After Rangoon’s debacle, Vishal Bhardwaj to turn back to a Shakespearean drama?

After Rangoon falling flat at the box office, reports are that Vishal Bhardwaj will be adapting Twelfth Night by Shakespeare.
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Post Rangoon’s debacle, it seems like Vishal Bhardwaj will soon be turning back to his literary ways. After giving hits like Maqbool, Omkara and Haider (all adaptations), reports are that the ace director is planning to adapt another Shakespearean drama.

Having tried his hands at the playwright’s tragedies, the 51-year-old filmmaker will apparently be adapting a comedy this time.

Reportedly, Bhardwaj will be working on Twelfth Night, a 17th-century comedy drama by Shakespeare.

A leading daily quoted a source as saying, “The National Award winning director has his eyes on Twelfth Night, a comedy written by Shakespeare in the 17th century. The play is still a favourite amongst literature lovers.”

“The story is still under process and Vishal will surely add some Bollywood flavour to it,” the source added.

Bhardwaj’s earlier adaptations from the bard include Haider (2014) from Hamlet, Omkara (2006) from Othello and Maqbool (2003) from Macbeth.

Let’s hope the Shakespearean magic works again for the talented director!

Meanwhile, his latest directorial venture, Rangoon, has fallen flat at the box office. Despite some rave reviews, the historical drama hasn’t been able to drive audiences at the ticket window.

The flick starring Shahid Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Kangana Ranaut is set against the turmoil of World War II and depicts romance during hard times.

Portraying Kangana as stuntwoman Julia, Shahid as Jemadar Nawab Malik- a soldier and Saif as Rustom Russi Billimoria-a known producer, the film has only managed to earn Rs 19.40 crore inclusive of its eighth-day earnings.

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Iliked Rangoon but I do love his shakespearian adaptations. Wise decision. And shahid and Saif Ali khan would be good in 12th night too.

So, I watched the movie today. Though the individual performances are great, the editing was not crisp and sharp. Was long and Kangana, though acted good was not fit for the role. Shahid was the best. I understood why it did not make money after watching it.

He is a good man

Time is precious and so is money. Shelve it and as always thank me later.

he should take tabu or kajol

This man is nothing without Shakespeare!!

Why did the film flop so bad?


Feel bad for him. Deserved better after Haider

Twelfth night is my favourite but if he casts alia bhatt im out.

he has learnt a good lesson no to take an actress without stardom...or he will pay all the loss or the second time...

Hope he gives Deepika a chance this time.

may be deepika should give VB a chance.VB never really had big hits. You already accused deepika trying to steal super flop rangoon...atleast now lay of the hate.

Even though this is such a salty thing to say, I think Deepika would make a great Viola.

Make sue you dont take Kangana. She is so artificial and has very poor dialogue delivery

Well Kangana was at least one good thing about that movie.

Holy shit! Twelfth Night was such a bad play. I just did read this play and watched the movie in class, such a bad one. Hopefully no movie is made on it! PV PLZ POST!

I still watch Maqbool and Haider. I do not find any films anywhere on the globe able to match them. Like perfection, full stop.

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