Kangana Ranaut: I am the only rags-to-riches story in Bollywood

Kangana Ranaut recently spoke to a magazine about she being the only rags-to-riches story in Bollywood
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Success didn’t come easy to Kangana Ranaut. After her Bollywood debut with Anurag Basu’s Gangster in 2006, the 29-year-old actress had to toil even harder to get a breakthrough with Madhur Bhandarkar’s critically-acclaimed film Fashion in 2008.

And while Fashion got her the much-awaited recognition and a National Award, Kangana continued to face career fluctuations in spite of her brilliant performance in Anand L. Rai’s Tanu Weds Manu.

The Rangoon star finally received her due as an artist after her blockbuster film Queen in 2014, which as the actress reveals came when she was planning to quit acting.

Says Kangana,“It is ironic that just when I had decided to quit (acting), this happened.”

“Direction was my plan B.  The idea was to gain complete creative control. As an actor, you are supposed to promote a film with conviction, yet one has to sometimes beg to even see the poster before it’s out. Actors are often seen to be interfering in the (film-making) process, “she added.

Talking about her dreamy success story the actress told a leading magazine that she is the only one in Bollywood who has come from the grassroots.

Kangana said, “The places I go to seem like a culmination of five to six lifetimes. I am the only rags-to-riches story. No one comes from the grassroots (in Bollywood).”

Speaking about her struggles in early age Kangana remembers, “There were times when I had no food to eat.  And I was a minor. I’ve been through situations no sane person should."

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Actually what I think she means is she is the only star from rags to become the richest in bollywood. Richest is the word I think she is trying to make a point. She lives in her own world and is delusional, She will be a challenge to any shrink to treat her.

She is absolutely right. I support her. Kangana has ovaries of steel, love her!

Remember how Vidya stood up for you now she's throwing shade at you for not practicing feminism and only talking about it. Remember Kareena standing up for you? To turned her husband off and demeaned her mother and sisters struggle to be successful in cinema. You need to stop. The number of people wanting you to fail is growing and wellwishers declining. I want a real rags to riches story to stand up and slam you down to teach you some humility.

Yeah what about srk, Akki, Jackie, madhuri, bipasha, rekha? Seriously, kangy lives in her own bubble.

Can you stick to examples from the 21st century? In the 80s and 90s , nepotism wasn't this strong.

SRK! He is literally the richest actor ever from BW and the second richest actor in THE WORLD!

lmao! She forgot about the king of bollywood Mr Shahrukh Khan?

Whatever she says- it's so wrong. There is SRK - an orphan from Delhi ruling the world. what is she talking about? Self promotion gone wrong

Nice to see that kangna pr comments are not here unlike that kjo rant post.

I am at aghast with mind set of people always trying to SHUT women's from voicing their opinion. BTW she is the only rags to riches yes her parents weren't dirt poor but they are ok doing middle class. ***WWM

For all those people who are bitching about her...she left home and family at the age of 16/17 to Punjab as she was not interested in giving her medical entrance exam test and her parents cut her off and I think maybe after a year or so they were willing to support her but as Kangana is who she is did not accept it. So literally she was in rags then... ofcourse it was her choice so even tho she was from middle class background there was no family support. Now please name an actress who has had a similar life

chal jhooti

Why people are taking Ranveer's name? He belongs to very very rich family. If rumours are true then his father financed his first film! Pc comes from affluent backgrounds plus her both parents were equally involved in her career same can be said about Anushka. Ash, Madhuri and Vidya are not from ordinary middle class families they belongs to educated upper middle class families ! Nawaz and Irafan are graduated from NSDC and by no means are middle class. SRK was educated in prestigious Delhi school which is not meant for poor! Rags to riches success story is Akshay Kumar, Govinda , Sri Devi I dare to add Katrina. This industry is corrupt to the core and is obsessed with looks and hypocrisy. There is no place for ordinary looking, middle class people no matter how much talented and passionate they are about their job!

dude we stay in India,....here politicians are the richest. doctors and engineers r just hard working ppl. Ash, VB, MD's parents probably were bank clerks for all we know!!

and you have personally seen their bank accounts to determine who is poorer? I am sure you have seen KR's house and her not so political family?

Same old rant! This woman can never be happy.

Priyanka,Aishwarya, deepika, Anu, and many other women come on their own to the industry and made it big.In fact Karishma and Kareena Kapoor fought against their own family to be one of the most successful stars.Its because they are dignified enough to not blame it on others for their struggles but they owned it and made it to the top with grace and hardwork.No one handed it to them either.All i can say is give respect and earn respect .Tit for tat every singe time is only going to take you soo far Kangana. You will the most talked about to riches to rags story soon.

I support Kanagana but this comment from Kangana looks like its about 'ME ME ME'. There are many actors like SRK, Akshay who are poor outsiders who made it rich in Bollywood. She has to fight as a team(WOMEN) not just about her.

She doesn't even shoot a film as a team. Did you not hear what advise Shahid gave to her? She knows not a thing about team and here are women supporting her as if she is doing it for them.

