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After Shekhar Suman, son Adhyayen trolls Rangoon: Save the Titanic

After father Shekhar Suman, son Adhyayen Suman also took a jibe at Rangoon's debacle and adviced the trollers to save the Titanic from sinking.
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Adhyayen Suman’s ugly tiff with ex-girlfriend Kangana Ranaut is known to all. After father, Shekhar Suman opening up about his dislike for the 29-year-old actress in the “cocaine actress” tweet, the Heartless star has also trolled Kangana on the Rangoon debacle.

Adhyayen today took to his Twitter and posted a pic asking the trollers to save the “Titanic from sinking.”

The 29-year-old actor captioned the pic as “Advice!” and had “In the middle of my script reading! Disturbed again by these parasites (trollers) they might just assume someone else.. #justsaying.. let me give you an advice.. all the money ur making to come here and abuse me go to the theatres with whatever money u have and watch the film.. and save the “Titanic from sinking” cause it is sinking real far as me being a failure is’s debatable.. we will see who will remain a failure and who won’t.. while I work films,  you may mock me here or do something for yourself. Choose wisely” written on it as he addressed the haters.

Earlier, on Rangoon underperforming Shekhar had tweeted “One cocained actress was carrying the burden of her non existent stardom. She has fallen flat on her face n how. Guess this is poetic justice” as he opened a war on social media.

Meanwhile, the Saif, Shahid and Kangana starrer continues with its disappointing run.The historical drama in spite of earning rave reviews has only minted slightly over Rs 17 crore as per the box office reports on its fifth day.

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Quoting a Kangana fan words when she took potshot at HR/DP and using it to Adhyayan: I love his honesty, it's like fresh breath in today's world full of fake people with fake relationships.

What I don't understand is that Kangana never spoke about their break up or anything, so why has Adhyayan gone out of his way to tell the world 4 years (or more?!) after their break up about her?? He is just trying to get attention out of this mess. When Kangana dissed Hrithik she never went into detail about who or what, she made a sly remark but the Suman family is really going at it. They want to see her fail which makes them look miserable and pathetic. I am not supporting Kangana here but this family seems crazy. Kangana should keep her mouth shut now

Sumans are ghumans...

He is after her like she is after hrithik.

Atleast he had a REAL relation with her. Not like her one sided phantasy stalking of HR.

Sooner or later, the sins of your past will catch up with you. That is wat is happening with her.

You have a fan in me Suman

But it's true that Kangana fans are probably sitting here on Pinkvilla defending her but yet haven't paid the money to watch the movie. I know because I'm one of them lol but will try and watch the movie this weekend!

I have no doubts that Kangana wronged you. Bit advice to suman meṅ let your work speak for you. Putting Kangana down wont help your case. Move on.

Hahaha this man needs to take responsibility of his own failures! I guess this is what happens with people like him, need someone to blame for all his life decisions! .. disaapointment! He has to stop obsessing over kangana and move on ! Get a life suman family, i am sure there are other important things in life for you guus .. lol

Adhyana must stop obsessing and stalking the Drama Queen. She hates competition as that is her only claim to fame in the industry. Stalking and taunting.

Why are these Suman guys so obsessed with Kangana??? The relationship got over such a long time ago, we don't see Pancholi stalking her all the time... and if these guys have the guts they should file a case against Kangana just like Hrithik, now have more respect for Hrithik because he went to the court rather than just ranting every 6 months, all of Kangana ex's seem to be silly and sillier !!

Look the Irony. Obsessed, Ranting, Stalking. All of this was done by Kangana to HR who has been harassing him first by her mails and then by her nonstop verbal harassment. Not the other way round. Her own mails proved beyond doubt that she was nothing more than a Stalker to him and he only took action against her after she started taking revenge for her rejection by trying to taint him with Delusional lies. Period.

I think Kangy fans only keep commenting here, they also dont go to watch her movies. LOL

This family is weird.

Yes, but even they are less weird compared to weirdo Kangy

so does your kangana.

Enjoy your 60 secs fame beta... just like last year. The only time you are in news is when you pull "Kangana" down through your words.

middle of the script.. does he even have a script?? :) Liar!!

his failure is not debatable... not by a very very very long shot.

Well said Suman!!!!

He is jealous, kangan rocks,like the fearlessness in

Typical bitter ex and his family , why can't people move on once and for all from their past relations ? Adhyan is a complete flop , what movies is he claiming to be working on ?

