Kareena on Saif’s Rangoon debacle: Some movies are beyond box office collections

Kareena Kapoor Khan today opened up on the Rangoon debacle and said that some films are beyond box office earnings.
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Kareena  Kapoor Khan today graced a channel launch in Mumbai. Pulling off a graceful look for the event, the new mom was seen getting all chatty during the event and also opened up on hubby Saif’s Rangoon disaster.

When asked what she feels about the disappointing box office earnings of the historical drama, Kareena stated that few movies were for actor’s appreciation only.

She said, “Some movies are beyond box office collections. Vishal Bhardwaj’s movies are always a piece of art. A few movies are for the actor's appreciation.”

Earlier, during the Rangoon’s screening, Kareena was all praises for the film and went on to say that she was expecting it to be one of the films of the year.

Kareena elaborated, “I’m expecting it to be one of the films of the year because it is directed by one of my favourite directors Vishal Bhardwaj, who has also made Omkara. I think that people are also expecting that because Saif was so good in that film as Langra Tyagi, which is one of his iconic roles.”

She further said, “The negative characters in Vishal’s films are always very striking. However, there are three stellar actors in this film, Kangana, Shahid and Saif. I like the competition, and there should be one too, because then only they will all give their best. I expect nothing less from them. They are the best performers of the industry.”

However, much unlike her expectations Rangoon has underperformed at the ticket counters and has only collected Rs. 17 crore in five days.

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I really believe Kareena deserved sm1 dashing and young like Ranveer Singh.
She is just 37 and only 2-3 yrs younger than PC and kat but still people treat her as of Aishwarya generation. because her husband is even older than Aishwarya husband.Its sad she could have become mother at 39 instead of 36. Hate Flop Saif.

Also would like to add that VB is the guru dutt for todays time. He faced the same problems.

It was Kaagaz Ke Phool.

Agree.His Pyaasa only got recognition after his death.

A box office hit movie should have few pointers: 1. Item Number 2. Slow Mo scenes 3.Presenting the main lead larger than life giving them many closeups and slow motions. 4. every 5 minutes the audience should crackup while watching the movie. That is what happened while I was watching Dangal in a theatre. Although I personally did not find laughter worthy But majority people are such kind. 5.Dramitic climax. I loved rangoon. At the same time can point out the mistakes for not being commercially viable. For once all the above points were missing. In Vishal Bardwaj's movies he is the hero behind the camera. He does not project his actor to be larger than life. There are no light moments. Audience feel heavy after watching the movie. And that is why they do not choose to go for VB's movie. THE END.

I am a HUGE VB fan and love his movies. I dont go to the theatres for any of the above five reasons, I even loved the commercial flop 7 khoon maaf. But the whole reason I didnt like Rangoon (infact i hated it) was that it didnt look, feel or even sound like what i expect from VB. You are right, he is realistic and the ultimate hero of the film. But this film was shoddy and looked like it was slapped together at the last minute with few songs. You may have loved it and thats your opinion but i understand why not even critics raved about it. It was not something VB can speak about as his best

Poor guy, after marrying her he has just been having flop after flop.

Please go and read her interviews during Bajrangi Bhaijaan. She made so many tacky statements about how she doesn't mind doing unimportant and non-challenging small roles in masala films as long as they are blockbusters. She said actresses say otherwise but are all dying to work with Salman as they get a sure-shot blockbuster. And now she is conveniently saying this? Kareena has been the biggest hypocrite always and this just proves it.

Take a lesson aishwarya- this is called supporting the husband. It comes from heart not for the photo-ops at kabbadi matches.

She's right, but let's not act as though every actor in the game today (I'm talking high brand commercial actors) don't care about box office. This is a standard thing people say when a movie flops - "I'm not in it for the numbers" but when a film does well it's all 100, 200, 300cr club parties. And I've seen Rangoon, I can assure you it is not at all beyond box office numbers lol. The subject matter had so much potential and I still did get teary eyed at some portions, and while the acting was good, something just did not add up. And it's fine to say you're proud of your film but all I'm saying is don't act as though a flop at the box office doesn't hurt these big actors. I long for a day when we get more movies like Tamasha, Masaan, Lunchbox etc who may not be huge commercial hits but speak to a niche audience in a beautiful way.

What are Kareena kapoor hits in last 8 years. ?
Golmaal returns, Bodyguard, Rone, Singham returns, Bajrangi Bhaijaan.
And we all know why these 5 films are hit only and only because of its HEROS.
Saif too is trying same to ride on superstar actress stardom and when film becomes hit he can call it his success like Kareena.
Unfortunately their is no Superstar actress in country right now.
He signed Rangoon with kangana after Twmr, Phantom with Katrina when she was No.1 and cocktail and Race with Deepika during her golden phase.
While Dp gave him 2 hits ,kat gave him an avg kangana gave him a Disaster.Or better say he gave kangana a Disaster.

Ki and Ka (2016) was a hit.

Ya sure our honourable "QUEEN OF FLOPS".

It is a shame that so many people believe Cinema is just an entertainment not an art. As long as audiences are so uneducated about cinema and judge movies based on Box office collections, Bollywood would be the industry of making crap masala movies with actors who just use exaggerated mimics and think this is called acting.

hahahahahaha I knew this bimbo would say something like that to save her face

Lol, yeah keep saying that to reassure yourself about your flop hubby.. just like you keep randomly praising him to the skies saying men in Bollywood don't match up to him as you wanna reassure yourself that you didn't downgrade by marrying him.