RGV, Varun, Salman, Ajay, KRK all get bashed for saying stupid or arrogant things. I dont think this is man vs woman issue as projected by KR. It about ppl who cannot work well as a team and so not liked by many. Its very simple.

Really kangna??? What about mr.nawazuddin ,govinda,akshay Kumar,???
BTW you belong to a very well to do family in himachal!!!this is so wrong !!! You are a talented actress but this attitude will ruin you totally and that also very soon.please change it and this is not feminism or righteousness!!!

Statements like these will annoy other actors who made it on their own. And they won't support her fight. She has to control her mouth.

What fight? She is the only one fighting. God only knows for what?

Statements like these will annoy other actors who made it on their own. And they won't support her fight. She has to control her mouth

Someone please shut her up!!!

girl ever heard about Shah Rukh Khan?

Most recent, heard about Sushant Singh Rajput?

Beta there is SRK,Akshay,Govinda,Aishwarya,your sushant singh and many more who made it big being outsiders. mentioned SRK because he is most successful of the lot and had no family with him except his sister. Hope this helps.Cheers.

I meant from her generation.

She is not the only one but i love her now so much after what she said to KJo.

Do more Movies and less Interviews.

For that somebody should offer her movies. I doubt she 'll get any offers after Simran. She is finished.

Its not anushka or priyanka's fault that their family supported them. They both come from defense but are not very affluencial..

So Shahrukh khan, Akshay kumar, Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Vaidya Balan, John Abraham, Siddharth Malhotra, Priyanka Chopra, Irfan Khan, etc succeed because of Nepotisim? Kanchana I respect your Talent and Hardwork but please don't consume yourself in the word 'I' in your every interview. The movie making is team work and start sharing your success with your team rather taking the limelight for bragging about your own performance and taking someone's name in the interview.

Please maintain the dignity. You remain dignified when you just focus on your work and respect other co workers during the process of film making.

What do you mean by Khan are the hero in the film?
Look at Dangal, Dear Zindagi or Rab ne bana do Jodi. When the artist wants all the limelight of the film rather than sticking in portraying the character it affects the entire movie. Please change yourself and be more polite and dignified person.

At first it was endearing but now it's annoying..,

What about Govinda?

The media is having this new fashion statement that is feminism. Especially with CNN India which includes news18,firstpost ,dialyo, quint and also ndtv. It's a group feminists as profession. They are using her as tool to be talking about Bollywood. They need someone to talk about Bollywood. She is floating in that glorification.

What about Nawazuddin? Or Akshay kumar? Or Boman Irani?


Another lie. She was from a Well to do family in Himachal. Infact, her family had strong political connections too. Who is she fooling?

what about Srk, who is more rich than her

I'm getting annoyed with her I'm the only one who has done this or done that. guess what Kangana you're the only one who's so self centered and annoying.

How much more fights before Media acknowledges her Bipolar syndrome?

No matter how much you tom tom abt how insanely great you are, you will always be a despicable human to the public.

They talked about her being raised in a village. The quote gets lost without it's context. Here's the actual interview:
She was raised in a village, off Mandi, in Himachal Pradesh: "The arc is huge. The places I go to seem like a culmination of five to six lifetimes. I'm the only rags-to-riches story. No knee's come from the grassroots [in Bollywood]."
This is true. The top female actors currently dotting the landscape in mainstream Hindi cinema are often kids from film families - Sonam (Anil Kapoor), Sonakshi (Shatrughan Singa), Shraddha (Shakti Kapoor)... One didn't witness this phenomenon up until the mid 2000s, when film families were wary of sending their daughters to work in Bollywood. The outsiders as well- Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma- come from relatively affluent homes, even if from small towns, in some cases. Rant was barred from watching movies or television while growing up. Her contact, if any at all with showbiz, was through the gossip pages of the newspaper Punjab Kesari, which she would occasionally gawk at. She says she found those heroines to be "utterly unreal".

Lots of stars have come from nowhere & made it big . The women especially have sacrificed much for their families , probably having to submit to the lechers in the industry. Dilip Kumar was a fruit vendor , Rajnikant a bus conductor, Madhubala's dad allegedly sent her out to beg as a kid ....can't get more rags than this!

She is one of the very few who come from nowhere and actually reach to a place where they can speak their mjind and are loved by audience and critics alike. So many aspirants come to Mumbai every day, and so many leave with shattered dreams and hopes. Its not easy surviving when everybody is out there to use you and misguide you while they pander the so called bollywood families!

How about when you are there to use everyone and make them steps to your success and cry out they used you.

When was she poor? When her well to do familyl was supporting her or when she was living in with Aditya Pancholi who was paying for everything?


I'm surprised she got a national award for Fashion. She was good in it but I didn't think you'd get a big award for that. Anyway she's a good actress for sure and has done well. She just needs to shut up sometimes.

Yes yours must be the only rags to riches story but everyone has a story. even if it doesn't consider the financial aspect doesn't mean it was easy for them all. So please stop this and focus on your work or write a biography once and for all.

A biography of lies, full of imaginary stories. Yeah, now that is the only thing left to be done by KR.

