She probably charges 5-6 lakh dollars for an IG post, for a video I don't know what it would be! - Diljit on working with Kylie Jenner

Diljit Dosanjh speaks about Anushka Sharma starrer Phillauri and his fascination with reality star Kylie Jenner.
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Diljit Dosanjh is on cloud nine these days. His Bollywood debut Udta Punjab fetched him the coveted Filmfare Debut Award and his performance was hailed by the masses.  

Diljit, who is a superstar in Punjabi cinema, is extremely popular amongst his fans, thanks to his successful music videos and singing talent.

For his next stint, Diljit will be seen with Anushka Sharma in Phillauri, wherein she is playing a spirit bride. In an interaction with a daily, Diljit spoke about his next release and his fondness for reality star Kylie Jenner!

Dosanjh, who will play a village rockstar in Phillauri shared, "Anushka ma'am and I hardly interacted in the course of the film and that helped us play our characters better as we play lovers from a time when ankhon hi ankhon mein pyaar hota tha."

For the uninitiated, Diljit has been in the news for his online fascination with Kylie, since netizens saw him complimenting in Punjabi on the 19-year-old reality star's Instagram posts. "Mainu changi lagdi hai, ki kariyan?" (I like her, what can I do) said Diljit, coyly.

Will Dosanjh collaborate with Kylie on a music video soon, if given a chance and he said, "Woh bahut mehenge hain jiFor an Instagram post, she probably charges five-six lakh dollars, for a video, I don't know what it would be. If impressed with my work she decides to work with me, it might happen..."

Diljit and Kylie in one frame... Which song comes to your mind!?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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He's not into her like that. He has a lot of pics of people that he thinks are just really cool and that influence him. He likes Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Kylie Jenner but it's because of her swag and attitude and her style. Diljit is really into style and someone's swag and he lets that influence his music and his videos. That's why his do you know video had a Kylie look a like.

I have always known anushka is unffeindly.couldn't even interact with diljeet

I think people have forgotten how to take humor in a humorous way! Relax guys

He is just very innocent lol..I just see a young boy commenting on Kylie's post,I don't see anything wrong in it, even if he married ,he can have a crush lol

I'm a girl and I like Kylie too.. it's not her looks but that at such young age she's managed to create her own identity among the Kardashian clan rather than just sitting around wasting family money..

isnt he supposed to be married?

She's too young for him, barely legal..

That's a kid.

He calls Anushka, Anushaka ma'am?!? That's crazy! Only cuz she's the producer? She's most probably younger than him.

hahahaha its funny. Its just the usual fan thing, nothing wrong. Celebs are human too.

kylie is hot but she's so young

I honestly doubt he likes her. She just doesn't seem his type.

lol his obsession is funny! hes cute

Do you know ;)

He spounds like a sweet person

So bloody creepy!! I liked him till i saw this

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