Kahani Main Twist! Harshvardhan Kapoor apologizes to Diljit Dosanjh, puts an end to the debutant award controversy

Harshvardhan Kapoor, who took to Twitter to slam the Filmfare awards because they handed the Best Debutant (Male) award to Punjabi heartthrob Diljit Dosanjh, has now apologized to the Punjabi singer-actor.
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Another controversy bites the dust! Harshvardhan Kapoor ruffled numerous feathers when he took to Twitter to slam the Filmfare awards because they handed the Best Debutant (Male) award to Punjabi heartthrob Diljit Dosanjh. 

Harsh felt that his performance in Mirzya deserved award than Diljit's Udta Punjab, considering the latter has done numerous films in Punjabi industry already and by the calculation, it is not Dosanjh's first film. 

The controversy accelerated when the magazine's executive editor slammed Harsh for his opinionated comments. The actor too indulged in the war of words and later told a leading daily, "Although I picked up two debutant awards earlier, I was really looking forward to winning the black lady. But I guess every awards event has its own parameters. I'll be honest, though. I think a debutant award is meant for someone working on his first film. It shouldn't go to an actor who has worked in several films in another industry or language." 

In an interview recently, Diljit reacted to Harsh's rant and humbly replied, "Koi na Koi na. I didn't feel bad at all. I am a huge fan of Anil Kapoor and Harsh is the son of a big superstar. I know that Dhanush got an award, who has worked in many South films and Fawad Khan also got an award, who is a star in Pakistan. I am not the first example. So it is not ethically wrong. People's love is the biggest award."

After much hullabaloo, Harsh has now finally apologised to the musician-actor and tweeted about the same. Interestingly, Harsh's father Anil Kapoor is also tagged in the tweet. He posted, "Love you to sir, have lots of respect for you and your body of work sorry if I said anything that came out wrong @diljitdosanjh @AnilKapoor"

Guess this means all is well that ends well!?

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I didn't feel bad at all. I am a huge fan of Anil Kapoor and Harsh is the son of a big superstar. ohhhhh the shade!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever. It IS silly for a seasoned actor to be given a Best Debut award.


Now I feel bad for Anil Kapoor. At least Sonam has grown up a little bit but seriously why are they so entitled? Anil didn't cause this much issues and his children are making a mockery out of him.

Thing with Sonam is, she may be bratty but she never came from a place of malice. Maybe a little jealous, even arrogant, but never did any of her comments come across as this offensive. She just came across as a little air-headish. But Harsh? He just seems like a very, very mean person.

Even if Diljit should not have been nominated, there were more deserving male debutante than you harshvardhan!

Harsh is honestly really silly. When did he start thinking that Bollywood awards are fair? It's not just about the Best Debutante Award, most of the deserving people never win an award. Everyone is buying their award to become popular, there is no such thing as a deserving winner anymore. If he wants to talk about how the Bollywood Award system is unfair then he should address all the issues and not just whine about that one category.

Grow Up!

I am honestly curious as to how Harsh's career will turn out. He's not talented, looks down on mainstream movies, talks bad about a colleague, fights with magazine editors, has zero charisma or charm, no good looks either... like, the only thing that he has going on for him is that his dad is Anil Kapoor...

You know what, Eff you AK's son. I ain't spending my $$ on your crap ass movies anymore. Especially not with that attitude and entitlement. Experienced actors from regional industries have won Filmfare debut awards, but none of the other contenders have created such a stinker before. Poor Diljit goes out of his way to quell the controversy, and THEN this man thinks he needs to apologize? It's just a face-saving, self-serving thing.

So much arrogance, and so little to show for it. What a turn off!!

Well, anil Kapoor's children are "brutally honest" with their insecurity and jealousy.

