Are Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif teaming up for Aanand L Rai's next?

Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif have reportedly been roped in for Aanand L Rai's next.
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Will you ever imagine Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif sharing screen space? Considering the fact, the two had a common link - Ranbir Kapoor. Well, the two try not to cross paths, but seeing the two onscreen will surely be a visual treat. According to a report in a leading daily, the two have been roped for Aanand L Rai's next starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role. 

If the report is to go by, the characters of Deepika and Katrina are really strong and tad different from each other and the team is planning a big announcement for the same soon. According to another entertainment portal, Katrina will essay the role of a leading Bollywood star, while Deepika will play a rural Indian girl and will romance SRK. 

When we contacted Aanand L Rai, his spokesperson neither confirmed nor denied the reports and added that he is not ready to comment on it as off now and they will soon announce it if true. What do you have to say about this?

Three months back, there were reports that SRK was present at an award show and Deepika who has worked with him in Chennai Express and Om Shanti Om caught up with King Khan for a conversation in his vanity van. Soon, Katrina also joined the two. 

Was it a signal? Well, we will have to wait for the official announcement by Aanand himself!

But, if the two come onboard for his film, it'll make headline and for fans, it'll be a visual treat to watch the two divas together onscreen!

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i want kat ranveer, priyanka sidharth. pair in next movie. . i think kat look very much good with ranveer .and sidharth look best with priyanka i have also watch their ad. .. and it was interesting to see kat and pc togather..

Ranbir and Kat are still together or deepika and rk hav gotten together again but theses ladies won't work together for sure dp is way too hurt rk left her for Kat. And Kat is way too proud of that.

katrina was humiliated when rk ran away when she was in delhi,pride is what she felt once coz he cheated with her but now that he dumped her after trying and waiting around for 7 years,doubt she feels that way anymore,if anything she must be regretting the energy and the time she put to get a ring any it after she failed miserably

who is ranbir??? ranbir was intrested in priyanka chopra during anjana anjani and then he was intrested in deepika when he meet kat then he was intrested in kat. and now he is no where. today ranveer singh he is intrusted in 3 girls deepika. priyanka. and anushka. shais was intrested in kareena then priyanka but know he is married to another girl .these guys have a just filirty kind of nature they will just use actresses and then they leave them . ,so my request to kat, dp , pc you are very beautiful and very talented you all deserve better guy.

Ranbir is Defo dating one of these women and please thy won't work together coz thy both desperate for rk Srk n rk can save them only lol. Pulse Kat will never work with dp..

katrina is flower pot glam girl, deepika is village girl with thick accent and srk playing dwarf between these two tall ladies...the casting for this movie is way too perfect.

katrina can't do it. she has tooth ache

Sonam and Deepika please!

no kat plz

Alr confirmed deepika though she hasnt confirmed it herself, they're probably in negotiations so we'll see

ALR told rajeev,dp is his heroine,so unless she has a change of heart she is in,as for kat,she’s been delivering back to back flops and srk needs a hit so bad,so even though kat was once considered she’s not anymore, even filmfare's editor implied it's a lie,my money is on sonam

deepvin feel never happy to work with kat

Wow even sonam kapoor got fans

Sad that the director ignored sonam's hardwork to get the role. It seems he wants to take a break and not hardwork like he did in neerja making sonam act

Wow two beutiful queen is king khan

None of these two girls have been offered the movie. They want to be offered the movie and are getting there publicist to spread these rumours in hope that they bag the project.

Anand Rai has himself said that Deepika is his leading lady for this film. Deepika hasn't spoken about it. You can google this. What is unverified as of now are the reports about Katrina also being in the movie.

Please sign Sonam or Anushka in the film, Katrina bad acting will bore us to death.But she can do an item dance, this will be great.

Katrina badly needs a hit, she needs Deepika and Srk for that otherwise her career will be over, even Salman will not be able to save her.

Why isn't he casting Sonam in this? He created magic with her in Raanjhanaa.

Sonam and Deepika would've been fireworks!

Just look at the picture above. DP shows her face and has sparkling eyes while Kat covers the right side of her face and always gives the same look

If this is true then what about all those news of Kat will never work with DP?

Why don't they cast someone who can act?? Even Sonam is miles better than kat.

queen of heart vs queen of one expression. Clearly, katrinaDP will outshine Katrina.

deepika is only like to work wirh ranveer or priyanka., other wise she feel jealous of every actress if you watch her then you realize she feel even jealous of ranveer and priyanka... kat is gorgeous lady and deepvin never happy to work with beautiful kat

kat is very beautiful. deepika is average.

