Shahid Kapoor feels 'shitty' about Rangoon's debacle at the box office

Shahid Kapoor has finally opened up on the failure of Rangoon at the ticket windows.
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Rangoon, contrary to all the hype created through promotional activities, tanked at the box office. The film stars Shahid Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and Saif Ali Khan. Going by the stellar star cast, there were expectations that the film will do wonders at the ticket windows. But, it didn't strike the right chord with the audience.  

Rangoon revolves around the love triangle between Rusi Billimoria (Saif Ali Khan), Miss Julia (Kangana Ranaut) and Jamadar Nawab Malik (Shahid Kapoor). The film had collected INR 19.35 crore in its first week which is way too less than it was expected. 

Shahid, on Twitter, was asked about the same by a user - "One straight forward question.Keeping awards & rewards aside how does your feel when ur film doesn't get commercial success?"

The Haider actor replied saying, "Shitty". The film has received mixed reviews from the critics and the viewers alike. But, what went wrong for the film? It still has to be figured out. Earlier, there were reports that the film was leaked online - it could be possible that this might have been one of the reasons for the film's debacle at the box office. 

At one of the events, Kareena Kapoor Khan was asked about the film's failure as her husband Saif Ali Khan played the lead role in the film. She said, "Some movies are beyond box office collections. Vishal Bhardwaj’s movies are always a piece of art. A few movies are for the actor's appreciation.”

What do you think could have been the possible reasons for its failure at the box office? 

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Floooooooppp. He was never a star

Flop actor of all time

Good for this attitude guy

it's actually sad when the actor's performance is praised but the movie doesn't do well... for whatever reason. I hope he gets his dues again (like he did for Haider) for being a good actor rather than a great star.

shahid is not bankable at all,he has zero star power,I dont get why kangana gets the blame

Kanagna is getting blame because she is bigger start than Saif & Dhahid. Something to be happy about :)

Shahid Kapoor and T-Series dont mix together. Films like Chance Pe Dance, Milengey Milengey, and Paatshaala were weak in performance. Shahid should do a film based on gangsters trying to take over his homeland and how he becomes ruthless in character trying to regain the losses he suffered or a film on circus trainer who turned out to be a suspect working under someone who is mysteriously plotting attempts to scare people out of the place for hidden motif, but Shahid should do detective and crime thriller films with light content also a mix of romance and comedy and suspense. Should work with Arshad Warsi, John Abraham, and Ritesh Deshmukh as male parallel leads. His films depend on the script and his execution of the plot and personality of the character he is portraying. Detective Shahid, Clown Shahid, and Ghost Shahid and Pet owner Shahid.

personally I love Vishal Bharadwaj films and am a fan of Kangana but I just wasn't interested in said ali khan, shahid kapoor OR the whole 40's-bloody-hell-war nonsense.

All three were superb and had superb performances, but Kangana did not suit the character and the editing should have been sharp, crisp and engaging..it was long drawn...ending was too bollywoodish and dramatic....I know why it did not do well, but the performances were still superb.


Shahid's career from box office point of view has been shitty. Young actors like varun ranveer and ranbir have stronger pull at bo.

At least he was honest about something this year!

It was a really good movie but most movie goers like the loud, over the top, filled with item numbers and no story movies. So really excellent movies like this one don't stand a chance.

He is not bankable star at all..Udta Panjab would have been flopped if Diljit was not in it,it scored mostly in Punjab n Delhi n producers recovered more money from these two centres

People went to see Kangana..Not Saif or Shahid..at least these two's presence should have ensured 8 crore plus opening day

the performances were strong but the ending was weak..i think the responsibility of that lies in the director-writers hands. but rangoon was worth the watch for me.

His part of the story and his execution was, unfortunately, the weakest link in the story (and yes, the disastrous OTP ending!)
I felt no passion in his love or his patriotism - on which the entire film stood.
Sad, though. As it had so much of potential.

No trailer launch event for Rangoon? Why?

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