EXCLUSIVE: Rishi Kapoor on sending abusive tweets: You try and mess with me, I will hit you below the belt

Rishi Kapoor tells us why he sends abusive tweets to his followers, says won't leave anyone who try to troll me.
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Rishi Kapoor is unapologetic and unabashed, and when it comes to taking on trolls, he is in his own words 'the master himself'. 

"Yes, I don't deny those accusations," said the Kapoor and Sons actor when asked if there is any truth in accusations leveled by some users on Twitter, alleging that the senior actor has sent them abusive tweets.

"You don't mess with me. I am not amongst those to allow such bullshit. You bloody don't like me? Unfollow me. But you try and mess with me, I will hit you below the belt and screw you," says Rishi Kapoor to the trollers.

He further added that he likes healthy criticism but will not encourage abusive criticism. "Main Pagal toh nahi hoon ki unnecessarily kisiko bhi abuse karunga? Kuch toh kia hoga na aapne?," asked Chintu angrily.

"These buggers deserve this. I am a daring bugger, if you mess with me I will not leave you.," he warned the trollers.
Further he said that he now doesn't openly abuse the trollers because that brings in unwanted attention. However, he clarifies, "I have decided to not do it openly but if they write shit to me, I abuse them via DM and block them.

Not mincing his words, he said, "I have my huge fan following but if someone tries to troll or abuse me, I won't take it. I abuse them and block them, they won't be able to see the entertainment I offer."

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I think it's just his age. Old people tend to be a little bit angsty for some reason.

I think it's funny and is part of his brand as the no nonsense straight talking Chintu. Obviously not all celebrities should follow this tactic but I think it's fine that he does it. That said he's probably feeding the trolls, people will start abusing him just to see what kind of reaction they can get out of him!

rekha rai for god's sake keep your mouth shut for once.

Mr.Kapoor has too much money, time,booze, and anger at his disposal. A lethal combo. Sad to see his downward spiral.

I agree with him. He has rights to defend himself.

Thank God its just Twitter. Nahi to uncle to talwar le kar nikal padte.

So, those guys abused him and he abused them back. There is no real victim OR winner in this story, Its just sad.

What is with the abusive language Mr.Kapoor....But on a serious note feel bad for Neetu Singh and Ranbir

Good. Doesn't mean he is a celeb so every tom dick and harry has the right to troll him. Serves them just right. He is a senior citizen and should be respected. I'm not a fan but if someone does that to an elderly in my family, I will screw them.
Trolls think they can spread screenshots and shame him but they should focus on their behaviour first!

lmao "i have a huge fan following but..."

Yuck... and we wonder why Ranbir wants to run away from his father?

gohar better speak about your father,, why you after kapoors,, u have no job>?

and you better STFU and don't tell me what to do... is there any rule that everyone should suck up to Kapoors?

why is he fighting online seriously lol,

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