To all those going on and on about three national awards - let's face it - they are no more credible than say filmfare or screen. Even saif and arjun rampal have national awards while sridevi, srk, aamir have none. Kangana is a decent actress but there are better actresses and bigger stars than her.

she must have hurt them this much

How has he said anything wrong? Kangana's fans need to put their money where their mouths are. She's supposed to be a crowd puller after 'Queen.' She was acting like she was the hero over Said and Shahid. Where's aunty, grandma and the feminists, not at the ticket window clearly.

Hahahaha Stalker herself gets stalked. Karma.

The comment is in execrable taste especially when Adhyayan's own career is down the doldrums . Obviously the Sumans have never quite forgiven Kangana for their volatile history , but voicing their angst in such a public & personal way is equally wrong. The man doesn't realize that when he fires a shot at Rangoon in this tacky way , he also lands up dissing & hurting Saif , Shahid & Vishal Bharadwaj - none of whom have ever harmed him in any way .

Okay fine she might not have been the best person to you and to your family but these jibes you are making at her are going to get you nowhere. Despite the movie not doing well she's still on top her game!

which game? 2 film wonder with irrelevant National award?

Irrelevant because ur favorite will never win a national award.Lol.

Lol! Guys, I am so entertained right now. Keep going. The comments are actually better than the post itself. I need some tea too! Adhyayen and Kangana both deserve each other.

What is he high on something? Whats with the english/ sentence structure. Its really difficult for a normal reader to understand. Stop blaming your ex from years ago for everything and get on with your life. If acting isn't working out, find something else, even if its small and pays less. No point sitting on your couch and whining on twitter.

love to know which script he is reading? Even Sunny Leone had to read scripts in her previous career.

Both he and Kangana are flop, attention desperate losers.Each time, they open their mouth, they talk shit.

Silly ex

Daddy had also followed up his earlier tweet with gems like "Im too preoccupied feeling proud of Gurmehar Kaur to exult in smones failure." and "be a little human toward smone who has been totally inhuman toward us? You gotta be kidding." About 8 years too late but nevertheless.

He is the Only unmarried man who Kangana went after.

Wow everyone already knew he is jobless but now we know the extent of it lol

The only way to get publicity is by talking about her!! It gives them joy that the movie didn't do well- such sadists!

Yeh abhi tak kangana ki kha rahe hain!

This is Kangana's long lost sister. Adhyayen some advice...Kangana will not take you back nor she will not cast you in her directorial debut. She is happy making films. Her success will not take away your ability to be a success. Move on!!

Adhyayen believes witchcraft has a reverse effect. When kangana fails her with rise because the magic reverses

Shekhar is probably high on cocaine on the Bhoomi sets. Probably expecting Sanjay to give a mega blockbuster so he can have his poetic justice

Kangana was out and about enjoying in Bandra today. She has no time to even respond to this Adhyayen clown and his tacky yester-year father

Kangana always says good things about about actresses/actors. She said she could never pull off the dirty picture like Vidya did. She said rhea/sonam are doing a great job wrt fashion scene, she spoke highly of Jacqueline, Priyanka, Kareena and even Deepika (previous to the award dedication fiasco). She speaks highly of the Khans, Akshay, Ash and Bachans. The media never run those stories. They only twist her words and create fake news.

she has to speak highly of Khans, Akhshay , Ash and Bacchhans. Everyone does in the industry. Does she have the guts to say anything against them and survive? Everyone is not Hritik Roshan

hello kangana

Prosecuted? Seriously? Just because these weak men cannot deal with the ups and downs in life? A woman must be prosecuted?

adhyayen who?.. Jealous ex!

Lol jealous of what? flop 2 film wonder kangana?

A failure like Adhyayan is jealous of three time national award winner Kangana.

Pinkvilla, who is he?

Kangana can't handle success!!! I am not sure she can handle failure either.

The Suman family with their one minute of fame. Hungry for publicity.

LOL... Enjoy your 2mins fame beta... just like last year. The only time you are in news is when you pull "Kangana" down through your words.

He doesn't say anything about her actually and seems to have responded to her fans trolling him of all things. It is absurd. But both the sumans should have kept it classy. What will they get out of talking on it?

She has only paid fans

She was the one who provoked them by taunting with "All exes want to come back to me" Lie. Then, lashes out at her them playing victim card in her interview to a magazine for her publicity. Obviously, they will hit back after the film became All time Disaster. Why did she use his name for her promotions in first place? This woman is a nuisance.

You know Adyayan or whatever your name is, earlier when you spoke rotten against KR I vowed to never watch your movie (if ever you happen to bag one). However now you make me laugh man. I pity you, you seriously need help! Don't give us advice, instead go do something worthwhile with your life.

