Saif Ali Khan on Trump: I think America was angry!

Saif Ali Khan who is currently promoting Rangoon expressed his views on President of the United States Donald Trump.
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The world was a standstill when the final votes were out and Donald Trump overtook Barack Obama as the 45th President of the United States. 
As the US is undergoing a major change and getting used to POTUS Trump, a leading daily asked actor Saif Ali Khan who is currently promoting his movie Rangoon about his views on Trump. 
He said to the daily, "I think America was angry, and they did the one thing they could do, which is vote. And they must have felt good for a few days but then have themselves been panicking that what have we done (laughs), I think. As a Muslim, I don't know... I think they just wanted a change. I don't think we can think of America as just New York and LA, I think there are all those people who don't have jobs, Middle America... And he's promised them that we'll make it happen again, our country and all this kind of stuff... Whether Islamophobia helps - I mean, the Nazis were against the Jews to develop a national identity against a shadow of themselves, which is the Jew. The Christian has done that historically with the Muslim. That's been done since the first Crusade, right? And it unified Europe, the first time it happened. Pope Gregory said to the Knights, let's stop fighting with each other and fight them, and liberate the Holy Land. Though there's no such thing as 'The Muslim', you just create this thing, people are individuals."
What is your take on Saif's statement? Let us know in the comments below. 
Rangoon, which also stars Kangana Ranaut and Shahid Kapoor is directed by Vishal Bhardwaj and is slated to release this Friday

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I'll let you is on a little all rich Indians here is the US are the epitome of "white privilege" flaunting their wealth and sending their kids here to school. hypocrites.

Saif its not what you think , you have borrowed this thought from micheal moore , CNN panels and other news networks . That is why i don't like saif's analysis he is a pseudo intellectual who borrows ideas from others and spreads them like his own. He lacks oringinality .

I live in the US haan dilli se hoon behen........

He makes sense. Basically, he is saying that all those uneducated, lower class white Americans went out and voted, and voted for Trump because he promised them jobs. The immigration, racism, etc. Trump said all worked in his favour, because those that voted for him are mainly failures in life, and need a scapegoat. So they blamed Muslims and other immigrants for "stealing jobs". And since Trump promised to kick them out and build a wall and all that nonsense, those lower class uneducated whites became blinded by hate and voted for Trump. About NYC and LA, what he is saying is America isn't just the rich, urban, open minded societies like LA and NYC, etc. Middle America also exists, and it is what consists of the lower class, uneducated white supremacist.

This is really ironic when you consider where the author of this post is from.

RIGHT on the money Saif, astutely put and he doesn't even live here in the US.


ok captain obvious..


I live in the in the US, and his comments are right on the money

How is he unclear? Everyone experts included cite the same thing. Americans are angry, they are over the establishment which trump isn't a part of. And no America isnt just the urban centres desi's watch in movies middle America put Trump in officen

He is a really good example of a moderate Indian Muslim

Saif is trying hard to sound intelligent and historian.

I live in the US and what Saif said is nonsensical.

Saif is one like a person who wants to sound clever by putting everything he has ever read about in his life in one statement. He hopes people think of him as someone who is intellectual, but honestly, most of what he said does not even make sense!

He actually makes sense here! This is coming from somone whose usually annoyed by Saif's "I read Dostoevsky so I'm better than you" attitude

He's quite articulate. The person that wants a break down seems thick!

He is right and people should read carefuly and try to understand his statement.

Didn't know Saif was also a sociologist, I thought he was just an historian...

Lets face it. Trump is an idioit and he is definitely going to start a war that causes more destruction and pain

Can someone break it down what he is trying to say because he is just coming across like one of those rednecks in the south or the KKK trying to justify themselves. Trumps logo is Make America white again and nothing else. Saif you are just another brown person to him him, you're not an exception. No free pass.

From what I understand he's implying that this is America's way of saying we're tired of the establishment. Washington is overrun by greedy politicians who work in favor of rich corporations instead of the people. Now why anyone would think Donald Trump a multimillionaire is the answer to this problem is beyond me, but here we are alas.

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