Ugh i wish Harsh didn't have to do this, as he was & still is right. But eh, criticizing Diljit's win doesn't mean he doesn respect his craft. So, there is that. The industry need to put up better awards shows & then nominate people correctly. Period

From now on only referring to this kid as "Anil Kapoors son" because that's all he is

I am huge Sonam fan and I am utterly disgusted by Harshvardhan Kapoor's entitled and arrogant behavior over something that in my opinion he has not earned yet. His acting is alright but nothing to brag about. Also, those attacking Sonam's fandom in the middle, let me tell you, Harsh received a whole lot of flak from them as well. Go check Twitter, its still there. I don't know why kids these days don't learn humility. His apologies is half hearted and I am pretty sure Anilji stepped in here and probably made him apologize. Why else tag your dad in it. What is most sad in this whole scenario, that Harsh just like Sonam a few years back when she just ran her mouth without thinking much doesn't realize is people mock his father because of him. Anilji otherwise has nothing against him to be mocked about but his kids drag him down. If I were either one of them, I'd be super ashamed of doing that to my dad. I used root for him but he is too high and mighty for my liking. Daljeet, God bless.

its a non apology..its like saying something cruel to someone and then saying 'sorry if that hurt your feelings'. his 'opinions of entitlement' and 'opinion that diljit did not deserve/ qualify for that award' remains the same. he just regrets that the words didnt come out in a way that would have had a positive reaction instead of this backlash he is currently experiencing from the audience.

Good he didn't get away with arrogance like his sister has been able to. For someone with a major flop, no screen presence, no acting talent, that takes a lot of self importance to demand an award! I'm honestly shocked! Only in Bollywood. Now hope his sister is made to eat the humble pie as well one of these days. Been long overdue.

Runs in the family... No talents.. Rambling and crying over awards! The entire family is such a vain bunch!

Diljit is so humble. He was eloquent, done Punjabi cinema proud. Harshvardan Kapoor needs to go it took him two year to come up with that poor performance Lord knows how badbhis next will be after how long. You didn't deserve the black lady, take a bow, go home and talk to papa about alternative career options.

In fact his sister sonam kapoor admitted on neha dhupia show that she hasn't watched Mirzia. And he's expecting an award.

A Star is not made by Awards, they are made by the love and respect that they give to their fans and colleagues; which in return they get from their fans.

Like sister like brother.. Both are full of themselves..sigh wish they were talented enough to back their tall claims

He's the epitome of nepotism, at least sonam is pretty. Harsh is before average looking, can't act for shit, zero screen presence, yet he already has a movie in the bag, when his debut flopped

Have you seen your film before commenting? You didn't deserve the award Mr.Kapoor and you can't act! Period

Just say anything you want Harsh because none of it will matter as your time in Bollywood will be very short. You will be forgotten in another years time

Arrogant Harshvardhan

Not sure what he means by "came out wrong". It came exactly how he said it. But this is the closest to an apology that anyone will ever get. So...

BTW, Diljit tweeted him first and Harsh had no choice but to respond. Diljit basically killed him by his humility

Finally better sense prevails.

Maybe his dad made him apologise.

he ONLY apologised cos diljit tweeted him first! arrogant prick.

maybe anil kapoor had a go at harsh for saying it in the first place? why else is he tagged in the post? i agree with harsh on his opinion but he DID NOT deserve an award. maybe they should get rid of the debut award in the first place...i don't see any other countries doing it!

Actually France, with the prestigious Cesar doing it. But there is the category nominees.

Not controversy but Harshu baby bites the dust. BTW why tagging your dad when replying to Daljit? Yaha bhi papa ji ka support? He definitely read PV and hence the so called apologize. One suggestion, when you are bad at your work try to be humble. In thug lingo " Awaaz neeche"

Damage control. Too late me thinks haha

Haha papa said to apologise

Lol. Obviously this is just to save face. People are not stupid.

Harsh I didn't watch ur movie because u came across as overconfident spoilt brat and I am glad With my decision.you don't have looks nor talent so I don't know where ur overconfident is stemming from.

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