First vile blows father - son Rakesh and Hrithik. Second nasty duo of father - son Aditya and Suraj. Third nasty duo Shekhar and Adhiyan. Kangana desperately unlucky with pseudo males. Hopefully this time Pinkvila publish my comment

Am Kangana fan and i think its wrong to bring in Rakesh/HR into all this. It is clear that she started that mess for her publicity by spreading lies abt him. And he was forced to bring out the truth as she was spreading more and more lies. Even i wud hv done the same had any random person called me an Ex. Especially, someone who advances i myself kept rejecting.

Vey witty answer by adhyayan!some ppl r such idiots they r questioning abt not marking in movies.first of all he is a mature human being.undestand that.who has learnt a very bitter lesson in life.these kind of women should literally be prosecuted

I agree, he shud stop stalking her and taunting her. After all, She holds the copyright for Stalking, Bullying and Taunting.

Ha ha ha ..100 % agreed. You nailed it man...

Why are her fans so worked up? Chill guys, they are also saying it all in "good humor" just your Kangana keeps mocking all her contemporaries and costars in "good humor". Wat happened to you sense of humor now?

When you throw dirt at others, you are sure to get some right in your face. How lame and immature of him..SMH

One is Flop King, another is Disaster Queen. Both attention seekers and stalkers. They shud set aside their differences and get married. Rab ne Bana di Jodi.

ha ha ... hillarious... really good one

There will be no more TITANIC for kangana. It will be a small boat where she will ride happily alone because no male actor will work with her and she has ZERO star power and overrated mad actress.

He is correct. KR needs treatment.

Have feeling this guy is the imposter who was pretending to be hrithik

Oh Woah ! Could be. This guy was in America, rightt?

To the one who compared kangana with srk...srk is big star not a 2 hits wonder...he didn't use his body to get the stardom (and she later blamed every married man who use and throw her while it's her fault and she did it again and again every time with intentions to break a family...),didn't stalk others and ruined thier reputation when they refused him...didn't blame any one for his failures and didn't put anyone down (she even put her family down while they are just a simple poeple who didn't intend to harm her)...yes srk is arrogant (sometimes I can't blame him bc he had a huge global fan base,money,charm...),cynical but not hurtful at all...and i am not his fan I am aamir fan...
and Gohar I hope you get well soon...don't replay I don't care...
I hope you post PV...thanks

This baap beta make news only when Kangana hits a low phase, this fellows career is about penalizing one of the most talented actors of the time. thats his claim to fame.

Shekhar Suman is spamming this page. LOL

She mocked his failure, so he mocked hers. She shud think twice before mocking those below her or insulting those above her with lies.

what goes around comes around, she keeps stalking hrithik now her ex is doing the same to her, karma.

1000th Lie of Kangana for publicity at cost of others: "All my exes want to get back to me".

Just bcoz she won couple of questionable national awards doesnot mean only she has the right to take digs at others n get away with it. Others are not obliged to tolerate her verbal harassment n Lies.

Lol.Your favorite will never win a national award.

He is only doing wat she does 24/7 for publicity. Taking potshot at others. But at least he had a actual relation to drag unlike phantasy like her LOL.

Just like her digs n potshots at others, even Men hv the right to take digs n potshots at her. They are also "speaking their mind" like her. Am a woman n don't believe this Fake Feminism nonsense that is being used by those like Kangy each time she is given a taste of her in medicine by others. It's a sign of weakness n manipulation.

Million dollar question - who is giving him scripts to read???? Are they out of their mind?

Hahahaha two flop stars fighting with each other. Fact is Public doesn't give a damn abt either of them.

He is right. Kangy fans shud go watch the movie instead of trolling every article with negativity against others. Or maybe she has no fans.

Double standards for men??? Shekar didn't name KR by name, and she does the same about silly exes all the time! If you can give shit be ready to take it also.

I back u Suman

"as far as me being a failure is’s debatable.. we will see who will remain a failure and who won’t." How is it debatable? Everyone knows his career in films has failed, while Kangana is a 3 time National award winning, acclaimed actress.

3 time national award winner lol still a flop actress who has given 2 -3 hits in her career and needs superstar and bring others down to get notice. Arjun rampal too have a national award. speaks volume
post it please

Kangana has more than 2-3 hits in her career, alongwith well deserved 3 National awards. If she was flop, Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns wouldn't have been such huge hits, without any A list star opposite her. It's not just the script or direction. Everyone has seen Vikas Bahl's direction skills in Shandaar. One can't take away her achievements in these films because Arjun and Saif have also won National awards.