ROFL, the film kids and their logic makes no sense. If the film does well they behave like they own the world and if it doesn't they think the audience were not mature enough to catch their great talent. LOL. Kareena lives in her own bubble.

Let's face it, Saif is an all time flop actor with average acting skills and zero star power, even his wife who doesn't have so many hits in her credit is a bigger star than him. His career is already over a long time ago lol. Same goes for Shahid and Kangana, they are a big flop also, the film was expected to bomb by many. Post this pv

Very much true.

I could care less about the fight between the actors and their careers and what not. The main reason Rangoon disappointed me was I couldnt believe VB made THIS film. I always hold him to the highest standards and this film didnt have his touch anywhere.

It's funny to see how Kareena and Aishwarya are happily married, sucessfull, popular, or even more SUPERSTAR and how their husbands are unsucessful. lol.

why is it funny?

Saif is quite successful, he's just not a mass hero and his career is dying out quicker than his contemporaries SRK, Salman and Aamir. Abhishek, had he not been compared with his father so much, would've done better too.

Can anyone tell which waa saif last hit?

the last hit was MAK Pataudi's sixer in the 50s.

LOL. Got curious after your comment and googled it. Apparently its Race 2

It was Cocktail (2012) with Deepika and Diana from his house production and Race 2 (Jan 2013) with Deepika again and Jacky, John and Anil. So it's like 4/5 years

Kangana is not pretty at all without make up and phtoshop. In Rangoon, most of her scenes are without make up and photoshop.

In todays time box office is extremely important to prove actors stardom and popularity. Everyone only remember that your last is a flop no matter how well you acted or how much critics praised you. For rangoon it was a known fact that its a clossal flop bcoz it has no buzz at all. Saif is a flop actor with i guess 7 flop in a row while shahid is bearing a burden of 2 flops and kangana 4 flops. The reason she used dead controversy is that she too aware of rangoon fate. Her off screen persona , no star power and wrf statements cause a huge damage to the movie. Every single fandom hate her for obvious reasons. There is a thin line between being bold and bad mouthing others. Hope she learns some lesson. Post please

what really surprise me is how indians show so much HATRED for saif and kareena, what has they done to you and your family? you people like calling names like flop, because you're jealous,vindictive,vile person, WHAT HAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY,GOT TO SHOW OF, spend time calling names to saif and kareena you have get so much blessing from GOD. Saif and Kareena are blessed thank you smile from london

her fans used to insult Abhishek as flop husband, now its their turn too

How can you blame that hatred is coming from only Indians? Dumbass!

Her fans have been nasty towards others before, it's Karma coming back to her.

Why does she open her mouth?

Bebo, spare us!

Poor Saif, he has always been a big flop, we all predicted the movie to be a disaster at the box office anyway lol

why would rangoon flop affect saif? really he was so very very awesomely good, brilliant, natural actor,besides he has a very small role and he has done justice to his character in the film.HE GOT NOTHING TO BE NEGATIVE ABOUT.The only performers i think of iis the one and only SAIF ALI KHAN,then kangana, also the supporting cast, well to them.GET A LIFE HATERS.focus on yourself and your family.

Hi, Bebo.

Lol. Hi, Bebo.

Yes, some movies are great ; they are praised by critics & appreciated by the classes , but sadly lose out at the box office . However Rangoon does not belong to that category . Nobody really liked the movie -neither the niche crowd nor the masses. Out of all the stars Shahid is reasonably popular having won awards this year for Udtaa Punjab , Kangana is ...well...Kangana, while Saif's last few movies have fared miserably . Irrespective of individual performances ,Rangoon's flop will affect Saif .

I loved the movie......considering the fact that some crappy movies make 100 crores Rangoon was a beautiful movie with amazing performances....so i do not agree that no one liked the movie

sorry I disagree with you here. Just because people don't like movie, doesnt make it bad..Lamhe is a cult classic but was criticized by everyone.

Yes indeed , people do make the most terrible movies . Of course ,there will be people who liked Rangoon , but I personally don't think it is one of those unappreciated masterpieces which bombed (such as Kagaaz ke phool , Mera naam joker or even Lamhe ). People are open to watching different cinema today (such as Dangal) where it will at least enjoy appreciation even if it does not enjoy commercial success. My point is in this large market which watches Hindi movies ,by & large people have not really cared for it which is like a death sentence for the movie (& indirectly stars & director) . Yes , Rangoon will without a doubt be better than a whole lot of atrocious 100 crore hit movies.

Flop Saif, flop Kareena, flop Rangoon. Super duper floooopppp!!! Hahaha

shahid has been a flop from the day two after Ishq Vishq. He sailed on Kareena';s back.

apparently, Shahid is ahead of Saif

Lol what a lame response Kareena aunty, we all knew that it will become a disaster at the box office. Kangana is over now that's what I was waiting for since long

How sad your life must be that you're waiting for someone to be "over". And then you go around calling others "aunty". #ohtheirony

I agree with her. I think you can learn a lot directors like Vishal Bhardwaj for your future although he made movies for a niche market only.

Saif good character actor. He is smart and takes over his roles, adds what he wants interpreting. No dust on him. I do not agree with Kareena about few movies being for actor appreciation. Sounds rather stupid. Saif, best of luck moving forward. You are great.

Kangana role should have been played by kareena kapoor it would have grossed 100 crore
easily, people would have just filled the theatre's to see shahid, saif and kareena together...

Good joke.

looool Sure Kareena sureeee.

Yes correct because some movies are beyond watchable..pathetic

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