Its kat who is very average and Dp very beautiful lol tooth infection

kat . pc. aish. rani are very gorgeous and dp is looking bad ,she is so average ok

Please, God, no. I really cba with their personal drama, which mixed with Katrina's inability to act and Deepika's cockiness, will bring the movie down! I want to see Radhika Apte in this film. She's beautiful AND talented!

Katrina must be fuming over how Deepika has not only raced ahead of her but gets the first pick for good roles. I doubt Kat will do this movie if Deepika's int it. However, her career is on the down low, so I guess beggers can't be choosers.

noooo plz we want new faces

katrina meri jaan!!!!

Casting is perfect Kat looks every bit a star and dp looks village belle even after so much styling makeup etc

Casting Dp is perfect as ahe is a star and can act and kat looks like village item girl even after so much of makeup , styling and surgeries. Post plz pv

Share the movie. You have already shared each other germs through Ranbir.

Srk and dp would be fab in an alr film. If the director wants kat there must be some reason for it, tho she doesn't have much scope besides item numbers

Can they just announce it? Is it SRK/Sonam/Deepika, SRK/Sonam/Katrina, or SRK/Deepika/Katrina? It's a new trio everyday.

Bollywood would have been spared the drama if these two would not have been there. Right from the beginning of their careers they have thrived on relationships and controversies in between them.
Deepika is a better actor but Katrina is better looking.

kat is no comparison to anyone except sunny leone

lol, at least Sunny Leone never lied about her past :P

Wow that would be magical

As long as shahrukh khan is working and ranbir kapoor doesn't get married, these two will earn their bread and butter. Its downhill after that.

she is NO comparison to deepika

nooo and noo .. i had enough with depika and i don't want barbie katrina with srk is soo enough what she did in jab tak hai jaan ...

Deepika must work with actresses like Katrina to be considered a good actress, we all have seen how her acting talent was when she acted alongside Priyanka. Just imagine her working with Kareena, Kangana or even Alia.

Don't think Deepika would mind, but Kat won't do it as she knows her bad acting will be all the more evident in front of Deepika. If comparisons are made there's no doubt Deepika will outshine Kat. Even Bebo said there's no comparison between them as actresses and picked Deepika.

SRK is at a low now and needs a hit actress. Katrina has had back-to-back disasters and lost all her star power. Plus their jodi was criticized in JTHJ, she is the only woman who makes a bad pairing with SRK, King of Romance. DP and him have had hits and are considered a sale-able and popular jodi.

hahahahah desperate Katrina is trying to use Deepika for publicity ..this will never happen because superstar Deepika has more important things in hand to work with second-grade actors

Stop lying Kat! It's DP and Sonam in the film!

It will be boring, one can act great and the other struggles with one expression.

Both can't act. PERIOD.

it will b an advantage to both including SRK

SRK seriously needs blockbuster. so with this two base on what is between them, this movie will automatically b blockbuster if they agree 2

I need this to happen. The promotions will be epic

i want this to happen, so we can compare acting as we did with priyanka and depika

Yes and we all know DP will emerge as a winner. kat cant act. #fact

Deepika will win in acting department.

As a normal working girl, Ive been cheated on with another girl and as a woman we both have moved on and are coordial to each other whenever we meet and IDK why these two cant stand each other?

NOOoooo Deepika don't do it!

Dono flop, Priyanka is the real queen, she is a super achiever, versatile and looks much better than them. Please cast her opposite her real life lover it will be a visual treat for their fans wohoo

Good try Katrina, you are not getting any role. Desperate much. Better luck next time.

I don't think it will ever happen. We all know DP and Kat cannot stand each other. No chance

LOL hilarious. Don't expect them to work together, coz the cold war will never end and their fans will keep fighting forever haha

don't know what to think! I"m going to wait and see! if it's true it's may be a good news and if it's not congrats to they PR! they are going to make the buzz!it's the most important after all!

if thats true, it'll be a sure hit

If this happens, awesome. Promos are going to be hilarious.

Srk DP jodi is awesome while Srk kat jodi is boring. Jab tak hai jaan was a semi hit while all Srk Dp movies are hits.

Jab Tak Hai Jaan was Hit in INdia and All Time Blockbuster overseas.

Hope its not true. Couldn't bear the drama by these publicity hunger women.

kat cant act at all so DP will for sure be the highlight of the movie.

Mr. Anand is just using these two to promote his movie.

Kat Pr using Deepika to stay in news. :p

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