Shah Rukh Khan is working on playing the Wolverine, find out!

Check out Shah Rukh Khan's witty response to a fan who posted reason why she wants SRK to play Wolverine!
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hah Rukh Khan has proved once again that he is the King of all wits!

Recently Hollywood star Hugh Jackman had candidly expressed his wish that he wants SRK to carry forward his legacy and play his popular character of The Wolverine. However, King Khan feels that he would first need to grow some hair on the chest to be able to pull the character off. 
In a Twitter post, a fan expressed her opinion on why she wants SRK to play The Wolverine, responding to which SRK wrote, "Hair on the chest lady…need hair on the chest!! Working on it though. Love Hugh & Wolverine." Funny, isn't he?

We are sure just like us, you found it difficult to muffle your laughter as well.
Recently, during the promotions of Nolan, the Logan star was asked who would he like to continue the series of Wolverine after him, to which he said, "“I think I will be fine with it. I hope other people play it. Maybe Shah Rukh Khan can play it." Well, we agree with you. However, it will be interesting to see if King Khan essay the role of wolverine.
Hugh has essayed the character of Wolverine for over 17 years now and has appeared as Wolverine in nine of the X-Men sagas. He has reprised the role for the last time in Logan
Logan hit the theatres worldwide, including in India on March 3, 2017 and has opened to good reviews. 
What do you think? Will SRK be able to pull off the character of Wolverine? Let us know in the comments below. 


Wow amazing srk is the best love from indonesia


SRK is international without even trying. No wonder all his films are BB overseas.

Scuze me? He is not well known in the States.

See you don't have to be desperate Priyanka, Deepika to be internationally well known.

Huh? PC not desperate, just well known. Deepika not desperate, just determined to see something bigger. Leave them alone.

Yeah you wish. She was, is, always will be a wannabee.

No, you wish. Both PC and DP are fine. Why are you picking on them anyway. This is a SRK drool post. Go drool.

Why does Shahrukh try so hard to fit into the "trendy" stuff??

SRK himself didn't mention anything. Thanks to Hugh for trying to be in the indian news! You are the one who tried so hard to pull SRK's down for no reason. lol

SRK PR trying to show him as cool and young again. -_-

LOL! It is the actor himself who said SRK's name! and Hugh himself as the same age group as SRK!!! zzzz...

why not. SRK can be perfect for it. He can play any role.

Cool! :D

wow!! Love the idea. SRK is fit and have manly features and attitude. Loved him in Raess so much.

It would be awesome. SRK has great body when I saw Raees. Real muscles and very good in face expressions. The intro scene was chilling. So why not. Bring it on.

SRK Would be perfect.

This is actually the WORST idea.

Forget growing hair... First thing he would need to do is get rid of the Indian accent.... then maybe...

For Wolverine he would need real muscles and a real six pac not this f... one he let made by docs.

None of the Bollywood Star can give justice to this role or any of the Super Hero movie Stars of Hollywood. And as the same none from the Hollywood Star can be castes in any of our Romantic or Family type Bollywood Movies. Never think of that.

Go away SRK! Don't ruin a classic character like Wolverine.

I think his physical appearance would match, but acting wise i'm not sure if he's not too much of an bollywood actor means in need of drama ala karan.

I think SRK would act it awesome and to the dot. He can do that. He is not only good in drama.

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