Sanjay Dutt on daughter Trishala: She wanted to be an actor and I wanted to break her leg

Sanjay Dutt while talking to a leading news agency said that he doesn't wany Trishala to join Bollywood and for now only wants her to concentrate on her studies.
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Sanjay Dutt's daughter Trishala wanted to be an actress but dad Dutt didn't quite approve of it as he always wanted her to pursue a career in forensic science.
Talking to a leading news agency, Dutt exclaimed that he has invested a lot of time and energy to put Trishala in a good college. "She has done well and has specialized in forensic science and I think that's a great thing to do," Sanjay said.
Asserting that acting is no cakewalk, the Munnabhai MBBS actor further said “Even if she [Trishala Dutt] wants to join the industry, she has to learn Hindi because American (English) will not work here. It is not easy to be an actor. It looks easy but it is quite difficult.”
The actor is currently shooting for his upcoming movie Bhoomi in Agra wherein he will be seen playing father to Aditya Rao Hydari. When asked if there are any similarities between his onscreen daughter and Trishala, he answered in affirmation and said, “Yes, there are similarities but Trishala wanted to be an actress and I wanted to break her legs, which I’m not doing here.” Ouch... this seems a little harsh, Sanjay!
Sanjay even apologised to the mediapersons and offered his trademark jaadu ki jhappi after his bodyguards had got into a scuffle while trying to control the unruly crowd.  "I wasn’t at the set as pack-up happened one hour ago. If I would have been there I wouldn’t have let it happen. If you are angry, I’ll give you jaadu ki jhappi." Sanjay told journalists during the press conference held in Agra.
Well, with a few starkids are expected to make their Bollywood debut soon, it is almost surprising that papa Dutt doesn't agree with it! What do you have to say about it? Let us know in the comments below.


Being born into a family of actors, what kind of nonsense is he saying? Let her do whatever she wants and its your job as a parent to guide her and teach her right from wrong. Such a misogynistic view, ugh just throw him back in jail

She isn't Bollywood material, she just doesn't seem to have the looks or the talent. His statement is harsh though but good on him to prioritize her education.

Sorry but I have to disagree with you. She is 100% bollywood material

He knows,the likes of Kareena and karishma were had in every angle!

The reason why he said no is cos he knows there are men like him in the industry who takes advantage of women in bollywood

I would like to think that Sanju is speaking like any over protective dad would. He has seen the darkest side of industry and fame, so he knows he would do anything to keep his kids away from it as much as he can.

Keep her away? He himself is part of the darkest side of the industry!

Exactly. Knowing himself and what he has been through and subsequently put the family through, why would he want his daughter to be a part of it or go through that? Makes sense??

Different strokes for different folks. Dated Tina, Richa (RIP Ma'am, tears), Kimi, Farah, Rekha, Madhuri, Ria, and married an item girl. That should be more than handful number of legs.

Madhavi , Nadia Durrani , Rati Agnihotri.......

Lisa Ray as well.

Exactly Bollywood fan luver ...he should had let her be another sonam and harsh...leaves her education and pouncing around in designer clothes, attacks others and being a sour loser and the wtf statements will be her way to stay in on he as parents want the best for her and acting not for everyone and maybe he seems harsh but we all hear the same words from our parents...ok you don't like him guys but please appreciate that he forced her to study and didn't forced her on the poor audience...
I hope you post guys...thanks

So his mother can be an actress but his daughter can't? What logic... maybe because by the time it was his daughter's turn men like him were abusing their position as actors and pushing themselves on all of their costars in the name of getting them better roles and recommending them. Ugh.

Okay, what a nasty way of saying no to his daughter. She has every right to be an actress as he does....look at the kind of life he has led, I am sure she would have been smarter than him.

What a shitty thing to do to your child. What about HER dreams? & wasn´t her mother an actress herself. Sanjay Dutt is just garbage for this move. What loving father threatens his child with physical harm to get his way. Trishala could have tried & there is no age limit in studying something else, espeially when you are as rich as the Dutts.

Watch his latest born baby girl get to do what she wants later on when she grows up.

Sanjay Dutt was always a chauvinist

i wonder if his mother threatened to break his leg when he announced he wanted to become an actor..and the subsequent decades of drug abuse womanizing and criminal activity and jailtime. classic male chauvanist


While I don't approve of him stopping his daughter from acting due to the wolves in the industry ( he also belongs to the pack) ,it's commendable that he encouraged her education unlike other Bollywood kids . Nor do I think anyone would have messed with his daughter .

He didn´t encourage her, he forced his dreams and vision on her. That´s the difference.

I think it's bcos he knows firsthand how nasty the industry males can be . And yes, he is very sexist too.

it is just a natural reaction, it's normal every other father would just say the same.
So media don't create a drama?

i would rather have one smart scientist more in this world than one more barbie bollywood actress. Considering the fact that the acting standards in bollywood are shamelesly low compared to other industries. Who knows she might ACTUALLY make an impact in her respective field as a scientist.

Lol.. I hate men like this who think they can get away with anything but cant allow woman in their household to pursue the same career as them or higher.

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