is should be given. Whether e like Harsh or not is a separate issue. But he said the right thing. Debut awards is for first timer. Awards are losing credibility by the day. And both Dhanush and FAWAD did not deserve it either.

Diljit was fab in Udta, and about Harsh, the less said the better. If he really had a genuine concern, he should've talked it out with Jitesh Pillai or with the committee or something. Here, he's trying to steal the thunder from Diljit, and make it seem like he wasn't deserving or something.

Harsh actually has a point...but why is he crying over an award that doesn't have any credibility?

What's with Anil Kapoor's kids? Are they brought up in like they are the Master of the Universe? Even Tiger did not get best debut. It went to Fawad. I did not hear a peep from him. Neither did he act miffed or anything.

Harsh like Sonam think the world of themselves. She has obviously matured. But this guy...Does Harsh really want an award on technicality? In the open leagues - there is no technicality, you have to compete and win. Dude thinks he is the bomb with all this gravitas and trying to impress upon us a personality which I don't think is his. He wants to show that he is different. Dude - perfect your craft first. Spend time there. Stop picking fights with people and think about what you should get. Focus on what you can do and leave the rest to others. Be humble and thankful that you are there. You have opportunities that people will probably never get.

Tiger is a sweetheart..but kapoor kids are brought up with a heavy dose of superiority...you are the best..thats what they were taught I guess

well said.. i agree with u... Harsh should be thankful that he got a movie because he is star kid otherwise no one would have offered one.
Even Anil kapoor is only a consistent side actor not ever a really big star, God knows why his kids are so rude and think they are the king and the queen.

Great answer by Diljit. Personally if you weren't good enough to win you shouldn't moan about it. You should be able to win no matter who you're pitted against.

Debutant award is for the best new lead actor. If Diljit was lead than why shahid was nominated in best actor category?

Who said so? Debut awards can go to anyone whether it's lead or supporting.

The previous format of 40 years said so

Parineeti wasn't lead in her debut and she won best debut award.

Daljit always come around as a gentleman (at least that's what I noticed in his interviews) Just because harshvardhan look like a homeless guy it doesn't mean you can beg for each and every debut award. Stop cribbing and work hard cuz you were even worse thn Sonam and let's not talk about your face. Ewww

Harsh and Sonam, learn a thing or two in the etiquette department from your parents

Harsh has a spark in him... don't write him off... given a good script, he will do better than Anilk. But lady luck has to bless him too.

Anil Kapoor thought that they will give Harsh that award because that's what happens every year, all star kids be it Tiger or Suraj always get best debut award that's why he didn't buy it otherwise he'd do that to make his son happy

Harsh you are not a good actor yet...accept the truth and move on...THE END...

Fawad,isn't he the actor who was launched by sonam...and later run from her and never look back.!??it says so much about this unbearable family...and sonam who got him filmfare please don't that guys I don't think fawad cares about the awards...

IMHO harsh is right. If let's say SRK does a Tamil film he will not win best debut award. Dhanush, Diljit and Fawad didn't deserve it on that criteria but Harsh's performance was absolutely pathetic no way in hell he deserved the award.

Reversing the scenarios results in a completely different perspective towards this whole issue. So how many people are aware of SRK's work? Definitely more people are aware of SRK's work than Diljit's work. Therefore, if SRK starts working in the Tamil or Punjabi movie industry, giving him an award is not equivalent to giving Diljit an award. Also, how likely do you think it is that something like that would actually happen? Very slim right? Isn't it more likely that someone who caters to a regional audience would join Bollywood? Also, the best debut award is not the award for the best debut in all film industries. It is the best debut award for the Bollywood film industry, so it's Diljit's debut award for debuting in Bollywood?

erm, wasn't Diljit in a hindi movie in 2008? And just because Fawad and Dhanush won before him doesn't make it right. A real newcomer should have won. Period!

And all the talks of humility: what was he expected to say? He won already, it is easier to be thankful when you won. sorry but Harsh is right to protest this.

LOL..What BS..U don't make any sense...UP was Diljit's first Bollywood movie and he was brilliant in it,,Same was with Fawad and Dhanush..And Harsh was awful in that terrible movie..So instead of protesting he should start learning acting..

Diljit is a sweetheart and a really good actor. He was outstanding in Udta Punjab. Harsh should be intimidated by Diljit's talent.