Kindly see her filmography and no of hits its not more than 3. Twmr is not a hit due to her but also due to script and luck.Why Rangoon flop when Queen was there? why she fails to give a hit? why katti batti, i love nyc, rajju, ungli or revlover rani washed out? one cant deny that she is flop and get fame after she bad mouth superstars . Before that she hardly get attention despite winning national awards. #fact

Why didn't luck favour Adhyayan Suman? I know her filmography very well to know she has more than 3 hits. Read the reviews of Tanu Weds Manu Returns again, critics pointed out the flaws in the script but audience didn't notice these flaws because of Kangana's superlative performance. She is one of the few actresses who can carry a film on her shoulders. Her performance in Rangoon was appreciated by critics, but still there are many other factors because of which the audience didn't like the film or didn't care to buy the tickets. One of the reason could be Kangana's war of words with Shahid offscreen.

Good an intelligent answer to kangana fans.

Well done Adhayan. You are so damn right. kangana fans are so frustrated due to failure of Rangoon that they are abusing the one who are speaking the truth that too when they are provoked.

He is just speaking his mind like kangana does. Why people are so offended? why bashing him?

Its so easy to pull women down while men inflate their egos and their movie's collection numbers. How come no one says a thing about Saif or Shahid's ability to pull crowds. I think women are easy targets - be it Katrina, Kangana, Priyanka or Anushka. They get surgeries get they get trolled - how about no one says a thing when all the khans get to Dubai for their hair treatments or botox sessions. Kangana has proved herself a number of times and she should not get offended by these idiots. Yes she can learn to be a bit diplomatic and humble but to me she comes across exactly like SRK (who btw should be the same) - self-made, honest, a bit narcissistic and not at all ashamed of all that they have done till now to get where they are. If SRK can say I'm the best why can't KR. But years before we get to equality in real sense.

Hi Anon - totally agree with you! Please make an account and comment more! Welcome! need more people like you on PV.

When have you heard SRK putting other people down 24/7????

all the time - his most famous one - others are good but I'm the best!

Hello Kangana, how is Rangoon's flop treating you.

Hello Kangana. Dont make it a gender war.

Totally agree with you and I am not even her fan.

I agree with Adhyayan Suman. If Kangana can speak her mind out so can he. Why separate rules for her and him.

They didn't get the response they wanted from here we go again. Why is this dude still obsessed?

In the middle of my script reading! -----> bahaha ok dude you and your father lost it, just accept that and move on

Gohar is now afraid to even write something in defense of Kangana on any of its topics, it is silent, but actively commenting Deepika Priyanka and Alia. A good fan, bold

You know the difference between you and me? I'm not a blind fan. I can not like anything my fav actor/actress does or says. I like them for their acting abilities not for their personality. Vidya is the only actress I love not only as an actress but also as a human and I always agree with what she says. With Kangana it's different. She is very talented,bold and brave which I like but sometimes I agree with her sometimes I don't... And if you are stalking me do it properly because I didn't comment on Deepika, Priyanka post for a while.

Agree with ur comment , Vidya's the only actress who comes across as nice & polite to everyone. Nor do we ever see her taking cheap potshots at anyone or boasting about herself .

That's true, I'm her fan since Parineeta and I have never heard her saying anything bad about anyone. She is not even trying to be goody goody, she is just genuinely nice and I love that about her

That's true, I'm her fan since Parineeta and I have never heard her saying anything bad about anyone. She is not even trying to be goody goody, she is just genuinely nice and I love that about her

Shekhar and Adhyaman Suman need to get a life and stop stalking Kangana!

Kangana needs to stop stalking Hrithik and bad mouthing others.

Hrithik first have to stop talking about Kangana just before the release of his films, he is always the first to attack! a lawsuit was in just before the release of the MD and of the statement Rakesh before the release Kaabbil, but in both cases it did not help the films!

When did Hrithik talked about her? mention please? he even didnt took her name its her who started by taking a dig at her. Please Hrithik never talk about her at all before the release of his films. He is talented and doesnt need a flop to promote his movies. its kangana who does that be it hrithik, DP kat or salman. Rakesh dint said it. Kaabil is a hit. post it

Hi Kangana, Coccaine lead to Delusions and Vivid imaginations. Quit it.

Rakesh hello. when you stop to manipulate the box office? shame on you and your son a liar

Kangana, her PR and fans need to stop talking about stalking because Kangana is the official stalker of bollywood. Remember she makes up things in her head and goes on and on about it.

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