Did Kaabil director Sanjay Gupta take a sly dig at Shah Rukh Khan?

Kaabil director Sanjay Gupta hasn't got over the Kaabil Vs Raees clash. Here's proof.
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Well, it is no secret that this year started with the clash of the titans as Shah Rukh Khan's Raees and Hrithik Roshan's Kaabil released on the same day. This affected both Raees and Kaabil's box office collections, however despite many efforts the clash couldn't be averted.

Rakesh Roshan, Kaabil's producer did not want to shift the release date. He was quoted saying that he cannot do anything if the movie is clashing with SRK's movie as he had announced the release date much earlier. Despite much discussions and meeting between the two teams, the duo failed to come to any conclusions. 
In fact, Rakesh Roshan even alleged later that the exhibitor were giving a leverage to SRK's Raees by giving them more screens.
Well, now SRK's movie is all set to clash with another superstar's movie. It is none other than Akshay Kumar starrer Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. Well, the Kaabil director Sanjay Gupta took this as an opportunity to post a sly tweet which seemed to be an indirect dig at SRK.
For the uninitiated, earlier this week, it was announced that Akshay Kumar's movie which was earlier scheduled to release in May has now been pushed to an August release. Imtiaz Ali's next starring SRK and Anushka is also scheduled to release around the same time.
Sanjay Gupta in his tweet wrote, "KARMA, you beauty! I love and believe in you so much. I love how you go after all that f*** with you. KARTAM BHUKTAM on Independence Day.”
However, the director later deleted his tweet. 

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HAHAHA....You meant Karma got you on last Republic Day! Kaabil is flop and terrible film!

Every clash of SRK turns dirty bcoz he can never play fair.

Kabil's verdict was flop. Raees's verdict was semi hit. Nobody gained anything from the clash.

Kaabil was Hit. Raees was super flop.

Wat SRK got by clashing with Kaabil? He got neither critical acclaim nor any success. Raees is a Huge Flop. He lost his face by doing petty things like train marketing and throwing 90 crs success party. But, more importantly, he ruined a friendship n goodwill.

He went by saved. Any solo release will not get the audience he used to have and clashing with some well known production companies is his only choice. Isn't that obvious?

SRK has not given a Clean hit in last 3 years despite releasing as many movies as Akki. Akki has been giving Hits nonstop. The clash is going to be very interesting. Yes, Karma always meets you. Sooner or Later.

Raees got banned in Pak, SRK got FIR against him, Theatres gave more screens to Kaabil after 1st week, infact week 3 share turned into 70:30. All this is Karma for playing dirty tricks. In contrast, Kaabil got both Critical n Commercial acclaim as it was a small budget film and became clean hit.

He deleted it after being trolled by SRK fans.

I'm a fan of Akshay and a hater of the SRK, and logically I should be pleased that Gupta supports Akshay, but I am very Dissatisfied with all this dirt and pettiness. I am against fanatic wars and even more so with these cheap wars between celebrities. Why can not Gupta / Rakesh / Hrithik accept defeat with dignity? First my machinations with the box office, now this. My comment is not there again. I'm not even surprised (

The only party who were undignified and manipulative was SRK who tried to fool the public by throwing a success party at 90 Crs when he needed to do atleast 140+ to get Hit tag.

It was Raees which did manipulation by using Bahubali2 to grab more screens overnight and by manipulating opening numbers by buying bulk tickets themselves to save SRK face. It is a industry fact that Kaabil defeated Raees from week 2. If Kaabil was manipulating,the threatres wud not have given it bulk of the screens from week 2 onwards.

Hi Kangu fan, you wrote same thing on twitter. Stop faking to be Akki fan. Other than SRK and his paid TAs, everybody knows that SRK lost the battle with Kaabil and has pushed Excel into loss. So much so, that Salman had to step in to save them last month.

He only said openly wat every other Non SRK fan has been saying. Its Karma for all that SRK did to Jeetender, SLB, Ajay n HR. Hope Akki wins the clash.

He only said openly...exactly. And we are not blind.

Poor thing he deleted it.

the struggle u will go through as an actor during clash alone is a karma. You have no peace of mind. that is how kaabil team went through knowing they were the first to booked the date till SRK pushed his date to clash with the.. that is exactly what Akshay too did to him.

not true. Akshay was the first to book a date for August 11 for his film Crack. Much later, this date was occupied by the SRK. It seems that Salman called this date on Twitter and the SRK agreed. After Akshay Postponed crack, but now returned with another film

He's such a petty man. It wasn't bad enough the way Kabil vs. Raees turned out, and now he's wishing ill on SRK and AK's movies. Get your life together, son.

Let the films release first, see the outcome of the films before you make idiotic comments like this.

I agree with sanjay.

kaabil was a JALAABI movie

karma all the way

lets hope karma doesnt disappoint this time

Better to let things go & make peace with the past . And yes , karma will bite you on ur backside at some point or the other.

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