Alia Bhatt opens up: Karan is like a father and I am very fond of Katrina

Speaking to a leading magazine, Alia Bhatt opened up about her friendships in the industry and said that while Karan Johar is like a father, she is very fond of Katrina Kaif.
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After giving her fourth consecutive hit, Badrinath Ki Dulhania, Alia Bhatt is relishing the success not many B-town celebs are able to enjoy, career wise. Speaking to a popular magazine, the 24-year-old actress recently bared it all- from her FOMO moments to her love life, here is Alia revealing it all.

Speaking about her love life, the actress cleared that she is up for a commitment but is in no mood to get married. She said, “I think that you can put your career first and still be all up for commitment. My career is my focus, but there has to be a balance in life. In a relationship, I look for quality as opposed to qualities in a guy. You can have all the qualities, but the relationship can still be boring. I am not somebody that has a fear of commitment, but that said, I also don’t want to get married right now. As long as your biological allows it, why not?”

And while being an actor is quite demanding, Alia said that she has never got a FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) moment professionally but on the personal front she admitted that at times she experiences it.

She stated, “In my personal life I do- rarely, but there are times when I can’t believe that I’m missing out on something. Like when my friends are hanging out together or going for a trip and making memories. But then I realise, I am doing something I really love and I’m grateful for that opportunity.”

Alia who has recently moved out of her parents’ house also talked about the new bond she shares with her family.  Claiming that she is now more connected to them the actress said, “I moved out of home early and since I did, we (her parents and her) have gotten close. Now there is an effort made to spend time together and we don’t take it for granted. Instead, we appreciate it and value it. I am very close to my sister as well. She is my best friend, my mother and my sister, all in one. We don’t talk daily but we are very connected and close.”

Getting candid about her friendships in the industry, Alia revealed, “I do have close friendships in Bollywood. It’s a cliché that they don’t exist. I am friends with Ayan (Mukerji) and Abhishek (Varman)- both directors are my best friends. Karan (Johar) is like a father to me. I am also close to and very fond of Katrina.”

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what is wrong if she likes her senior actresses nd is fond of dem..who said u just shud hv a particular person to like..she can like all..its a gud thng!

i love kat too

Of course, she will like someone who is below her in terms of looks and acting.

loser katrina

katrina tricked her

alia statement about co actress always be change . one time she said that she like kareena and sometime she said that she like priynka chopra and now kat . her statement are not correct every time

I Guess people have to live with the fact that Katrina is a nice person n share a good vibe with many people from the industry. Don't just go around spewing poison about her.

Lol, is that why no one wants to work with her? People were only nice to her because of her influential bfs. Even her so-called bestie Bebo called her out post the breakup. PV please post!

Uh no. I'm the biggest Bebo fan and don't even care for Katrina, but don't you dare drag her into your petty fan war. Bebo never said anything bad about Katrina Get over it.

Why is Alia close to Kat? Kat has to butter up Alia to be in good terms with Karan.

She just took Katrina's name to prove she gets along with women too. Katrina is a senior plus a bad actress so Alia knows she ain't a threat. Never seen her speak well of her contemporary actresses. She only calls the male directors and her male co-stars at her house parties. She probably feels super insecure with the other new girls as she knows they are way prettier than her and she only gets great films due to KJo.

What about sidharth Malhotra?? He is your close friend na

this girl again...why do i feel that one day her relationship with Karan will end the way the relationship between Karan-Kajol ended?

And why it is so? because Kat is a part of KJO camp.


she cannot befriend any actress from her current generation, she's so insecure.. Katrina is a flop has been so no one cares about her, she ain't a threat acting-wise plus isn't even popular or beautiful anymore..

Katrina had very few flops and the kind of films that flopped were the kind that would flop no matter which actress was in the movie. Anushka said she has no friends from the industry except for Katrina. Kareena said on KWK that she likes Katrina and thinks she is very sweet. Sushmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Shilpa Shetty (to name a few) collaborated with Katrina in movies and all said nice things about her.

Katrina has only had hits with Khans, Kumars and Roshans in big masala flicks so get your facts right! When she had to prove her stardom with her acing plus starring with newer actors she flopped badly. You can't give her credit in films where she had a 10 minute cameo. And please whom are you kidding? The world knows Bebo was only sweet to Kat when she was with RK. After break up we all saw what she said about her on that Neha show and how she ignored her at parties. Actresses have only been nice to Kat due to the Salman or RK factor when she was dating either. Anu and Alia are from KJo's camp and hence being polite. PV for once can u be fair and post this!

Before Alia was a dedicated fan of Karееna, but after Udita Punjab changed "Karееna" to "Katrina", I think Bebo was dissatisfied with the fact that Alia was actively trying to copy her

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