Amitabh Bachchan supports Virat Kohli; slams Australian media for comparing him to Donald Trump

Amitabh Bachchan took a dig at Australian media for comparing Virat Kohli with Donald Trump.
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There have been many instances when on the cricket field we got to see the cricketers indulging in mockery games and calling each other names. There has always been a rift or a tension between Indian and Australian teams. Well, that tension did come up this time too. 

It all started when Virat Kohli reported to the on-field umpires about Steve Smith's DRS call. At the press conference, Virat went on to say, "I have seen it twice while batting. I have seen their players looking upstairs (dressing room). I told the umpires, this had to stop. I don’t want to mention the word but it falls in that bracket." 
“It was a bit of a brain fade on my behalf and I shouldn’t have done that,” added Smith. Things went worse when Virat got injured while fielding and Glenn Maxwell mocked him. 
Well, post all this, a leading daily wrote an article comparing Virat Kohli to Donald Trump. 
But, that hasn't gone down too well with Amitabh Bachchan and he took to Twitter and slammed the Australian media for doing so. He wrote, "Aussi media calls Virat, Donald Trump of sports !! ... thank you Aussi media for accepting that he is a winner and the PRESIDENT !!"

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Each Team has its own balancing act .But I think Cricket ultimately wins.

Good on Virat..for riling up Australian temper...Australians come to the field with heavy sense of entitlement, so glad someone stood upto them with merits and gave it back in equal...#proud

Australia's teams are reviled for their unsportsmanlike conduct. They are bullies in the truest sense of the term. They sledge and use shamelessly underhanded tactics, but cry up a storm if anyone turns the tables on them.

i wouldnt be surprised if AB was a trump supporter. he supports whoever is in power.

So? Is that a crime?

Virat has no idea how to behave like a leader. He comes across as a spoilt brat.

when australia sledge it's aggression and when Virat do it it's bad behaviour!! wow.

Does AB supports Trump?

These Aussies always have a major chip on their shoulders.

The term is Aussie, not Aussi.

Proud of you,AB.. Thanks for standing up for Virat..

Mr B seems like a trum p supporter! Disappointing

How??? Stop creating mischief.

I didnt imagined AB to be this childish! .. broo u're 70+ and some CLASS!

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