Kanagana actually has to stop playing the victim card all the time! As a woman first it was empowering to listen but now it's starting to get annoying.

True that! All male actors from Amitabh Bachchan to Aamir, SRK to Ranveer Singh are a big part of the whole film process - the marketing everything. But when a woman asks the same creative inputs she is branded interfering. Sad

Salute Kangana!

Fool spotted.

Every time I want to root for her, she goes and says something stupid like this...

Anyone supporting her is a fool. Industry has learnt that lesson, it's time people learn it.

No one has the Kangana Ranaut story. Only Kangana has that.

How about bhagwan dada, madhubala, meena kumari , lata Mangeshkar I guess she forgot about them.

she is suffering from some serious disease..

I love how u replied to KJo...But dont agree to this,there are many eg katrina etc....kangna u should choose ur words

I love how u replied to KJo...But dont agree to this,there are many eg katrina etc....kangna u should choose ur words

Absolutely right! Rajnikanth, Manoj Kumar, Dev Anand, Mehmood, Johnny Walker, Nawazzuddin Siddique weren't.

That's great, hope she has invested wisely coz she sure has ticked off the Bollywood mafia . I think Jhonny Lever is one of the biggest rags to riches story. Even Jackie Shroff was a jobless gunda before becoming a huge star. Anil Kapoor grew up in a modest house, Govinda made it big out of nothing. Rekha clawed her way up too. But Kangana is right, such stories are becoming rare in today's Bollywood.

Rekha's father was the biggest South superstar of his time.

She is lying as usual to gain sympathy, admiration , importance from public.

rangoon debacle made her go nuts

Kjo is right she is irritating and always whinning. She needs help

Again playing a victim card. Sick woman thrre is srk kat sushant pc anushka and many others who are rags to eiches story specially katrina.

Not PC and anushka.. they got to complete their studies in prestigious schooling and colleges. So take a break.

This is what makes it very very hard to back her at all times. When she finally garnered so much support for her calling out KJo and his nepotistic attitude, she goes and says arrogant stuff like this and makes people divided about her again!

That's NOT true, Kangana.

This woman needs a psychiatrist

girl is just promoting herself, she's trying to cash in on those endorsemtns too though i would buy nothing she promotes

Kangana completely forgot about katrina kaif. but then again i dont know the past about a lot of actors and actresses if they arent starkids.

Here we go! With her bloated ego, she should have escaped gravity and would be orbiting earth right now!

Second that..in fact she's far too good for Bollywood..too good for Hollywood..too good for us mere mortals. Orbiting the earth is where she should be..The real STAR in the sky ;)

Sure because actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Boman Irani, Akshay Kumar and even Shahrukh Khan were born on silver platters and didn't work their way up to be where they are today. Even if she had a teaspoon of versatility of Nawazuddin, talent of Boman, dedication and discipline of Akshay and charm of Shahrukh, she still would need humility to be remembered for all good reasons. All this talks on being bold, outspoken, and brutally honest are only good on some level. Beyond that, it's just plain annoying and an excuse to mask your own insecurities.

She left her parents' house and lived without their support fending for herself as a minor. So she was poor during those times and is self -built. I don't think she's the only person who was struggling for food in her early days though. And for those who are sick of her interviews, it's simple, even when she is dominating the headlines, don't read her articles. The less you read them and comment, the less there will be. Otherwise even her haters are making her more popular and overexposed by giving their reactions.

Ummm Kangana's family is actually rich.

Soon she will be the only one in Bollywood from riches to rag if she's not careful

No Kangana there are many riches to rags stories.

True and how!! ***

That's dramatic, there are others and her parents supported her educstion, she was by no means poor

How full of herself is she? She herself has admitted that she comes from a family of IAS officers, doctors, lawyers and engineers She had also mentioned that her grandfather was friends with Dev Anand back in the day. Her family is pretty well to do and upper middle class at least. They sent her to a really good boarding school to Chandigarh which is more than a lot of middle class families can afford in India.
Other actresses like Vidya Balan, Priyanka Chopra, Anushka Sharma, Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit come from actual middle class families and are bigger stars than her. Even they don't call themselves grassroot or toot their horns this much about their success. People like Katrina, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Sonali Bendre and many others came from lower middle class families but even they don't boast so much about where they've reached. Huma, Radhika Apte, Kalki, Riccha, Tapsee are much more talented than yet yet are not as successful. But you don't see them crying about it all the time.
Instead of crying so much why don't you spend that energy and time on improving your dialogue delivery and dancing skills.


What wrong did she say? She knows her worth and she is proud of her herseld

Name one succesful actreess/actor who doesn't have any familiy links to any actor/director Iin the past 20 years...very few

Some are Kangana, Irafan Khan,Nawazuddin but like I said very few and countable with one hand

And yes Kangana definitely was from a very middle class family from a very small town,in fact her sister is an acid attack victim,And tell me how many "rich" people have you seen who become victims of such crimes in India?

PV please post this

Noooooooo please. I can't stand her Cinderella stories any longer. Please PV. I promise I will watch 10000 Alia Bhatt movies just stop posting Kangana comments.

lol. Good one.

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