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South stars Amala Paul and AL Vijay are officially divorced

South stars Amala Paul and AL Vijay finalized their divorce settlement today and got officially separated.
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It was in 2014 that filmmaker AL Vijay tied the knot with actress Amala Paul. As expected, their wedding created quite a buzz in the industry. However, rumours of a divorce began to crop up soon after. There was a buzz that Vijay’s parents were not happy with Amala’s decision of continuing to act. 

Amala's friend had revealed to a leading daily that she was being harassed by her in-laws. The friend had said, "Amala and Vijay had no differences between them; it's the pressure from Vijay's family that led to their split. Since his parents were against Amala acting in films after marriage, she decided to take a break from commercial films. However, she had to finish shooting for the three films that she had signed before her marriage. Vijay was quite supportive and even when there were rumours linking Amala with certain superstars, he didn't let any of that affect their relationship. He always gave her the respect she deserves, both, as a wife and an actor. But his family constantly nagged her with incriminating questions about her career and personal life. Vijay was aware of this but he was helpless on many occasions. Since there seemed to be no other solution in sight, they both decided to go for a divorce."

Well, the couple went ahead and applied for a divorce in 2015. However, they were officially granted divorce by the Chennai district family court, as of today. Family court judge Irusan Poonguzhali granted the decree of divorce citing that the couple had completed the separation period.

For the uninitiated, the two met on the sets of the 2011 film Deiva Thirumagal and fell in love there after. 

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Her first kannada movie Hebbuli released today:)

This is for the better Amala. Hope you find peace and happiness

Sad Vijay COULD NOT STAND UP FOR AMALA....wot a Spineless person this guy is

One more reason for a married couple to move out of their parents house and make another one for themselves.. this trend of family poking their nose into everything is too much to take..

Amala Paul has a combination of Deepika and Priyanka's looks! A face merger of sorts. Google her! It's unbelievable!


Thats so sad..

amala is such a sweet soul not only a beautiful girl. al vijay made his opinions publically known as did his father (without realizing how appalling their patriarchal views were). the public has already judged them but still amala gave such a flattering and generous impression of her ex-husband.

No one knows what happened my friend. I agree its wrong whet he and father did. We still don't know what happened. There are rumors down in south where a famous actor involved in this matter.

Yes, linkups with Dhanush is heard constantly. One never knows the real story

sad....i wish nobody such. Even my enemies not!

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