Rani Mukerji: Would like to share Adira's photos but I respect Aditya's privacy

Rani Mukerji opens up about why chooses to remain away from social media.
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Rani Mukerji and Aditya Chopra embraced parenthood in December 2015 after the duo tied the know in 2014. Both Rani and Aditya have consciously stayed away from the limelight since then as they enjoy the happiest phase of their life.
Ever since Rani shared a picture of her little munchkin last year, the internet couldn't stop gushing over her unmissable cuteness. While new parents in B-Town take to social media to share adorable pictures of their children, Adi and Rani have refrained from posting daily updates. 
Well, Rani who interacted with her fans via FB Live on her birthday eve revealed the reason for her absence on social media. The actor while responding to a query by fan said, "My husband is a very private person, I would love to share everything about my life, would like to share Adira's photos as well but I like to respect my husband's choice because he respects his privacy. Till the time he doesn't want Adira's pictures to be out, I wouldn't put it on social media."
She further added that she would never want to disappoint her fans by saying to any of their demands and therefore she has refrained herself from being on social media. However, you can connect to her through YRF sites and through her friends and family on social media, she added. 
The actor is currently enjoying the best phase of her life with daughter Adira. Describing it to be an amazing feeling Rani said," Adira gave birth to a mother in me." The actor will be turning 39 tomorrow and has also revealed her plans to celebrate her special day with her daughter. Awww, isn't this adorable?
On the work front, Rani is all set to make a comeback with her upcoming movie Hichki, which is expected to release later this year.

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Then why talk about it? I respect my husband's choice because he respects his privacy?? The modern Sita!!

So much effort to float in the news.

Rani is truly the Merly Streep of India...the best Actress ever!!

Goodluck Rani, haters gonna hate.

Where is queen Rani now? She doesn't come in her own fav post but goes to every other actresses post and spread unnecessary hate. In return now Rani gets immense hate. I can bet that Queen Rani is not Rani's fan, she is a big hater of her. But pretend to be a fan and bash other actresses to make their fans angry. So that Rani gets bashed.

Rani fans have always been mean to other actresses.

Is this any surprise though?? She married such a private person their not exactly going to be showing off baby pics.

SO, she doesn't have a say in the marriage or regarding her baby, her wishes and desires are not respected, husband stiffles her.......poor thing.

I would like to know who's actually dying to see their pictures?! Answer: None !

Nobody cares about Rani or her husband.

Who is this woman??

poor thing...

wait until my movie finishes by then Aditya will be less private and I'll share my baby's pics...

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