Diljit is a seasoned actor, Harsh is a newcomer. They are not in the same league. I personally wish them both the best, but Harsh is right. I doubt he would make a fuss if another newcomer won.

Diljit is right...At least Filmfare got this right this year..Last year Sooraj Pancholi won this award over Vicky Koushal which was a travesty of highest order.

Good point Diljit.. Why didn't Harsh speak up when Fawad or Dhanush who both starred opposite Sonam won debut awards?? Where was Harsh's tongue then?? Just because Harsh didn't get the award he is feeling bitter and targeting Diljit .. but Diljit is a solid guy and a good actor and singer.. he even said that he sings to make money for himself unlike over entitled Harsh who's living off his father and sister.. has Harsh ever had a real job?

I would be too if my effort is not recognized and goes to someone who had an unfair advantage. Harsh wasn't in the industry back then when these two won. Dhanush himself was not very happy with the debutant nomination as he knows he is a seasoned actor.

I love Fawad but his win wasn't right either as he is not a debutant. I guess he could get away with it because he was a tv actor & from another country. Diljit should have been nominated with Shahid, not the newcomers.

Let me just make the point that as the son of Anil Kapoor and the brother of Sonam Kapoor (who was the actress opposite both Dhanush and Fawad), Harsh didn't have to be ap art of the industry to make his point. Also, Sonar's sister might have produced Fawad's film. I am pretty sure they would have congratulated Fawad for winning? So why are there such double standards or has Harsh's opinion suddenly changed because this time he lost the award to another actor? Now if we are going to talk about "seasoned" actor vs. newcomer. Let's think about the fact that how much privilege and advantage Harsh has over Diljit in a lot aspects. One being, Diljit doesn't belong to the industry either. These people are new to him and unfortunately some of them are not very accommodating. Have you seen Rajeev Masand's interview with Ranbir,Shahid, Amitabh, Sushant, and Diljit? It is clear that they all know that Diljit feels uncomfortable when talking in English yet when they converse with each other they only talk in English. I am sure Rajeev and the rest of the group understands Hindi, so why would they only converse in English? Makes no sense. Now, I am not using that to justify why Diljit should have gotten the award, but was just curious to see why people don't notice that as some someone who is not from a Bollywood family, Diljit does have disadvantages compared to Harshvardhan.

I think Harsh is disappointed due to his own expectations from his own level of commitment that others failed to acknowledge in terms of box office failure and no awards. If you see from his point of view, he put in 2 years of life to prep for the role, mainly physical aspect and stunts, that was hard work for him that he put in, thinking it will be rewarded. Now he feels let down by failure. Instead of ranting and showing his entitled attitude, he should assess why he failed and how can he improve, and stop doing your work with an expectation of acknowledgement and reward. He is let down by himself, nobody else.

Glad Daljit gave me back what he deserves!

Diljit is such a sweetheart watching his interview on the roundtable with Rajeev Masand was a treat. He didn't know who Tom Hanks was it was so sweet.

This was an exact comment here on pinkvilla..So I guess it's true all the stars do read pinkvilla! Love Diljit though he's amazing

Just to let you know it's possible for different people to think the same things lol

Now that is how you shut up arrogant people - with genuine humility.

Diljit is such a humble and down to earth person. His answer is spot on. If you are son of a Bollywood actor that doesn't mean you are entitled to win awards with your debutant mediocre film and below average acting.

Karma coming back at Anil Kapoor? While he and Jackie Shroff were rivals he always got away with the awards (don't know if he bought or won) but Jackie always used to feel disappointed.

Come on Diljit shouldn't say this. Logic and being humble has no place in this buisness.

Coincidentally both fawad and dhanush won awards working opposite sonam . But sonam and harsh wont let facts from letting them be stupid

harsh is just salty.
Diljit TOTALLY deserved his award. and he's so sweet and humble!

turns out a millionaire dad couldn't give the best education to his stuck up son.

Good he reacted to it and such a spot on reaction. Interestingly both dhanush and fawad were sonam's co-star. He should have consulted his sister over the matter.

I havent watched Mirzya, but Diljit was absolutely amazing in #UdtaPunjab.. He really deserved that award. And as he rightly said, he isn't the first one. There were many who won the best debut award despite having worked in other industries as well...

He wasn't the lead in Udta Punjab. Debutant actor award is for the lead actor.

Right. Diljit did not ask or buy nomination nor he bought award. Filmfare had to give to him so that they look fair! Lol they have lost credibility long back..........

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