#ThrowbackThursday: Madhuri Dixit shares a breathtaking picture of hers as Devdas's Chandramukhi!

Madhuri Dixit shared a still from her movie Devdas on her Instagram page.
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There is no denying that Devdas is Madhuri Dixit Nene's one of the most best movies of her career which has captured the actor in her true self portraying both her acting and dancing skills. This masterpiece by director Sanjay Leela Bhansali' brought to us an array of emotions by the actor, captivating our minds and souls. Her flawless dance moves and hard hitting dialogues were nothing less than a visual treat for her fans. 
Bringing back the rush of memories, the dancing queen shared a still from the movie on her Instagram page. Madhuri portrayed the role of Chandramukhi, a lady who falls in love with a heart broken Devdas, oh-so-beautifully. 

Madhuri looks breathtakingly gorgeous in the still from the movie. ​"​Stepping into character is the thrill of acting​," read the caption and we couldn't agree less!

Madhuri's character in this love saga was loved and appreciated by one and all. The 49-year-old actor, who has always been known for her impeccable dancing, gave a new dimension to her talent as she danced to the tunes of Kathak master Birju Maharaj in the song​ 'Kahe Chedd Mohe'. 
Along with the domestic audience, the movie was also well-received overseas with the viewers going gaga over the gigantic beauty that was presented to them. The movie which was also nominated for the BAFTA Award for Best Foreign Language Film, also starred Shah Rukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in the lead roles.
While we continue to drool over this evergreen beauty, let us know what do you think about the picture in the comments below. 
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When is this madhuri's scene in devdas?

My whole family loves her.

So this woman was ALWAYS so OTT.

Do you have a film to talk about, Madhuri? Is no one in B-town interested to sign you?

Yawn....am so bored of Madhuri's constant throwbacks. Guess she's still living in the past because she has no future left.

May Lord give positivity to haters as well as fans pretending to be haters. Oh God plz save this world.

madhuri dixit should change her style and go bold in movies in today's time, she's still hot and can easily be in todays top actress too like in her hey days...

Always thought Sri Devi was more good looking and better actress than her. PV post it.

all time fave. she brought so much innocence and playfulness to chandramukhi

An artist stops growing when s/he gets stuck in his/her own image. Perhaps this is what has happened with Madhuri Dixit. Wake up Mads. Reinvent. Rediscover. Stop living in the past

Stop living in the past. Time has flown by.....Wake up !!!

Fantastic dancer. Average actress. Self obsessed person.

I really want her and Sridevi to do more films. Can't wait for mom. Hope madhuri signs a film soon worthy of her talent

Greatest dancer india has ever produced. Average actress on the other hand. She's achieved success most can only dream of

Best Actress Ever

Best Actress of Bollywood ever. I Love you lods mam

Best Actress of Bollywood ever. I Love you lods mam

She is The Diva of Bollywood. Please haters stay away from her posts.

Where is news on Mom?

All she does nowadays is throwback to her old films. Not to forget, the stupid dance shows too. Can't even begin to think how embarrassing this must be for her fans! Only a couple of days till she runs out of decent work to throwback to. Then what Ms. Nene?

Madhuri and Sridevi, please sign a film together.. It will be a sure shot blockbuster.. Lots of love, from a Ash fan..

madhuri will be desparate, but not Sridevi. Sri has better things to do because better things are coming to her.

Sridevi might have better things to do but her fans definitely don't.

Flop actress using her old movies to stay relevant. Tricks like these will not get you movies!

Good to see so many people still jealous of her success. As a fan Im disappointed in Madhuri that she isn't doing any movies since 2014 but thanks to haters they always keep her relevant by clicking on her posts and leaving negative comments.

I would rather put it this way - fans of madhuri are getting a taste of their own medicine.

The most negative comments are on the posts of sridevi and her daughters. Now I know why!

Aishwarya is the most beautiful woman I know…but her virtues extend beyond the surface. She is a global brand, a true Indian torchbearer of elegance, grace and poise. She stands tall and proud as a daughter, wife, mother and actor.”

Okay... What's your point?

As a Aish fan, I would say stop dragging Ash into others post. This is what KJo said about Ash in a interview, not Madhuri. PV please post

This is what KJo said about Ash in a interview.

Her role in Ae dil Hai mushkil took all her apparent poise and grace away ....I never thought she would essay that type of role

What was wrong with the role? A mature woman can't portray a confident and sexy artiste on screen? She did nothing inappropriate in the movie that she hasn't already done first of all it's not like she hasn't done bedroom scenes she did do shabd. Also its not like she was making out or straddling anyone she just danced a little on the club floor.. stop being such a prude! it doesn't take away at all from her personal life and values - she is an actress! Just like when people "lost respect" for Amitabh when he did Boom.. like that was just a movie! It was actually very Hollywood

Who cares what u thought??..don't drag Ash everywhere, hater!!-_-

Why would any actor shy away from any role? Please stop dictating women what to do..

Madhuri is a living legend.......an inspiration to all.Her beauty her charm everything represents Indian colour.

She was famous because of her dancing for some classy & some sleazy numbers. She wasn't a GREAT actress though. overrated for sure.

She was famous because of her amazing looks, her beautiful figure, her perfect smile, her personality and overall attitude and package that made men fall in love with her. You feel something when you look at Madhuri and she smiles at you on screen. She had amazing screen presence and for the acting that was required at that time - in the 80s and 90s they had a totally different style - she was awesome! She also did do a lot of different roles as well (remember how she bit SRK's hand in Anjaam). And for the record - there's nothing wrong with being known for your perfect dance skills. It's like nowadays people want to forget that that is one of the biggest things that Bollywood had to offer and we all LOVED it. Nowadays you don't see any proper dancing, no songs like Nimbooda (I know that's an Ash song but one of the most recent dance numbers I can think of), no one who is even qualified to dance like that and no one that can even move their face with proper expression. Dancing perfectly and with expression like Madhuri and Ash is not as easy as you think it is why do you think we only have 2 people like this in our lifetime? Give them respect where it is due. Madhuri was a superstar who has been through actors from Anil Kapoor to Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan - she got married as a huge star, left the country and became a house wife in America and then came back and still has a successful career. Why would you knock her down? Do you really think a woman like her should be a housewife shopping in Walmart? PV please post.

She knows well how to stay in news.

Overrated actress

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