Kangana Ranaut - My scenes in 'Rangoon' were cut

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National Award-winning actress Kangana Ranaut says she felt shattered when a few of her important scenes were edited by the makers of her forthcoming film "Rangoon".

Directed by Vishal Bhardwaj, "Rangoon", also starring Saif Ali Khan and Shahid Kapoor, released on Friday. It is set during World War II. 

"I never thought people would appreciate my performance as many of my scenes were cut. They were important for my graph," Kangana said in a statement.

"When I came to know that a lot of my scenes were cut, my hopes were shattered. I thought people would just find my work average. But in spite of that people like it so much so I'm very happy," she added.

Earlier, it was revealed that Kangana's character in the film is loosely based on actress-stuntwoman Fearless Nadia. 

However, in an interview with IANS, Kangana said: "I think there is some legal hassle around that. First of all, we cannot comment on a matter when it's already in the court, but we can assure you that it (my character) is not based on any living or dead person."

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hope her arrogance calm down or else, simran will b worse than katti batti

Public has completely rejected Kangana Ranaut. Rangoon is not just a flop but a huge DISASTER.

The article makes her look really bad. She did not say it like this at all. Deepika fans need to calm down and watch the original video.

HR and some DP fans are hilarious. Trying to use whatever they can to spread hate against Kangana, forgetting their own favs dirty deeds.

Deepika and Hrithik fans are evil. they brought this movie down

DP wanted Rangoon so bad but i can understand her now, now seen the movie. Well HR it's easy to find IP address to find the imposter, if i was really honest i wound just pay that few thousands $ and catch the imposter. PV please post don't be biased. m

Why blame Deepika and Hrithik fans. If Kangana has any real fans they are most welcome to go watch the film and make it a hit or simply accept that she has no fans who like to see her on the big screen. Stop blaming others for your failure.

OK cry-baby, enough now. We get it. Stop.

She is the Biggest Bully of all who starts playing victim when exposed.

When people are not going to watch the movie, doesnt matter how many scenes you hv or not.

I hate to see how media is destroying her image by cleverly picking lines that could make controversial headline. And fools like you'll believe and react! Go watch the video first !!!!!


Kangana shut up

Saw the video she doesn't suggest cut ruined her but says "it was important as a graph as an actor but still very happy". mm

Crying baby starts crying and praising herself. Flop kangana ki flop rangoon.

Ha ha you say Kangana ki Rangoon!!

Ok but you still came out fantastic. mm

I get what she is trying to say. It's ok you were still the best female actor in hindi cinema.

Kangana's performance has been praised everywhere . A movie is all about telling the characters' story on screen . If a scene is too long or not integral to the pic, it will be chopped regardless of who is in it or how good they are.

To throw your director under the bus by suggesting he ruined her character graph by cutting her scenes is the most disrespectful thing an actor can say..that too on the day of the release when the movie is struggling to keep even 10% occupancy. She is a terribly self-centered woman who's trying to make excuses for herself while making others look bad....

She aint perfect but she has the GUTS to be herself. Unlike your whiny depression queen.

You are what's wrong with people. Nowhere in the article she suggests her character is ruined by article and watch the video what she says is the portion they chopped were important for her graph as an actor but happy still for the praise. Stop hating and being jealous for just sake of it. It's unhealthy. mmmmm

Yes Kangana, GO. We don't want you here...

Haters she isn't putting the blame on anyone. She is supporting Vishal's decision to edit her top notch scenes out. She's just surprised even after that the praise has been unanimous for her performance. I wish I could get my hand on her deleted scenes. Hope they release the deleted scenes when they release the BluRay version.

Karma hitting her hard.

Bombay velvet of 2017 :P

Its a flop. Only 10% opening and many shows are cancelled.

Rajjo, Revolver Rani, Katti Batti, I love NY. Flop actress n behaves as if she is Madhuri Dixit.

True. Out of her last 6 movies only 1 is a hit. Rest of the 5 are not just flops but major disasters. Revolver Rani, I love NY, Ungli, Rajjo, Katti Batti all of them not even close to average and also not even critically acclaimed. TWM returns was a hit. Let's see about rangoon. One thing is for sure that she isn't versatile at all. One trick pony!

Remember MD also had many flops too.

Are u kidding me? That was only when she was starting out. After that, she ruled the boxoffice and yet had her head grounded. Not like this Rakhi sawant.

Not to forget Ungli, her release before TWM returns.

Shouldn't wait few days so makers can recover some of the cost before you start badmouthing the movie.unprofessional woman.

She couldn't save the movie regardless. All performances were strong and a few scenes won't change the plot

I am sure due to the 40 mins cut,all of their scenes are affected, She's so self-absorbed and thinks only she is the greatest.

Says cant talk about it and then does.

She's already putting blame without even a complete day release. I feel bad for the not so smart directors who sigh her on and actors who work alongside her. Excuses is for the weak.

Yet you commented on another article that you wished it did well for kangana and Saif? You always write hateful comments about shahid but now you feel sorry for him about kangana? But you criticised him and took her side in your other comments.

she has seen a sign of disaster. Am Saif n Shahids fan but wont watch it cause of this super arrogant woman

She is so gorgeous, and has a face/look/body that would work so well in Hollywood and international cinema.

Hello kangana :)

And mind and attitude.

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