Rangoon falls in trouble with CBFC, excludes censor certificate and anti-smoking short film

Rangoon falls in some fresh trouble with the CBFC. Pahlaj Nihalani stated that Rangoon has been playing in theatres in India without the censor certificate and also the anti-smoking short film.
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Fresh trouble is brewing between Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon and the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). The Censor Board is planning to pull the makers of the film as it has been playing across theatres in India without a censor certificate and also the anti-smoking short films. 
Speaking about the issue was CBFC's chairperson Pahlaj Nihalani who said to a leading daily,  "It has been brought to our notice that Rangoon has been playing in theatres across the country and outside India without the censor certificate and without the anti-smoking short films, which are compulsory for all films that show actors smoking and/or drinking. Rangoon had many scenes showing the main leads indulging in serious substance abuse. We asked the makers to put a disclaimer ahead of the opening credits. That disclaimer has gone missing. Now, we have been informed that the anti-smoking films do not play at the beginning and after the intermission. And also that the censor certificate is not flashed at the start, as per law. These are serious offences."
Pahlaj also added that the investigation was on and said, "We are taking legal action against the digital operators, to begin with. We would not like to point fingers at anyone else for the lapse at this time. It is the digital operators’ responsibility to play exactly the length that is shown to us and certified by the CBFC. Not a second more or less of footage must be shown in theatres than what we have certified. The exact length of the film that is shown to us and certified by us is mentioned in the censor certificate. If the anti-smoking films have been removed from the beginning and after intermission and if the censor certificate is not being shown in Rangoon, then, the digital operators are screening less footage than what has been approved by the CBFC. It is a serious offence. We are investigating to see how deep the offence goes."
"Maybe some self-appointed intellectuals of our film industry feel it is okay to break the law as long as they can ridicule the jurisdiction of the CBFC," Pahlaj quipped.
Rangoon stars Kangana Ranaut, Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan as the leads.

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Why are they beating a dead horse?Only In India.

Kangana and Shahid flop actor

Saif forgot!
But never forget Abhishek, although all of his latest films were hits)

There are also reviews which say Kangana was mis-cast and overacted.

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